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  • Happy Mothers day to you too Ann. Enjoy the peace and quiet!

  • My, what boyish boys you have!
    I’ve said it before, but they are Absolute Norman Rockwell. Does either one have a slingshot in his back pocket?
    Happy Stay-At-Home Executive Mom Day!!! Love, Kay

  • Ann:
    What a GREAT mother’s day gift! Hubbo’s Mom (or, as I liked to call her, uh, “Mom”) used to take us to Bucksnort all the time. What your readers should know is that it is the most satisfying fishing experience a kid could possibly experience — bait the hook (with corn, natch), throw it in the water, be GUARANTEED to catch a fish.
    A tough day at the pond was if it actually took a second piece of corn to catch a trout.
    Happy Mother’s Day to a fantastic Mom (and a pretty great Sister-in-Law, too). Enjoy your much deserved gift o’ time.

  • What a great Hubbo you have Ann. I hope you’re having a very Happy Mother’s Day! Bucksnort brings back memories. My Dad took me to there before I was old enough to read and each time the hook hit the water, I caught a trout. On that day I became convinced, because my daddy told me so, that I was the best fisherwoman in the world. Several years later we are on a family trip in the station wagon and pass the sign for Bucksnort Trout Farm (back then it was still a farm) and I remember asking my Dad what a “trout farm” was. A very big bubble was burst that day.

  • So, we’ll wait for tomorrow to see what you did with all this expanse of time? My husband gave me a similar present but in reverse — I took the boys out to lunch and the Children’s Museum, while he stayed home and tamed the clutter and shampooed the carpets. Although I am normally all in favor of the luxury of the house to myself, this was too good a trade to pass up!
    My Mother’s Day knitting binge is waiting until “Alias” comes on tonight. Funny how the kids are always in bed promptly by 8 pm on Sundays…

  • Love the Tlingit/Haida photos of your boys. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • BK (before kids) my husband and I found ourselves at a Pancake House on Mother’s Day one year. He looked around, *totally* shocked, and said “But, but….this place is filled with Dads and kids! Where are all the Moms?!?! What kind of Mother’s Day would it be if your family went out to breakfast WITHOUT YOU!?!?”
    Of course, I was laughing so hard syrup came out my nose, as even then I *knew* what gift these Dads had given the Moms!
    Ah, well.

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