How to MDK: Welcome!

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
February 21, 2020
Field Guide No. 13: Master Class + Kaffe Fassett's designs + Felted Tweed = A season of great knitting

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  • Thanks ladies. Your daily dose of cheer is the bright spot in my daily routine.

  • Thank you!! Yours is the first thing I read when I wake up in the morning. Such a gift. Thank you.

  • Love all you do, I’ve learned so much from MDK

    • Thank you so much, ladies! I loved the hard cover books years ago and was thrilled that we can connect daily! And my Main squeeze is almost done!

  • I have been reading MDK every day for 2-3 years now, and it’s usually the best thing I read all day! I’ve bought most of the Field Guides and a few yarn selections too. As knitters, we often do our craft in isolation. Reading MDK is like going to the best knitting circle! Thank you for all of it!

    • I read your post every day and enjoy it so much! Your doing a great job! Thank you!

  • I have been a subscriber for over 2 years and I love all that you have to offer. The Letters, Knit to This and the How Tos, oh the How Tos! I have learned so much and my knitting has improved tremendously. Thank you for providing such an entertaining and informative site.

  • Love to read your uplifting and instructive posts each day with my morning coffee. Also look forward the the MDK March Madness each year, such a fun event!! Thank you for all you do and provide to the knitting community

  • I stumbled onto your lovely site about six months ago, and I was inspired to focus on improving my knitting skills. The articles you put out have helped me learn so much and kept me motivated through two pairs of socks (both with fit problems), a hat (knitted and unknitted at least twice over) and a lovely lacy scarf (for my Great Auntie).
    Like others who comment, this is the first thing I read each day, and I finally see how it’s possible to experience “community” through a form of social media. You all are an inspiration!

  • All of you are great. I especially love Franklin Habit.

  • MDK is a special place. I use to read the old site but this is even better.

  • Alive and kicking…..hope for some spring-like weather soon…deb

  • I begin my day with MDK, every day. You’re knocking it out of the park, Kay and Ann!

  • Ooh!!! Field Guide SUBSCRIPTIONS!!!!! Tell us more, please!

  • Thank you for being a ray of sunshine every single day! Even if I’m not knitting, I love reading about knitting, yarns, patterns and learning about the craft. MDK is an escape from all the chaos around us. It’s been a pleasure. Keep up the great work you do. It is appreciated and I look forward to all your new endeavors. Cheers to MDK!

  • So excited for the next field guide!

  • I have been getting your emails since Christmas. It has been a life changer. Replaced my morning newspapers and my mood and intentions have changed positively for the better. I love everything that you do.
    it has kept me involved in the knitting community and interested in everything.
    Thank you

  • Thank you all. I’ve been an MDK reader for several years now & always look forward to my daily dose. One note/complaint/tech support request: My machine will occasionally log me out of my MDK account, but still allow me to bookmark an article I want to save. But, it isn’t saved, because I’m not logged in.

    Is there any way to have the bookmark option not let you save an article if you’re not logged in?

    • I love MDK, but I have this issue, too! It would be great if some tech person could fix it

  • Thank you for this wonderful site!! I’m looking forward to the new Field Guides, and really appreciate the camaraderie that I find here.

  • Y’all are better than coffee! First thing in the morning. Every day. It’s part of my self care. I like to start my day out with creativity and pretty things. It sets the tone for the rest.

    Thanks for all that you do and for bringing us all together. It’s a great space.

  • Don’t for get to tell them about what happens when you buy the field guide — if you buy at a certain level, you get to download it in your Ravelry library!

  • Field Guide No.14 YAY!!! Annual subscription plan YAY!!! So exciting;) My mornings always start with MDK and I am so grateful for all the content y’all provide
    Don’t know what I’d do without MDK in my life, pls keep up the excellent work

  • You are TOO fabulous!

  • Love your news! Look forward to seeing it! You’re actually a VIP⭐️ in my email . Thanks for using language that’s stimulating, interesting, and precocious . O, and the knitting tips are great too.

  • No drink coupons? What about Green Stamps?

  • Looking forward to a New Field Guide. I love MDK, yarns, field guides, tips, humor. Idk the shop because I am freezing up here in Greater Boston’s south shore.
    I read,MDK most days before I get out of bed. Its after prayers before coffee lol. A terrific sandwich.
    Thanks again all at MDK.

  • I’ve got to admit, my favorite section is Letters. I’ve been reading y’all since….mmm….. 2005? 2006? I even stuck around during that long dry stretch a few years ago! And although I enjoy everything here at MDK, your letters to each other are what brought me to the old blog, and what keeps me checking in every day.

  • I totally agree with the comments below: you’ve expanded my horizons and my knitting competency. I especially enjoyed the parallelogram scarf and have knitted one as directed and one more at 145 St’s and four balls of Friea — experimenting with stopping and skipping colors. Now there’s a pile of Rowan felted tweed waiting for me. Only a single mild complaint. . . I can’t keep up with the pace of inspiration; am only now completing version A of the superscript shawl. Please keep the good times coming.