We’ve loved Euroflax linen yarn forever, and are thrilled to offer it in mini-skein sets. Each pack contains five 65-yard skeins, in colorways chosen by the tastefullest person we know, Melanie Falick. O the possibilities!


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  • I love seeing behind the scenes and your honest take on the real-life challenges of working for yourself.

  • what is the shawl color cardigan with lace on side called? I can’t find in ravelry!

  • What an interesting read. The lack of a good maternity care system in the US is truly appalling but I suppose like Carol, you take lemons and make lemonade. I like her design sensibility. I recently knit an Iced with Noro yarn and it turned out wonderfully, I just want to add pockets. And I have a kit for Mendel from Craftsy, which I should tackle. A fingering weight sweater scares me!

  • Finally! A business owner who sees the value in NOT growing the business until it takes over the world. I recall something I read many years ago: constant growth is the philosophy of the cancer cell. I admire Ms Feller for her honesty and integrity, not to mention her knitting designs.

  • Very interesting and grounded perspective. Didn’t realize you (like me) were an engineer too! I think you are super prolific…don’t know how you get it ft one, but glad you do!

  • thank you for the thoughtful insights!