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  • Whoa! NICE. GLASSES.

  • Way to pull yourself out of it!! And you look terrific to boot.

  • Back up glasses – you gotta love em! I’ve been wearing mine too recently as I managed to stand on the real pair. Could hear my mum saying “Well, if you will leave them on the floor, what do you expect!” At least your new pants were waiting for you to walk on by and you have a new Anncam. I hate to show my ignorance but what is a image stabilizer? I’m guessing nothing like those little extra wheels I had on my bike when I was a kid…..

  • Ann,
    Glad that you’re feeling better. I think we all have those slumps. Mine often last several months (after which time I dub them “lifestyle changes” and declare that I am simplifying by not cleaning, cooking or fixing anything), so I think you’re doing pretty well!
    P.S. What is the state of Big Daddy’s Piano Cushion (or Big Dotty, as I like to call it)? Can you knit on that?

  • Googling “DSC00001.jpg” is fun — you get lots of people’s first digital camera shots.

  • Darnit, my new and otherwise wonderful dig camera does not have image stabilization. I definitely need such a thing, so I guess I’ll look for a tripod on Ebay. Cool idea though – thanks for mentioning it.

  • You know, Sarah, I don’t really know what an image stabilizer is either; it just sounds kind of comforting when you’re worrying about your image.
    Julia–Lifestyle change! LOL. Thank you for your commiseration. I have been reading APRIL 1865, a history of the end of the Civil War (read by the whiniest-voiced author I have ever heard). (A cheerful little book, let me tell you. I need to get hold of the Nanny Diaries.) But it talks about Abraham Lincoln’s constant battle with depression, which is fascinating to me. Here’s more about it. Who knew you could end slavery and be bummed out too?
    And Big Dotty is off at the upholsterer, so I need to find some more upholstery to keep me busy.

  • Do purple suede mules count as image stabilization?
    Just wondering. I’m still trying to justify that purchase.

  • Whoa, it must be a really good camere, because that is the best photo of a windshield wiper I have ever seen.
    I tell my myth class that every Greek hero takes a downward journey (for the girl-heroes this is usually marriage), and then comes back up again with new and special knowledge, which he then shares with us regular types.
    Ann, you are our hero!
    xoxo Aara

  • I happen to have a copy of The Nanny Diaries that need a new home! Write me if you’d like me to send it on. I also need an excuse to get out of my pjs, so a trip to the post office sounds like just the thing. Today is a well-planned, stay home from work and knit knit knit day (but I’m starting to go a little crazy from the isolation).

  • I heart your picture of a windsheild wiper. Sometimes that is about all it takes to bring me to tears. Like today, for instance, when I thought seriously about crying when I woke up and had already made coffee for myself last night. All I had to do was switch on the pot. If that’s my image stabilizer, then so be it.
    I heart coffee that makes itself.

  • Ann:
    For what it’s worth, the new iPod doesn’t have image stabilization (and don’t we all need an image stabilized every now and then?), but it does have a new feature that allows you to store your stabilized images. And you can hook it up to a TV and run a slide show (with music from the iPod, natch). Think of how cool all of those windshield wiper photos will look on a 27″ Sony with “Suspicious Minds” playing over the 5.1 speakers.
    And before you blow this off, just remember: One person’s purple suede mules is another person’s $100 blown at apple.com! (Hey, I needed those Monster cables to go with my new desktop speakers. Oh! And look, they have subwoofers…)
    And I plan on spending my whole Thanksgiving on the screened porch, I don’t care WHAT that idiot contractor says! Believe me, I will be PLENTY entertained on its entertainable surfaces…
    (Also, I need a new digital camera. What’d you get?)

  • David–Hate to be the one to break it to you (more bad news for the Husbands of America), but I’m guessing those purple suede mules were more than a hundred bucks.
    xoxox Kay

  • ann…. so HAPPY you are completely stabilized…. sometimes, it just takes these dismal depths to finally pull yourself up by your boot straps…. sometimes, life is just one big mood swing……twin specs?… twin cars?…. what else?

  • Sophie–How cool to have reengineered your square. We’re just glad whenever handknits find their destiny.
    Evelyn–You’ll never, ever get me to talk you out of a pair of shoes. Small electronics and footwear are by far the easiest psychotherapy anybody ever needed. I think it’s the triumph over a massive selection that gives a person hope: “Now that I’ve decided on this pair of purple mules, well, anything’s possible.”
    Aara–LOL. I have returned from my odyssey, and my special knowledge is . . . a Canon Power Shot S1IS camera.
    Brother-in-law: Are you trying to talk me into that iPod again? Stop it! (And please be in touch with Hubbo, willya?)

  • Wow! That is ONE STABLE IMAGE, I tell ya!

  • I could use a little stabilizing over here….