Introducing: Sylph (Sigh!)

By Ann Shayne
September 25, 2017

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  • Smitten. It looks simply amazing… can only imagine how great it feels.
    Oh why must you be such a bad influence on my stash?!

  • I LOVE the look of that yarn. And linen is a fiber I love second only to wool. Oh, no….

  • Fascinating combo & such gorgeous colors!

  • Cashmere & Linen. Together. AND With those colourways….. be still my heart.

  • If you are ever in Berkeley, CA, cherry corn scones at Cheeseboard. Perfection!
    Love the concept of cashmere/linen.

    • I’m happy to hear that the Cheeseboard is still in business. That was a special stop when I was in grad school there. Nothing else like it anywhere!

  • I’m knitting a scarf right now with Sylph. Pure heaven!

  • Lovers forever face to face
    My flax fields your mountains
    Stay with me stay
    I need you to knit me
    I need you to wear
    Give to me your linen
    Take from me: cashmere

    • <3 <3 <3

  • STOP PICKING SUCH BEAUTIFUL THINGS. I feel like the knitter equivalent of Scotty from “Star Trek:” “My stash canna take any more, Captain.”

  • Sounds fantastico!

  • I feel like that old TV ad: “you got chocolate in my peanut butter??!!!” With about the same rapturous results!

  • Gaaah…! Cashmere and linen?? Be still my heart! Related to that, the first scone I ever baked myself were cornmeal scones in a Moosewood Restaurant cookbook from many yrs ago – they were fabulous, and most subsequent scones have paled in comparison!

  • I believe the first yarn I ever bought was probably Sugar N Creme. I was 10, and that’s what Grandma used for dishcloths, and that’s mostly what I use to this day…

    • Dumb phones. Not sure what happened here, but clearly my phone posted this to the wrong place. Apparently I’m not supposed to enter the contest. As far as the linen and cashmere yarn, I’m quite intrigued!

  • OMG, Ann and Kay! Don’t do this to me!

  • Sylph is gorgeous! What an inventive combo!

  • It would make a nice Ft Tryon Wrap

    • Or Fort if you like. I work on Ft (Fort) Belvoir

  • Well well. I think about cashmere a lot, every day in fact, and I have never ever once thought of combining cashmere with linen. What an intriguing idea. (Also: I am a slouch!) I look forward to hearing about how articles made with this yarn change over time…interesting!
    p.s Cornmeal scones with jalapeno? Just saying.