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  • Best shopping picture ever. I love your cheshire grin of stash enhancement happiness. Kristine should use you as the Knit Happens ad girl!

  • Oh, Kay! The only reason that you aren’t in touble with me is that the trip was 24 hours, and well, Knit Happens is hard to resist as a priority. Next time, look me up! xox

  • Oh lovely ! Yarn shopping.
    2 bags – fab !

  • … two bags full….what a splendiferous day! a grin w/o a cat, or a cat w/o a grin? whatever,… it’s a lovely smile….

  • Wow – those are big bags. Result ! I’m sure it was ALL extremely necessary, not already in your stash, once in a lifetime opportunity stuff … no ? ?

  • Kay, I should put you in our next ads! What a pleased expression….yarn coma ahead!
    Thanks for visiting!

  • Heh heh heh. Sure, I’ll go to the investment adviser regulation seminar in January in D.C. Sure. And, good corporate soldier that I am, I’ll stop by and visit that client too.
    Who’s to tell them Knit Happens is also on the agenda?

  • How did you like Knit Happens? I was really upset at my one and only visit (the customer service was HORRIBLE, it took them 10 minutes to ask me if I needed help & then gave me 1/2 arsed help) that I’ve never been back.