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  • I’m glad you found it! You most definitely deserve it for chanting that line (to which I am going to have to introduce my daughters, who frequently lose things, and who love things like that, especially with “thy” in it).

  • So THAT’S how to find things in my house! I was looking for my journal the other day and made multiple trips through every room. Eventually I found it, on the coffee table, on top of the basket I keep pet grooming supplies in, under a shawl pattern. Much time was wasted, but NOW I know the secret to finding lost things. Thank you!

  • Love the wine glass reflection!

  • My friends introduced me to this little rhyme:
    Anthony, Anthony come around,
    Something’s lost and can’t be found.
    St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost things, or some such. Not a RC so I am not sure, but it seems like the prayerlet helps!

  • I ask my cats if they know where whatever I’m looking for is. Then I find it. They’re magic!

  • I believe the “Little Flower” is St. Therese of Lisieux!! Variation of praying to St Anthony. As a Roman Catholic by upbringing, I always pray to Sts. Anthony and Jude, didn’t know St Therese was also a helper….

  • I believe the “Little Flower” is St. Therese of Lisieux!! Variation of praying to St Anthony. As a Roman Catholic by upbringing, I always pray to Sts. Anthony and Jude, didn’t know St Therese was also a helper….

  • Amazing how the little flower can travel from your brain in NY to your Mom in Omaha!! I’ll have to give that a try.

  • Excellent! If only I knew that last weekend when I lost my wedding ring in upstate NY (I live in Orlando). Still haven’t found it, blaming the toddler. :^)

  • “tony, tony, look around; what is lost, must be found!” is the expression my RC student taught me! St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost things. I like your incantation as well and I’m certainly glad that your camera has been found and is en route. I also think that the wine glass photo is excellent!
    Blogless Mary lou

  • I am now permanently your biggest fan, if for no other reason than your proper use of “it’s” and “its” IN THE SAME SENTENCE! That is one of my pet peeves and it is used incorrectly more than correctly. The grammar policewoman in me goes insane.
    And if that weren’t enough reason, you have enlightened me about the little flower! Peace out!

  • It’s all about St. Anthony: “Dear St. Anthony, please come down. Something’s lost and can’t be found!”
    The number of truly miraculous finds this little incantation has led to … well. I forced a friend to pray it aloud with me when she had lost her keys (including the building master key) and she was in dire straits. She called me later and said “I didn’t need the prayer; I found them in my desk drawer. I don’t even know why I looked there, but there they are!”
    …and I just chuckled. Tony to the rescue!

  • Hooray! Glad the flower power worked! And that thou hast thy KayCam back.

  • Oh, ‘scuse me. I think that’s “thou *hath* thy KayCam back.”

  • St. Anthony has never failed me, but I am going to keep The Little Flower prayer tucked in my toolbelt as insurance against the day when he might be otherwise engaged…busy trying to locate world peace, for instance.

  • “The Enchantment lifestyle awaits me. Soon I’ll be doing Bollywood dances in Central Park, and mice will be cleaning my bathroom.”
    Picture it, an army of women wearing silk sari’s, clutching knitting needles, massed behind Kay who is wearing the brightest sari of all, all of them whirling and dancing over the Bow Bridge and reflected in The Lake…while meanwhile back at Kay’s apartment, little pastel mice dance pirouette with teeny feather dusters a la Snow White …

  • OOH- a Citroen (there are supposed to be some dots or an accent over one of the vowels but I forget which- and don’t know how to put them on anyhow). We used to see them all the time in Germany (where they were slangily referred to as “Ente” or Ducks where I lived- why? I know not). I actually saw one in Cornwall on hudson just before we moved (a yellow one) and another in Colorado Springs not to long ago (a strange blue-grey color- like primer but not quite. Perhaps it was undergoing a make-over). I also quite like that blue owl. Carrie or Joseph’s work?

  • I have a Jerusalem cross pendant that likes to go on walkabout and turn up days, weeks or even months later in places where it simply could not have been in the intervening time …

  • I’ve been saying that to find my diamond stud earring… so far, St. Anthony is laughing at me.
    Now, about that table upon which sits the wine glass… Orla Kiely! I have a salad plate with those pears on it! Where can I can get that table??????? It would look great on my back porch!

  • you do not fairy chant
    one wears red bells on ones toes
    during the full of the moon

  • The name of the parking goddess is Naomi. It’s best to give her a shout at least a minute or two before you arrive at your destination.
    As for tricks to find things, I always imagine a man in my head standing at a counter, like a coat check. I ask the little man “where is such-and-such” and then I leave him alone. I do not give such-and-such any more thought. Sometime in the next 24 hours, the little man usually comes back with the answer, popping into my consciousness without warning: it’s in the glove compartment! Or wherever.

  • You were in Maine? You could’ve come for a visit and pet the (very damp) alpacas.

  • Was the owner of the “Tax2hi” plates a tax attorney by any chance?
    I used to work nights as a paralegal and was friendly with some office cleaners who had made good and owned their own company. It was a husband and wife team and they had the office cleaners union
    (I think the numbers and letters 32J were involved) as their plates. Now there’s vanity for you; it surprised me but there’s a lot of money in cleaning offices. And you don’t have to cheat your workers to do it, either.

  • I can’t tell you how much I love that car in the last picture

  • Is THAT what the mice are doing in my bathroom???
    What a relief. (Although frankly, they are not very good at it.)
    Very glad tidings on the camera 🙂

  • congrats on finding the camera. The car in the last picture is super neat looking.

  • Not only does the little recitation help in finding lost things, it’s also handy to use when you need to find that elusive parking space….Little flower in this hour, show your power….and voila a vacant parking spot just waiting for you!

  • So happy to hear the KayCam has resurfaced! I love the first photo, but the second one has me puzzled. If there were a couple of oil wells in the shot, I would swear it was taken in West Texas, but you didn’t mention a trek to Texas. (That’s the kind of scenery I have to look at–for 5 long, boring hours–when I drive to my sister’s house in Midland.)
    Mary G. in Texas

  • Lake Manawa?!? Thanks for the western Iowa nod! Almost as good as Marilynne Robinson referencing the Nishnabotna River…
    Dontcha s’pose Mom’s just have that sixth sense thing down cold? Some day, it will be your kids calling to find what they are looking for and when you tell them where to look, won’t you feel smart?

  • …Kaaaaay, I can’t find my Friday night glass of wine. Have you seen it ANYwhere????

  • thou hast provided me with the very incantation i lacked.
    may all of thy lost items be found in so magical a fashion.

  • I’m with Roz – is that an Orla Kiely table in your kitchen? I love it – do they come in blue? where can i get one? Oh dear! looks like the buying fever is upon me….
    I’m glad the KayCam is back – you guys always have such great images. I love the Whitstable photo especially, one of my best friends lives there and I go down frequently to visit her but have NEVER SPOTTED the gut squeeze alley.
    Looking forward to more garter stitch amazement – am practising my slack jaw moment so that I will be able to act appropriatley when the time comes.

  • Ok. If you can get the mice thing to work, I need to know.
    I’ll admit to reluctantly uttering the Tony, Tony incantation in desperation (thanks to a Catholic friend), but I think I like the flower one better. I’ll try that one next time. I hate wasting time looking for things.

  • 🙂
    special props to michael oliver in his priestly days.

  • Just remember that in the NYC version (Enchanted), it was rats, pigeons, and cockroaches cleaning the bathroom!

  • The only problem with The Enchanted Life is that a lot of other people get credit for your hard work… The Equinox Gnomes, the Tooth Fairy, the Solstice Elves, Santa Claus, or just The Fairies. Oh well… at least I get sympathy when the Leprechauns drink all my scotch.

  • Glad you found the KayCam! You were in MAINE!!!!! Darn, I missed you… Where in Maine? On second thought, it’s probably better that I didn’t know were you were, I’d hate to be picked up by the local constabulary for stalking a knitting celebrity… THAT would be interesting to explain.

  • Two cards…switch them each day and that way you will only loose half the pictures you took….8)

  • i like that little rhyme/chant…usually i say “yoo hoo! (lost object’s name)!” in a kind of loud sing songy voice to try and find something. it works about 75% of the time i would say, but i’ve never done a scientific inquiry on it.

  • I am soooo glad you’re back and with the camera, too. Just a quick question. Are you guys doing the innocent project this year? If so, I’m gonna have to start now or nothing will happen. Aren’t pears just the best color of green?

  • Dear Kay,
    Welcome to the ((((Enchanted Lifestyle))))! Yes indeed, not only are small creatures taking over your mundane household chores, but check out that wineglass! They will also be helping themselves to any and all libations left in open view! How else do you explain the upside down steeple in there? Humans always think fairies and such are so helpful– only to find out in due time they are more than a little crafty, and I don’t mean in a garter-stitchy sort of way. So when those mice appear to be cleaning, let’s just keep a close eye out, hmm? Missing cameras, anyone? Keys? Ha! The only reason the fairies return them to us is because we deign to snap out of our hyper-rational human mode and offer a little chantey up, which amuses the hell out of them, and they laugh so hard they fall over and knock the camera a few millimeters over, causing moisturized moms everywhere to say,”Dangit! I know I looked there before!”

  • And Little Flower
    You showed your power
    So Most Moisturized Mom
    (who’s simply the bomb!)
    Could find Kay’sCam,
    Now headed back home,
    It’s no longer on the lam.

  • Hi ladies. I got your book at the library and I LOVED it. I was looking for a book that would help my daughter learn to knit, but I found yours and felt an inspiration to learn to knit as well. Now we are both learning together.
    That’s all I wanted to say. Please excuse me, I have to go out and buy your book… because the library won’t let me renew it again…

  • Wonderful! And when the mice are done in your bathroom, will you send them to do mine? (anyone but me!)

  • Ok so what do I do when I lose the paper/file/place that I put the wonderful phrase for finding things and will it help me locate my passwords so that the IT guys at work don’t have to send me emails every other week for the password for this program or that. From a person who is really good at losing things. Glad the KAYCAM is back.

  • Dear Kay,
    You are amazing! My husband has been searching for a pair of his reading glasses for almost 24 hours. He has turned our house upside down…gone through all the cars…the yard…you name it, he’s looked there. I read him the poem…and three seconds later, he looked down and immediately found his reading glasses!! I can’t believe it!! I’ve become a believer!!
    Deb from Bellevue (next door to Omaha)

  • Glad you found the little trickster. Those are great photos! I miss seeing 2CV cars..

  • Here’s another useful incantation: though it sounds Catholic in origin, it was told to me by a lapsed-Greek-Orthodox-turned pagan.
    Hail Mary full of grace,
    Please find us a parking space!

  • Actually the person who finds parking spaces is Daisy Beech, an actual woman who died in the hospital where I was a chaplain. Before her surgery, she told me she knew her deceased husband was looking after her from heaven because she could always find a parking place. After she died I wondered if both of them were up there, so I tried her (first in SF and then all over the East coast) and she has never failed me. But she might be just my personal parking goddess.

  • A good church going friend of mine told me once to repeat “St. Anthony find it” (patron saint of lost things and causes, I suspect). Well I’m not at all religious but by golly, if that doesn’t work every single time. I do like this new cantation. Will try both next time my office key goes walkabout.

  • A good church going friend of mine told me once to repeat “St. Anthony find it” (patron saint of lost things and causes, I suspect). Well I’m not at all religious but by golly, if that doesn’t work every single time. I do like this new cantation. Will try both next time my office key goes walkabout.

  • dear kay that incantation reminded me of my aunty – when ever she lost something she said – nas lota (for the non arab speaking it translates into the people of the underworld) ya she said they borrowed it and will bring it back when they are finished with it. she never bothered to look for it. laid back attitude. a korean proverb goes the horse that belongs to you comes back to you. so no fretting please!
    i always adresse animals plants etc. last year i told a wasp may God guide you and she left my cake and flew out of the kitchen window.
    in surat alnaml in the Quran the prophet Suleiman peace be upon him hears the ant who warns her fellow ants that Suleiman and his soldiers are marching their way, he smiles and thanks God for this awareness. i read that he was the first prophet that flowers talked to and revealed to him their medicinal profits – oh to be in such peace and purity! i wish to us all. hand-crafters have their fair share .love maha

  • Gee-willigers. I looked all over the Gardiner ranch for that darn tootin’ camera. Glad you found it! xoxo, Van