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  • Happy New Year to you, too. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration,
    and the surprises… I can’t wait to see what y’all bring to 2020.

  • Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a fresh new (reorganized) knitting plan for 2020. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  • Just ordered Dogs on Sweaters…..Happy Knitting 2020

  • Well I am ready to jump right in! I have been knitting very OFF and a little on since I was 15. 69 now and approaching 70, I picked it up again. I am doing a shaw pattern I loved at first sight. I have ripped out 3 times now. I have been rather discouraged. I found your outstandingly wonderful site and I determined I was going to practice and learn about everything from sheep and loft and how it affects choices in what yarn can be used to get the desired result. And 1619 which I have shared over and over again. You have drawn me in and I am encouraged. Getting ready to go right back to starting my project yet again. My friend might get her Christmas shaw gift in July. But it will be beautifully made with much love and learning and perhaps mistake free.

  • Really good site, have got lots of ideas and help with projects. Only wish I had time to try everything

  • Not to be picky, but I AM picky: It’s actually the end of the OLD decade. (1 is the first, 10 is the last.) But since it’s the year of seeing clearly, this OLD optometrist is celebrating 2020!!

  • MDK and DWJ have been by best inspirations in 2019 – long may it continue <3

  • Grafting…..just learned that there are so many techniques..attempting to graft the lamplighter’s hat by Adrienne larsen….do not attempt if tired…deb

  • Last year was not a stellar year. This year can only be an improvement and I thank you all for always being the bright spot in my email.
    Knit Onward !

  • Trying not to think that this is the year I will have gone 80 times around the sun.. Really feeling well and feeling grateful and looking forward to making things for family. You two brighten my day every morning. I do get inspired to get busy on the Aran sweater I am knitting.

  • Happy New Year to Everyone. I feel very positive about 2020…..it is going to be a magical year! Be positive and not angry…smile more, live more and love more.

  • Shape of: an ice Loome Tool ! Form of: An otter that spins me more and more yarn !

    Lots of love, bouquets & skeins of love. And Happy 2020.