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  • That looks like my bathroom. And my mother-in-law’s.
    Today, my family remembers those who served and those who are no longer with us, and we enjoy the company of those who are with us still.
    Be safe, everyone.

  • What’s in the jar? When will we get to hear more about the Big Secret Thing?

  • 4 kids, 3 college age, and I still don’t have the cut or light houses in my bathroom. I have McCoy flower pots without plants in them instead.

  • A treasure called beach glass I think. We go to the ocean and walk the shoreline with our heads down looking for the elusive pieces of glass worn smooth by the waves. I have a few jars myself!

  • I’m missing something….what is “The Cut”?
    I don’t like to miss things.

    • Watch the video

      • It’s not available where I live. So can somebody explain it please?

  • Oops- just watched the video-and I need to go redecorate my kitchen! I’m tiring of the chicken- theme. What about cute little pigs?

  • I had to go to Joann Fabric the other day and as I walked through all of the decorative crap all I could think of was this skit. The cut was in evidence…

  • Thank God there’s no room for chicken or pig decorations in my kitchen. Whew.

    • I’m just happy there are no actual chickens in my kitchen.

  • LOL no no no cut for me, but yes to beach glass and gin and wool in my bag. Happy Memorial Day x

  • my mission this morning: to find a version of this that can be viewed outside the U.S….

    • I’m in England and I was OK viewing it. What a hoot. Time to rearrange the glass fish tableau in my bathroom.

  • ok dude that was not so complicated (hi hi hi)

    bises and happy holiday weekend!

  • I don’t have any of my own kids, but I still have a glass container of sea shells in my bathroom (because then you don’t have to dust them ;).

    Thankfully no cut though.

    And absolutely no ducks or pigs.

  • The Cut and Chunky Highlights are prevalent here. It’s hard not turning into a Stepford Wife, yarn is my only hope!

  • Oh, dear. It will be difficult, but there is a cure. Put large posters of Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney in the bathroom. Put the beach glass in the recycling bin. Burn all the matching food storage containers. Play Patti Smith on the stereo — LOUD. Eat cold pizza. Salvage the yarn from that would-be matching twinset for you, and instead knit a hoodie for Olive. Belch. Throw out the flip-flop soap, and user store-brand dishwashing liquid instead. Put a brown paper bag over The Cut. Watch “Night of the Living Dead.” Breathe deeply, take two aspirin, and call your doctor in the morning.

  • During the gritty days of Motherhood with three little ones to herd- I succumbed to the haircut!! But never have had a themed bathroom or kitchen decor. Striving for cleanliness was all I could manage!

  • That video is hilarious. (Written as I resolve to get rid of, or actually light, the candles sitting here and there in my house.) Happy Memorial Day to all!

  • I was seriously considering getting a pixie, not the cut, mind you, but now I’m reconsidering. The horror! And now I’m questioning a lot of things. Like the cake decorated with strawberries and blueberries in a flag pattern for dinner tonight. Totally not going to happen. Thanks for the warning. Great video!

  • Still laughing out loud! I got the cut when I got tired of my firstborn always tangling her fingers in my hair. As soon as my two girls were past that stage, I grew it back out.

    ps: I have lighthouses stenciled in the hall bathroom.

  • That video had my running friends and I literally LOLing at breakfast this morning…let’s just say we all recognized ourselves (and the one friend who is about to start a family has vowed not to get The Cut – we’ll see)!

  • Geez, usually when i get “the cut”, that means some wants me to be quiet….

    Off last week, had to work today. Hearing about the Big Secret Thing, gave me a little thrill because I like happy sounding surprises. Also that jar that is in your bathroom, is a Best Foods jar. I think that is the west coast name for Hellman’s (as in mayonnaise). Is that true for Omaha, too, or is it a souvenir from a trip to Colorado or California? (Lord help me, I don’t know why I’m asking this). Anyway, it’s always good to see a picture of the family; and, I loved hearing about the peonies. Hope all had a good, safe Memorial Day.


  • My hair was never well behaved enough for the cut. Neither was I. I live on Cape Cod so I so have a big bowl of sea glass on my coffee table, but lighthouse decor is a little too on the nose even for me. I envy you your family Memorial Day. Mine is too spread out these days.

  • Two ceramic chickens in the kitchen and two bowls of shells in our bathrooms. And the cut – short but not flipped.