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  • Kay
    I do hope we get to see pictures of Olive on Halloween.

  • Laughed WAY out loud at the photo and caption “C’mon Lassie! Find the baby!” Our much-more-clueless-than-Olive lab mix is often urged to “find” things in the same way. Crossing my fingers that baby and blankie are reunited.

  • Like Laura, I laughed WAY out loud at “C’mon Lassie! Find the baby!”, mainly because Olive looks so, well, disinterested…. I do hope this Public Service Announcement works. You will be rivalling the BBC soon x x x

  • I also found Dame Judi’s comments, but because of your link I am now consumed with lust for this program that we probably won’t see in America for quite a while:
    How wonderful it would be to watch and to knit by!
    Downtown Abbey
    Sunday 26 September
    9:00pm – 10:30pm
    Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville lead an all-star cast in this drama written by Julian Fellowes about the lives of the Crawley family and the servants who work for them in an Edwardian country house. In 1912.

  • I hope the blanket gets back home.
    That Olive! too cute!
    Just got my copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting, love it!
    Where’s Ann? OK I hope….

  • While I hope that baby and blanket are re-united happily, I wonder if the blanket accidently-on-purpose fell off the stoller? Mom may not appreciate hand knits like we knitters do.

  • I accidentally started on Cranford during a phase of insomnia, thinking it would lull me to sleep. Not even close — I couldn’t tear myself away until it finally went off the air at 3 a.m. Who’da thunk the 19th century could be so compelling?

  • If you’re interested in Cranford, check your local library as well. We own a copy of the original series and a Return to Cranford as well.

  • I thought I recognized Central Park…..boy, I miss NYC.

  • I am not the owner. Yes, it is sad. This blanket is knit from one of my favorite stitches, because I just love a purl back – and because my mother knit me a gray wrap cardigan out of it that I wore in the 70s (wrap cardigan? with a tie belt? 70s? you think?) in high school and wore out in the eighties, in college. I wore the elbows right through.

  • PS the fabulous Olive was just born to play Mrs. Tiggy Winkle.

  • Sorry, no help on the blankie’s owner, but I’m pretty sure it is knit of the same pattern stitch as La Harlot’s One-Row Scarf. (Having made three of these, I feel competent to opine.)

  • Are we quite sure that the “knitted” blankie isn’t, infact, crocheted? (bukly yarn/large hook/fast results…)
    Anyway, when I read “Glad And A Little Sad”, I had a momentary “Uh-oh”, as we haven’t heard from Ann in a while. I was momentairly afraid that she would be “twittering away” full-time. So glad it was only the blankie. I can crochet aother blankie (if need be) but Ann cannot be replaced.
    Congrats to Lou, you lucky person! Go forth and knit up a storm!

  • My eyes are not what they used to be, But it sure looks crochet to me, and sime Mom must be wondering—- or could it beto waem a dolly? Joan

  • Hello dear folks,
    I am laughing to think that y’all think I might not be able to tell knitting from crochet–way to boost my confidence! Maybe if it were crazy knitting or crazy crochet, or really tiny or something, I’d have a problem–but generally I kind of recognize ye olde knitting stitches.
    The blanket is in a mistake rib or moss rib or whatever stitch you want to call it–but it’s definitely knit. I used this stitch for my dad’s portly gray cardigan lo these many years ago.
    Unless, you know, I’m an idiot. Would never rule that out.

  • Errr. MAYbe, I’m not saying it WAS mind, and who would think such a thing, only the devil herself, but MAYbe it was left there – on poipus. You know because poipusses really like left behinded blankies.

  • What a gift for the baby, and Olive and Judi Dench would be a great trick or treating combo!!!!!

  • “C’mon, Lassie! Find the baby!”…..LOL! Ah Sunday night’s with Lassie saving the world. We still need her, I’m sure Olive can take up the reins. My daughter bought a Pig and Shark Halloween costumes for her two Yorkies… they were not too happy posing in them for the Halloween cards. Hope Olive is happier… I’ll email you a picture. Tell Miss Olive we “are waiting for her close-up”…

  • Ahhhhh!! I hope the blankie finds its baby!!!

  • You should post the details of the lost blanket in the Lost/Found Projects forum on Ravelry. I remember all the energy put into the Rowan project that was confiscated by someone at the airport and reunited with the owner.

  • Ann,
    My son persuaded me to come to Washington (where he lives) because the Sanity March is on my birthday and he insists it’s just John Stewart’s ruse to get me there with about a million of my best friends, most of whom I haven’t met yet. And you’re going! Which lends some credibility to his claim.
    P.S. I’ll be the one knitting the scarf.

  • if you have the time and/or inclination, after you’ve put it on Rav, you might want to try Facebook as well – just sayin’ …

  • Oh, I love both Miss Matty and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle! Please please take photos and share them here. But wait–will I be able to stand the cuteness?

  • BTW–
    To Kay, “Lassie”, and anyone else out there still listening, I DO see where the baby blankie could be knit in something like Mistake Rib. Infact, this may be just the type of pattern for an afghan for Afghans, as their new campaign is under way.