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  • Wow, I give my most serious knitrespect to those who finish Elfin. Yours is gorgeous!
    Hope my little squares are making it to you, I mailed them at least a week ago…

  • Kay, I swear you and Becky are undercover agents from some fashion magazine determined to make me not act my age when it comes to my clothes. Ponchos, ruffles, you keep putting all these crazy ideas into my head! (Please, stop before we get to midriff-baring halters. Two c-sections later…it just ain’t as pretty as it was.) I want to know down what garden path Ann is leading us…Keava is clearly just a cover story for something else. (Then again, maybe Ann has more fortitude than I do when it comes to knitterly peer pressure.)
    But thank you, because I don’t really need to dress 65 at (almost) 43.
    And your daughter’s sweater is SWEET! Clever knitter!

  • Kay the little pink sweater is so beautiful. I love the Noro too – is it all part of the same skein or are you alternating – it looks lovely. Virginia isn’t doing well – the outside edges are done but i’ve ripped her arm off twice now – it won’t lay flat!

  • Oh, I love Lacy, and now I want to make that for my oldest grand niece. Hmmmm. As if I need more projects to do.

  • Kay–I love that fluffy sweater and think you should just take it home.
    But crikey, girl, where’s yer head? You owe me one ball of All Seasons Cotton for blog violation 204(b): Modeling Garments Without A Head.
    Lacy looks supercute, and way to adjust the pattern. You’ll be designing swirly sweaters before you know it.
    And Noro, dear Noro. What got into you with the entrelac? That’s going to be a beautiful baby present.
    PS to Evelyn–While Kay is on the Entrelac highway, I’m on the road to PERDITION. Two-handed Fair Isle might as well be two-footed Fair Isle. Ech. It’s like teaching myself to breathe again. Not. Giving. Up. I am the boss of this yarn. A dysfunctional, uncoordinated boss.

  • You can do it Ann ! Try both yarns in your usual knitting hand – that’s what I do.I don’t believe in Fair Isle tyranny,so two handed Fair Isle is not compulsory.
    Kay,Lacy is delightful.Well knitted and cleverly altered.
    Now knit something for yourself ! :0)
    I,and my knee,send you love. x

  • The Elfin and Lacy are both great! And the baby blanket is intriguing. I’ll have to try something like that.

  • kay, you look like a vixen in elfin, even with that less than sexy background of bookcases filled with mckinney’s!!
    and you know i love carrie’s sweater…love, love, love. entrelac blankie too. maybe you should also make entrelac dishclothes with peaches and cream!!

  • Wow, gorgeous! Elfin looks gorgeous on everyone. I think I need one too and so do you. What colour would you like it in?
    And… lovely little lace. Which reminds me, I think mind has blocked for long enough. I’ll find it in me to sew it up this weekend.
    Well done.

  • The pink sweater is really sweet! Is it really only length you need to add to make it fit your 7 year old? I’m asking because I’d love to knit it and the only girls I know are 6 but active and skinny. I’d love to knit it for them – but thought it would be complicated to make bigger.

  • Hehe…you had me there for JUST a second. I thought that you had gone off and knit this on the sly. You mischievous individual, you 😉
    That flowered dress is precious. Just the right amount of lace. Love the eyelets on the sleeves and hem.

  • Oooh, I love your lacy sweater, it looks gorgeous. Adding the extra row of eyelets around the bottom was a great touch.

  • Here is an English language link to the same product: http://www.jeudemailles.com/english/catalogue/loisirs/materiel31.htm

  • Just to spam this thread even more, here is a US on-lineshop selling the two-color version. Yes I should have posted that first….

  • Now I’m probably writing for all your fans (my MDK bag is only a wish and a little bit of vinyl away) — I’d like to see you in Sassy next to Carrie in Lacy and everyone with their head on.
    happy spring celebrations to all,

  • Kay. The tribe has spoken. Get thee to a Playtex outlet ASAP.

  • Yes, the Elfin looks gorgeous but … my first thought, when looking at the pattern some time ago, was “No, that pattern is not for me.”
    Because it is just the sort of sweater I’d end up wearing at a meal.
    And the ruffles on the cuffs would drape quite nicely – in the butter!

  • Gorgeous works! And I’m still stuck with plain old chuncky chenille Pee Wee. It’ll be interesting to know what other rules and regulations govern MDK besides 1) no headless modelling and 2) no cats.

  • Sarah W: I really did just add some rows below the armhole, and a few more repeats and increases to the sleeves. It’s designed very wide so I think it’s big enough for most 6 or 7 year olds. Mind you, I did not correct my loose gauge, so my measurements came out a couple of inches wider across the front and back, which is significant. So if you knit to the prescribed gauge, make sure the measurements will fit. But they are generous even without the ‘benefit’ of loose tension.
    I find Rowan’s kids’ patterns are almost always very oversized, whereas sometimes the adult patterns are oversized, but sometimes they most definitely are not. Must be careful to look at the diagram and measure something that fits before you jump in. I will never forget making ‘Native’ from #29. I assumed I’d want a looser fit than the women’s large, so I knit the next men’s size. Remember that big suit David Byrne wore for the Stop Making Sense movie? Like that. VERY attractive, what with all the stripes. Live and learn. xox Kay