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  • Love these bags! Any idea if these would felt in a front-loading washer?

  • Oh, buh-RUTHER. why’d you have to show me those? why? why? I need another project like I need a frickin’ hole in the head. !!!! 😉

  • I especially love how the proportions can change. And Robin’s colors are springy deluxe.
    I do wonder: what are the outer limits of felting? I mean, was your bag, Kay, as small as it could get? How lo can you go?

  • Kay – I’m loving the button hole bags. What method did you use to cast on the stitches for the button hole handle?

  • Oh I love them both tbut the green the most. I really didn;t need another bag project on my list you know.

  • I’m a slow knitter, I think. I did about 1/2 the bottom last night and the rest of the bag today at work. I used doubled lamb’s pride (not bulky) and size 13 needles. I’ll post a picture when it’s done! Thanks for the non-pattern!

  • Here ya go!
    These are WAY too much fun. I’ve already cast on for another one.

  • Just found my way here and… Oh my God! How I LOVE those bags! That’s all I wanted to say for now really, but I think I’ll come visit here again. 🙂
    /Swedish Lisa

  • Heh,thanks! Actually it’s a cd that Looks like a 45!

  • Didn’t Polly do some kind of yarn wrapping around the handles of her French Market Basket? I may be hallucinating. But I think buttonhole handles would be cool with a contrasting/complementing yarn wrapped all around.

  • Wow, such cute bags! Too bad I don’t have a washing machine… You don’t think I could felt at the laundromat, do you?

  • Yes, I think that three does constitute a Gallery of Buttonhole Bags. And what a beautiful variety they are! I’ve only just discovered the beauty of a felted object with the fabulous French market bag.

  • I made another one. Photos later today, hopefully. This one was with a mix of Nature Wool (doubled) and Lamb’s Pride (not doubled) and it’s thinner, but still neat. Oh, and I cast on for another one – this time in Lion Brand Landscapes. Obsess much? Not me!

  • I saw you need a us 15 circular needle, enough to fit 72 stitches BUT how long is that. I dont want to go to the store and have to bring it back because its too long or too short.
    Thanks… Lena