Hal David Songbook

By Kay Gardiner
April 13, 2019
Crank up the music and crank out the stitches.

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  • Loved the link – thank u

  • And next down the nostalgia road might be The Carpenters and then a field trip to see “Beautiful” (Carole King) … I hope the documentary is on the PBS app, sounds perfect to watch while sewing or knitting. Thanks for the recommendation.
    (and only one more “Upstart Crow”. I hope LIW plays the last xmas special … the end quote was apparently from “King John”, so sad and such a clever way to fit in a history play)

  • Great songs. Great memories. Brings me all the way back to the time when I was wondering what life would be like. You know, grown-up life. I have now lived through an awful lot and I’m a much much better knitter today for it!

    I just listened to Andy Williams singing Alfie. I think I never really paid attention to the lyrics, always hearing the “what’s it all about Alfie” part. The lyrics are beautiful! Thank you so much for that fun fact, Kay.

  • So many memories attached to all these songs, certain ones firmly attached to different countries I lived in as a kid, especially the fabulous Dionne Warwick ones. Thanks for such a nostalgic road trip!

  • Oh man. That was a time!! The memories and FEELINGS rush in like a flood. Thanks… this is soothing my (why did I wait so long) tax prep woes right now.

  • What a nostalgic trip listening to these songs led me on…to look at my old 45’s (yes I still have some vinyl!)…The Carpenter’s verson of “Close to You”…an 8th grade crush on some long forgotten boy Thanks for this post!!

  • What fun! This has brought back many happy memories.

  • You play clarinet?! That is so awesome!

    • I did but that summer the music teacher recruited me for cello!

  • Like the song…..the sounds of silence…..my soul mate passed away last monday..April 8th….so strange how quickly life can change…deb

  • Thanks for this. Talk about bringing back my childhood. The radio station my mother listened to when I was growing up played so much Burt Bacharach/Hall David. It was like the soundtrack of my childhood. That and Beatles covers that I never knew was Beatles. 😀

  • What a sweet piece! I was raised on show tunes and popular music. My dad was an insurance broker, and he was SO proud to have Hal David as a client.

  • Painted from Memory is the best. My sons were 3 and 5 when it came out and they knew all the words to “God give me Strength”. Little did they know it was my mantra at the time!