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By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
July 24, 2020
  • My new knitter advice: don’t get discouraged by the amount of time it takes you to complete a project. Try to make time to knit every day. Even if you just two 1 or 2 rows or rounds, your project is growing. Think of it as a glorious,soothing process with the bonus of a finished project at the end!

  • My advice to a new knitter? Practice and read Knitting Without Tears! Go with the flow 🙂

  • Take your time to learn how to swatch! Will save you tons of time and effort in the long run.

  • MDK is a constant source of inspiration and support.

  • My advice to new Knitters is don’t give up. Be patient, it will definitely take way longer than you think it should to complete a project. Finally, don’t be afraid to start over if it didn’t turn out right the first two or three times you try to do something new.

  • My new knitter advice is similar to Wendy’s: keep at it and, at some point, a light will come on and you’re hooked on this amazing, colourful, magical craft. I had tried to knit in the past and it was a struggle and just so awkward. A couple of years ago, I started up again and it was just so different, and much easier. I started to “see” what was going on and I could identify and fix errors as I found them and that just helped me understand it more fully. And, I can make – with my own hands – amazing things! Also, find a community of knitters – virtually and IRL – because they will be so supportive and helpful!

  • My advice to a new knitter is to not be afraid to try new and more difficult things – it’s only knitting and can be ripped out to try again.

  • Dear New Knitter,

    I strongly suggest you use natural fiber yarns, especially on your first projects.

    Happy Knitting!

  • My advice is when knitting a project with a repeating pattern is to put stitch markers between each pattern repeat.

  • Advice to a new knitter: This is a new skill that will give you so much and will link you to so many others who came before and will come after you. Take time to enjoy its slow meditativeness and the frustrating bits will be easier to contend with. Start out with beautiful yarn in a color you love that feels good in your hands. Enjoy:)!

  • My advice for a new knitter is to surround yourself with people who love to knit. Support your LYS and take lessons/classes as you can and you will find friends through knitting that support and share their knowledge, experience and love of the craft.

  • Advice for a new knitter, from a new knitter!
    Sit comfortably, ☕️ relax, take your time and if it goes wrong don’t worry…. it does get easier – honest! ☺️ Leave you knitting where you can see it in a pretty basket or bag. That makes you want to pick it up and do more don’t hide it away even if it’s gone a bit ‘quirky’ it’s not wrong it’s individual ❤️ Enjoy! X

  • Advice to new knitters: Read MDK. Every day.

  • Be patient! Don’t expect that your fabric will look perfect when you start. Practice makes progress. Knitting is a skill The more you practice and the more you learn the better your fabric will look.

  • My New Knitter Advice: if you’re a perfectionist, embrace it, but figure out a way to accept there will be errors. Focus on the magic of sticks and string and the evolving project!

  • When you make mistakes, take a deep breath and know that you can always put it right. We learn through making mistakes and everyone has done it at some time, so, keep calm and enjoy the process

  • Never give up – I knit for over sixty years and just this year knit my first pair of socks!!!. Have now gone on to circular needles and picket fence afghan. Always something new to learn. I love the challenge!!

  • Be gentle with yourself. Enjoy the process. Find a mentor…join a group because everything, especially knitting, is better with friends.

  • Use the best yarn you can afford.

  • My advice for a new knitter: for your first project choose something you really want to make, that you can see yourself wearing or using and in yarn you like the colour and feel of. It’ll motivate you to keep going. (I did the opposite and picked cheap yarn I didn’t like the colour of cause I didn’t want to ‘waste’ something good)

  • My advice for a new knitter is:
    At first it may frustrate you but keep on going and experience the relaxation it will bring you and the fulfilment when you finished your project, because everything you make is a work of art!

  • My advice to a new knitter is to connect with your local yarn store!

  • As my mum always says, there’s only two stitches and once you can knit and purl you can do anything There’s never been a better time to start too as there are so many on-line resources. In the olden days, I had to go and see my mum with my knitting to get help but now I check online. So many people have been generous with their time and advice to help new knitters just like you.

  • New knitters: count, count, then count again! Run a different colored yarn up vertically every 10 or 25 stitches to help keep track of your stitches. You can tackle much more complicated patterns at the very beginning of your knitting journey!

  • Join a knitting group. It’s amazing how much you can learn from seeing and talking to others about what they’re working on. It’s a great place to get advice and inspiration.

  • My advice is to believe in yourself – you can do this!

  • Relax,practice, start with beginner project, larger straight needles, yarn that love

  • Be brave! You will be amazed at what you can do and will learn.

  • Do your best to enjoy the process — the end of the project will come…..and be brave and go ahead and ignore ratings – try whatever strikes your fancy – between MDK and YouTube, you CAN do it!!!

  • My advice to a new knitter is never to be afraid to frog! Practice makes perfect!

  • Dear new knitter, sometimes knitting is unknitting, and it counts as progress too.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to just try a new technique – don’t worry if you’re ‘good enough’ yet. You can always frog it out (ok, maybe not so much with mohair….). I looked longingly at patterns thinking i wasn’t good enough yet. Once I got braver, I got better.

  • Use the best tools and materials you can afford and don’t be afraid to try new techniques. Remember that you’re doing this for enjoyment.

  • My advice is buy beautiful yarn in beautiful colors. It will inspire you to keep at it. And everything (almost) you need to know is on you tube.

  • So much great advice from the comments I’ve read….the one I like most is: “use the best yarn you can afford”. One of my first projects was made from acrylic….it turned out great (to my surprise!) but I so wish I had used wool!

  • My advice to a new knitter: learn to knit patterns suitable for your actual body shape and use and not the “hmm, that might look nice” feeling. It could be quite humbling, really 🙂 and quite usefull in other areas of life, as well.
    That’s why l was so glad to discover MDK – great knits for real ladies

  • My advice to a new knitter: Use good yarn that can take some stress. By that I mean, if you make mistakes (and you will because we all do) you can take out the stitches, start over and proceed with no damage to the yarn. Knitting is a user friendly learning curve type of craft. Few errors are fatal.

  • My advice is not to give up. Sure it can be overwhelming, but just take it one row at a time. Start small and enjoy the process.

  • Dear new knitter,
    Slow down and enjoy the process, that’s why it’s called Knitting-not Finishing. The product at the end is a lovely bonus. And find yourself a knitting community, preferably near your home, but online is fine too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and listen a whole lot. Welcome my friend

  • New knitters: keep your swatches! I love looking back at just how much my skills have grown over the years. Also, that first project, probably a scarf with very loose edges? Keep that too – just to remind yourself how far you have come.

  • Knitting is not only about beautiful things, it is great fun, the community is wonderful and it is good for your mind and soul.

  • My advice is to relax and remember that we learn the most from our mistakes. I learned from the book “Knitting Without Tears” by Elizabeth Zimmerman years ago and have been having fun since.

  • New knitter advice… don’t drink and do lace…

  • Dear new knitter, I know you want to grab your new yarn, needles and pattern and dive into that project but it is well worth the time to make a gauge swatch. Unless you enjoy ripping out lol

  • Start with small projects. Finishing something inspires you to go on knitting wonderful things.

  • I have been a yarnaholic for over 50 years. Rather than give advice to a new knitter, I will give words of warm welcome into this wonderful craft. As you begin, it may seem tricky or at times overwhelming (like trying to take a sip from gushing fire hose) but work your way through it, be patient and the rewards will be enriching and empowering. As you become comfortable with knitting or crocheting, you will find it to be a pathway to a calming meditative time in your day. My yarn and needles have helped me through many challenges! Relax, sit down and enjoy time for YOU!

  • My advice to a new knitter is to start slow with a color that you love learn a new technique with every project and take pleasure in the beautiful hobby.

  • Remember, swatching, frogging, tinking, knitting or purling – it’s all knitting and all good.

  • Don’t be afraid- it’s yarn, not brain surgery! And you learn from your mistakes- if not the first time, then the second. So…if you’re just starting out, try to remember that it’s supposed to be fun.

  • My advice? Hm. So many learnings from all the years knitting! Think my favorite advice is “if you want to knit it, you will.” I started back knitting after learning as a child and wanted mittens. Mittens were my first project as an adult knitter and remember wanting greatly to knit them. And, I did. And you, can knit what you most want.

  • My advice to a new knitter is simple. Don’t be afraid to try.

  • Always remember that knitting is two sticks and a string. Don’t stress over me stakes. They will happen. Take a deep breath. Learn how to correct a mistake .

  • My advice: use the best yarn/fiber you can afford. Quality fiber helps your work shine brightly. And definitely subscribe to MDK!

  • Use stitch markers every 10-20 stitches on long cast-ons – makes it easy to see if you’ve dropped a stitch; and find some good audio books from your library.

  • Find a group of knitting crochet people who are always willing to help and encourage

  • My new knitter advice: don’t worry about the size of the needles called for in a pattern. Gauge is what matters. Using the yarn you wish to knit with, swatch with recommended needle size, check the gauge and then go up or down as needed, to get to the right gauge.

  • So much great advice! I’ll add: use the best materials you can afford. You’re putting a lot of time and effort into this project and craft, so it’s totally worth it to make sure you’re using quality materials. It will certainly make your knitting experience more enjoyable and hopefully make your knitted item stand the test of time!

  • Be modest in your first project. I like to start with dishcloths. You can try an infinite number of stitches, one at a time, and the results we always be “wearable.” For young people, remember that grandmas will always love your dishcloths!

  • My advice…. is use quality supplies!! So even if your project is not perfect when you use nice products it will still look nice!! And ask for help from someone with experience!!

  • My advice to a new knitter- if you’re stumped by something, use the many resources available on the internet or in print.

  • Practice makes perfect, keep going! Your first sock might not be perfect, your second will be better and then there will be no stopping you.

  • My advice would be: do your research! Just like any other project, break it down into steps and research each of them. Make sure you’re familiar with the stiches, the techniques, the yarn, the pattern etc. There is loads of information out there and various places you can ask for help. Don’t invent the wheel twice, be patient with yourself, frog if you have to. Make it worth your time, so that in the end, you can enjoy a piece close to your heart, knowing that you gave it your best!

  • It’s okay to mess up. Repeatedly. Learning to unknit is a great skill to have.

  • Don’t make your stash too large — there is always time for that later. ; )

  • Advice for a new knitter: each stitch represents patience. Never rush; the process is more important than the end project. This is because knitting is a balm to the soul – it sustains well-being.

  • Just relax and enjoy the process. The more you knit the better your stitches will become.

  • To the new knitter. I am still learning there is always some new skill, yarn, pattern, or fiber adventure yet to come. The mindful act of creation not just the end product matter. The goal is not perfection, flaws are just personal little touches or design features. You don’t have to listen to people who tell you to use yarn you don’t like just because it’s your first or it’s practice, you can knit with whatever fiber brings you joy, it’s not wasted fancy yarn if it brought you joy.

    Thank you MDK for the chance to win this kit, I have not really knit more than a small bath rag out of linen and would love to try new yarn. Your guides are interesting to read. I have a few purchased from The Yarnery, but have not knit out of one yet. Be well and good luck to everyone.

  • Knitting instructions may sometimes seem daunting. Never give up after a single try. Practice patterns that are challenging and just keep at those tricky stitches. It’s a little like learning a foreign language. Before you know it, your fingers will be able to automatically translate those movements into a beautiful fiber creation. Bottom line: practice, persistence and patience!

  • My advice to beginners…. don’t get discouraged, if you’re not happy with a bit, unravel and start again. Knitting slowed me down, taught me to stop and smell the . Enjoy!

  • Take your time and enjoy every stitch! Don’t be afraid to try new stitches and techniques, and find a more experienced knitter who can help you. Most of all, don’t worry about your first efforts being a bit wobbly – all of ours were!

  • New Knitters – check/read your knitting after several rows to see if there are any mistakes, i.e., twisted or dropped stitches. You don’t want to knit for several inches only to see a dropped stitch several rows down!

  • The gratification of completing a project that you made and can then enjoy! A beautiful piece of art

  • My advice to new knitters. Relax and enjoy. Feel the sensation of wood tapping or metal clicking as you makes stitches. Feel the rhythm. Enjoy the the beauty of color and the feel of the yarn in your hands.

  • Learn to purl!

  • My advice: learn to knit Continental style from the beginning. Knitting will always be a bit faster and easier on your hands and it is no more difficult than the other method.

  • Dear New Knitter
    Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. It’s only knit and purl, and if you can do that, then you can make anything you want to make.
    Also, enjoy!

  • Starting a new project with new-to-you stitch combinations? A neck warmer is a great way to make sure you understand how each texture, lacey bit, and cable is made. It’s also a great way to audition yarn for a project. And it can be your swatch!

  • Hello everyone,
    My advice is first to choose some project that you really like, that you are in love with. Maybe you do not know all you need… YET but choose it and be sure you will finish it one day. Maybe it will take you even years of having it forgotten in a closet but it will come back and then you will know everything and you will be excited remembering how it was at first and the progress you made.

    And second, to watch every video and class you can, just by watching you learn, it will come later in the most unexpected ways, I learned from the best online at a very reasonable price… I live in Spain but I feel my teachers are over in America and I love it. I will come and visit them all the chance I get.

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!!! I so you both in Knitstars 3 and I just would spend all my evenings with you chatting or just listening.

    María Jose Bosch

  • Start with a lovely squishy natural fiber yarn. That way you can enjoy the feel of your knitting as you acquire muscle memory.

  • My advice is to knit regularly at least a little every day. If you go long periods of time between projects it will be harder to become proficient. It is like exercise, you need to do it regularly.

  • My advice to a new knitter? Be kind to yourself and hang in there. It gets easier. And, if possible, join a knitting group. There is no group that wants to help you succeed like a knitting group. They are so helpful and supportive! Good luck! Enjoy!

  • To a new knitter… CONGRATULATIONS! the journey will be wonderful just stay on the train. If you get off at the wrong station no problem just jump back on board.

  • Enjoy the process no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned knitter. Knitting is meditative.

  • You own your knitting, it doesn’t own you, it is just knitting!

  • Patience! Those new stitches won’t always be so tight or crooked…time and practice will help your hands to relax and settle in to the rhythm of this incredible pastime…

  • New Knitter, your time is precious – knit with the best yarn you c an afford and enjoy the process

  • Dear new knitter, please learn how to fix your mistakes so you won’t be soooo afraid of making them. Be fearless, and don’t point out your mistakes to everyone! Perfection is overrated!

  • My advice to new knitters is start small. Turn a gauge swatch into a coin purse Or a cup cozy. Each project will teach you something new. Use resources like MDK, Ravelry and Google. You are never alone in your knitting journey.

  • Unless someone you love begs you to knit in a yarn you don’t like, don’t do it. Knitting in a yarn that doesn’t appeal to you becomes a chore, not the magic it can be. Also remember that you can do anything one stitch at a time, even complicated stuff. Dive in and enjoy an adventure that gives you a tangible reward.

  • Swatch before beginning a new garment. Your fabric begins to reveal not only the number of stitches and rows, but also how it drapes!

  • Treat yourself to good quality yarn. You will put in so much time on your project! Your worth it!

  • Knit a swatch! I know there is an eagerness to get started, but swatch! Get to know your fiber, how it feels, how it flows with the needles and what stitches you are going to be friends with for a long time. And of course, check your gauge! Bring it up or bring it down. Fewer surprises, eliminate frustration and disappointment!

  • Remember to look at the fabric you’re knitting on a regular basis. I’ve often realized that if I’d just looked, I would have spotted an error and avoided rows of tinking!

  • Advise for new knitters is to start with a simple project using worsted weight yarn.

  • New knitter or old knitter — learn something new with every project. A new stitch, a new cast on, whatever, there is always something new to learn.

  • Be patient as you learn and don’t give up!

  • Dear new knitters. Please read all of these other excellent suggestions. If you can, treat yourself to some good needles. Quality tools make a difference and help you enjoy the process.

  • Advice to a new knitter: Use stitch markers, and count, count, count! Section off your rows, and count every section after you finish it. It may seem like overkill, and in a simple pattern you may be able to make up a mistake in stitch count easily, but it’s a good habit to get into, because when you progress to more complex projects, like lace, one stitch can make all the difference in the world in the flow of your pattern.

  • Look up videos online for how to fix mistakes and bookmark them! I tried learning how to knit starting when I was a teen in the mid-80s. Kept making mistakes and unraveling everything I started. It was so frustrating, I gave up. I tried again & again to learn about once a decade and the same thing always happened: I would made a mistake and unraveled all my work. I finally figured it out in 2017 after discovering YouTube videos that taught me how to tink and frog without completely destroying my work. It has made all the difference after 3 tries over 30 years!

  • My advice to a new knitter – Be patient, kind and true. Knitting opens up a world of choices to you. One stitch whether it is a knit or a purl will take you to a world that will give you peace and kindness. Be open to learning about yourself as you navigate yarn and pattern choices. No one says you have to knit a scarf first. If you want to knit a cowl, hat or sweater, go for it. Above all, be patient , kind and true to yourself. It is a wonderful world with knitters.

  • My advice would be to take your time and enjoy the process. Practice a little every day, and before you know it, your stitches will look more even.

  • make us of MDK website! These ladies have worked hard over the years giving us all advice and collecting tutorials and little snippets that help us become better knitters. Their field guides are wonderful and their shop has the very best!!!

  • A good advice that I would have needed when I began my knitting journey, would be swatches, swatches, swatches! I just dove right into it and had to frog so often because the size was never right . But don’t be discouraged! Start small and have fun! Thats the most important thing!

  • The most sage advice I received as a new knitter is to learn to unknit your work. When I was first told this it seemed absurd but it was and remains the best advice. Being able to unknit makes you a fearless knitter. And when you are fearless the fun begins!

  • Always wash and block your swatch. Yarn Chang’s after it is washed, so the size of your garment will too. Or just don’t ever wash it,

  • Pick a yarn you love and dive in — you won’t enjoy it/stick with it if you’re knitting with something you feel lukewarm about!

  • Count your stitches.

  • My advice to new knitters- be honest w yourself. Measure yourself and select the correct pattern size (no one sees the size once it’s complete). And know that your first sweater can be a work of art!

  • My advice to a new knitter is to start with garter stitch and bamboo needles , and count your stitches every row until you get the hang of it. I’ve taught a few people to knit , and the challenge was always gauge and extra accidental yarn overs. And have fun!

  • You don’t need a lot of tools to do this. Take your time to figure out what type and brand of needles you like before you buy more. Start out with a pattern, your needles and yarn and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. It’s all in the process.

  • Dear New Knitter,
    My advice to you: embrace it all: The internet which allows you to search up a thousand and one patterns, ideas, suggestions and advice; YouTube videos that demonstrate with clarity anything you are challenged by; a worldwide community of designers, creators, experienced and enthusiastic knitters at your fingertips; boundaries that are constantly being pushed; beautiful yarns that ignite your imagination (or your wallet!); and incredible supportive communities such as The Lounge and MDK.
    Enjoy the journey – and the destination!

  • I get so excited to talk to new knitters. My advice is always knit what you feel passionate about. You’re going to make mistakes and you’ll learn. Keep on knitting. The more you knit the more you’ll know and don’t be afraid to constantly try something new. You’ll get better with each project. How exciting to start your journey. Oh and figure out what space you’re going to fill with yarn. 🙂

  • My advice is to not give up when facing a learning challenge. Maybe go back to what you know with an easy project for a while but keep the ‘challenge’ near by for when you’re ready.

  • I would suggest joining a knitting group! You will gain knowledge, inspiration, and best of all knitting friends! My knitting group has become part of my family. But it started out as a group of women who only had one thing in common…..knitting!!

  • My advice to new knitters is be patient. Mistakes happen and fixing them is how we learn.

  • My advice to a new knitter- knit something simple in a Yarn and colour you adore. You want to be making something you love given the effort you’ll put in

  • Find a local knit together to join. Not only will you be able to get help with questions as you progress, but you’ll almost certainly have a good laugh!

  • My new knitting advise is to try not to overthink it. If you read a pattern and think it doesn’t make sense or is too hard, just take it a step and a time and just do what it tells you to do. When you finish it will make sense!! Just do it – as the saying goes.

  • My advice: For the first garment choose a pattern with excellent ratings for clarity, plus a seamless top-down pattern. This way, you can concentrate purely on your knitting, without many questions, seaming, or fitting problems.

  • Enjoy the process. Find the wonder in what your hands, two sticks and some string can and will create. I find joy with the process after 40 years of learning with my knitting.

  • My advice to new knitters: start with a feltable project, like a bag. You won’t worry so much about mistakes and gauge errors because they’ll felt away!

  • Let yourself make mistakes and learn from them.

  • My advice: knit something that you are excited about. Your enthusiasm for the FO, or the yarn, or the pattern, or any other detail will make your knitting time even more enjoyable!

  • Nothing beats having a real live person to help you as you learn to knit. Take a class at a local yarn shop or knit with a friend who really knows how to knit well. I have learned so much and made some wonderful new friends this way.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to work on something small like dishcloths, even if you’re also working on a grand project. I find I’m not as invested in the dishcloth, so I can rip it back off the needles or undo stitches or (try to) pick up a dropped stitch, all on my own. It’s an easy way to play with color and to try new patterns, and to learn to read your stitches. And you have a definite feeling of accomplishment when you quickly (more or less) finish one.

  • I’ll pass along what my mother taught me at age 14, I’m 68 now, and still knitting: first – if you make a mistake, correct it right away. It won’t look better or disappear 3 rows later, and it will bother you! Or your mom! Always check your gauge, the reasons why are all proven and true! If your tension is too tight, relax, you’re a beginner – it will loosen soon enough. Try to knit a few gifts for others, in addition to knitting for yourself! The lucky recipients will love you for it, and your pride and satisfaction with your craft will grow. Share the knitting love!

  • Remember: it’s knitting, not sculpting. You make a mistake, you rip it out and try again. No need to fear making mistakes.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to hang out with other knitters! Always something to learn from them! Enjoy

  • Find a yarn that you love, and a knitter that you love to teach you. Magic ensues.

  • Do not underestimate the importance of gauge testing and blocking. Life changers!

  • My advice to a new knitter is consistency. The more you knit the better you get and the better you get the more you want to knit. The most fabulous rabbit hole you will ever fall down

  • Find a group or friend for support. Being able to text someone in a panic has been invaluable for me.

  • Enjoy the process. Every time you pick up the needles is and opportunity to learn something new.

  • My advice to a new knitter keep your first few projects simple. Find the rhythm of making the stitches (knit&purl!) so you begin to have muscle memory. Take a rest during moments of frustration. Find a knitting group.

  • My advice for a new knitter—don’t judge you’re work until you block.

  • My advice to new knitters is to enjoy the process of creating! Sometimes you make mistakes and have to unravel part of your project and start again. Take a deep breath! In this way knitting is a great metaphor for the rest of life!

  • If you are just learning, start with a garter stitch square, not a scarf! Scarves seem to go on forever before you end up with something usable. A square can be turned into a bunny, free directions are easy to find. You end up with an appealing finished product and along the way learn to cast on and off and how to sew up garter stitch by way of a project that doesn’t feel as if it’s taking half your life!

  • New knitters: stick with knitting and you will always have a place to retreat, a way to burn up nervous energy and a creative outlet. If you can find a friend who also knits you will be truly blessed.

  • My advice to a new knitter – enjoy the yarn! The texture, the color, the “squish”! Be amazed by the beautiful things you can make with a ball of gorgeous string!

  • Stitch markers, you cannot use to many!

  • My advice for a new knitter is to find a local yarn shop and take a class. I know that may not be easy right know but I learned good tips from the teacher and other knitters. Also there are great sites that have tutorials.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to join a knitting group at your LYS. Start with something small but don’t be afraid to try more difficult patterns. There is always someone willing to help.

  • Admire your work often. You will pick up mistakes sooner!

  • Dear new knitter – take time to enjoy your project! Relax and learn the rhythm, the work of the needle, the tension of the yarn – all of these develop in time. You are embarking on a new world where you can continue to learn new methods and techniques throughout your lifetime. Don’t rush through – enjoy the process!

  • What a gorgeous kit. My advice is twofold. One, don’t expect to be perfect. Adults learning new skills are often frustrated by the work proficiency requires. Two, ask for help. Most of us don’t figure out everything by ourselves and, New Knitter, neither will you.

    Early in our stay at home order I made up learn to knit kits and offered them to neighbors. Several went out in the world and one woman is coming this week to pick up more yarn. Team Knit we have a new recruit!!!

  • My new knitter advice is to stop your yarn from tangling by having your yarn wound into balls. Wrap an elastic band on the outside of the ball. Place the yarn in a bowl and use the tail end found inside the ball not the outside. Untangling yarn is frustrating. I recommend knitting everyday and mastering the garter stitch. Dish cloths are the perfect project to get started. Then you can move on to a log cabin baby blanket!

  • My advice to new knitters:

    Try many different projects, it will broaden your technique and knowledge.
    Try different yarns and needle sizes
    Take classes, I learned so many useful tips
    Knit with a friend or a group

    You will learn what you like and what might not appeal to you but more importantly, it will make you a GREAT knitter.

    Enjoy this journey!!

  • Just. Keep. Knitting.

  • I would suggest starting with worsted weight yarn in a light color

  • My advice is keep at it, the effort is so worth it in the long run for something that will give you such joy. There is a vast community of great resources for help and encouragement always there when you need it.

  • Practice makes perfect!

  • My advice to a new knitter: Enjoy the journey! Join a group – there are many great people who will support you, answer questions and cheer you on! Internet is a wonderful tool as well! You will make mistakes – consider some of the less obvious ones as a “Design Element”. Project bags and little tools make Knitting Life easier! Stash: is the Best! The colors, texture just MAKE you want to create a beautiful or useful or fun project!! That Knitting Journey will twist and turn – Enjoy the ride!

  • Keep going. Don’t give up. It’s worth the frogging!

  • Try to relax your hands, especially the one holding the yarn.

  • New knitters. Welcome to a wonderful world of color and texture and feel and possibilities. Buy the best. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Ask for advice. Enjoy the process.

  • My advice: be kind to yourself. Embrace mistakes. Enjoy each stitch.

  • My advice to the new knitter is, choose a yarn that inspires. That way a simple pattern becomes a labour of love.

  • My advice to a new knitter is relax and enjoy your knitting. Nothing is perfect apart from the love you put in.

  • Dear knitting newbie. My advice to you is to get a knitting buddy of buddies. They are invaluable, a treasure of support, great sounding board and a hand to hold when needed. My buddies and I knit together every Sunday afternoon and Thursday night via Zoom. No pandemic can keep us apart. 🙂

  • My advice: Trust yourself to figure it out.

  • My advice is remember it is a journey, not a race. Take your time and enjoy, one stitch at a time.

  • Dear new knitter – don’t be so hard on yourself!

  • My advice to new knitters is enjoy the process of knitting. It is relaxing, kind of productive meditation.

  • My advice, don’t get discouraged. No one makes the perfect sweater on their first try. We’ve all made that wonky scarf so give yourself a break.

  • Have a go-to person who will help you fix mistakes and get your stitches back on the needle. Eventually you’ll learn how to do these things yourself, but meanwhile having this person in reserve should allow you to knit on fearlessly!

  • My tip to a new knitter: learn how to knit well. It could be a life-long project, so don’t get discouraged. There is a Master Knitting program, you-tube videos and Elizabeth Zimmerman books. Everything is knit and purl– but oh, what you can do with it! There are some excellent knitters in MDK.

  • Advice to new knitters:Enjoy everything about knitting,including the fabulous array of fibers and colors and community. Remember that, as in meditation, we can always begin again.

  • Just keep knitting. The more you knit, the easier it becomes. You’ll find your comfort zone.

  • My advice would be make sure you learn the basics and practice, practice, practice. Choose projects that won’t overwhelm you And enjoy the process!

  • To the new knitter: Work on relaxing your hands, especially the one holding the yarn. This will drop your shoulders and make stitching easier. Also, there’s no hurry. Take your time and enjoy.

  • Advice for a new knitter: never think ‘I cannot do this pattern”. You can, it just sometimes takes more to do it.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to enjoy the process. You don’t have to be perfect right out of the gate. Accept that and just have fun.

  • Enjoy the journey and be patient with yourself!

  • My advice to new knitters is to always , always, always check your gauge.

  • My advice to new knitters is persevere. Just keep knitting. So many issues from tension to mistakes, solve themselves over time if you practice and persevere.

  • Persistence is key! Keep trying, the effort pays off in smooth tension. Be curious and fearless – you never know what you can do until you try.

  • Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself!

  • My advice to new knitters is learn how to read your own knitting and take a class about learning to fix mistakes as soon as you can. Knowing how to fix mistakes definitely boosts your confidence as a knitter!

  • Beware! It will change your life (in a good way)!

  • My advice to a new knitter: Relax, its supposed to be fun! Start simple to ensure early success, then build on what you have learned.

  • My advice to a new knitter: Let your love, peace and pride flow through each stitch and know that your work is fluid, ever changing, growing and never permanent. Learning and personal growth increases with every “frog” and/or “fix”…. believe this and your knitting will have no boundaries!

  • Patience and open mind

  • Use materials that work well together- some yarns will slide happily over one type of needle and be sticky on another. Use yarn that makes you happy to look at it and feel it. Especially as you start out, if the yarn splits or fuzzes it be frustrating, try another yarn.

  • As a pretty new knitter myself, I can relate to that tension and anxiety you can get worrying you’ll make mistakes you don’t know how to fix – don’t worry! At first, it seems unlikely that knitting will be relaxing, but the more you practice the better you get at realizing you can do it, you can figure out solutions, or find help. The internet is an amazing tool, and knitters near and far will become your community, ready and willing to help and cheer you on!

  • New knitter advice. Choose yarn you really like. You will be more likely to finish what you start.

  • My advice to a new knitter: take your time learning things – from the tension you need to how to in- and decrease to how to finish a project. And even if things go wrong or the end result isn‘t exactly like you wanted it: it‘s a learning curve, and every (mis)step takes you forward.

  • Remember in time you can make something that will be special to someone. This keeps me going until the item it is finished.

  • Have fun. Don’t be afraid to try. The worst that will happen is you have to undo and start over. Start with something small with a few different techniques to keep it interesting, like a hat.

  • My advice to a new knitter, remember it’s only yarn.

  • My new knitter advice: always keep yarn and pattern together when you buy something new. You can even mark the skein tag with the pattern name. That way if you don’t get to it right away you will remember why you bought it in the first place.

  • Read comma to comma and do what it says

  • Read patterns carefully, but don’t overthink things. If it isn’t working, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help (in person or on the internet).Finally, it’s just a bit of string and playing with it is supposed to be fun.

  • My new knitter advice – it’s a process that takes some practice. Don’t be discouraged by having to rip out your work. This is just part of knitting, for new or experienced knitter.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. And don’t fret over a little mistakes, no one will ever look at your project as closely you will.

  • My advice, that I need to remember myself, is to count obsessively. Count stitches, count the repeats, count the rows in the pattern.

  • Dear New Knitter,
    Don’t hesitate to ask for help, to frog your work if it does not please you, or to choose the best yarns that you can afford. It’s also a good idea to experiment and swatch until you understand how knit fabrics are constructed and finished.

  • Don’t compare your work to that of other crafters. We all started out fumbling and making errors but learned from them. Take your time, soak up knowledge from as many sources as your brain can hold, and just do it. You’ve got this!

  • Always finish your row. Don’t stop in the middle!

  • A beautiful completed knitting project does not have to be complicated. It is a combination of yarn, pattern choice and skill. Think of it like cooking – a perfectly executed Summer fresh tomato sandwich takes very little cooking skill but can be the most delicious thing to eat. As a beginner looking for a project remember to 1 – choose something that is solidly within your current skill level; 2 – use the most beautiful yarn in terms of both color and texture; 3 – knit slowly and thoughtfully; knitting is as much about the process as it is about the result. Finally, the more you knit projects where you are completely comfortable the easier it will be to take on things a little out of your comfort zone. Knitters are passionate about their work because knitting is a metaphor for life. Enjoy.

  • My advice to new knitters has always been find a comfortable spot to sit, a cup of coffee, a good audio book and knit! Most of the joy in knitting is the process and the cherry on top is the hand knit gift for yourself or someone else that you have at the end.

  • Dear New Knitter,
    Welcome to a world of creativity and possibilities.

    Enjoy the journey of a project not only the finished piece . Delight in knitting with others. It is with others that we laugh, cry, and develop lasting friendships, learn to fix mistakes and challenge our skills to a new level.

    So, cast on my friend and join in.

  • To new knitters: there are always experienced knitters nearby (online or IRL) to help you out.

  • Keep trying – practicing doesn’t make perfect but it’s so much fun.

  • My advice to a new knitter would be to find a supportive local knitting group. Don’t worry if you can’t afford the more expensive yarns, needles, etc. make lots of swatches, even if you think you won’t need them. Keep knitting, it will get better. Save some of your early work. It will help you see how much progress you make.

  • Buy yarn you love, start small, and build skills. Learn to read your knitting so that you can find mistakes and fix them. Always finish a row if at all possible. Knit every day even if it’s just 5 minutes. Remember that knitting is fun.

  • don’t be afraid to learn new things and try new things.

  • My advice to new knitters – don’t be afraid.

  • New knitters: start with some yarn that is high quality and in colors that you adore. Then, don’t give up!

  • Buy good needles. Be patient with yourself. Enjoy the process as much as the result.

  • Don’t be afraid to mess up, don’t be ashamed of asking for help – knitters are usually lovely – or using umpteen stitch markers, buy the most expensive yarn you can afford (it really does make a difference) and don’t start with a scarf unless you really, really, want a scarf!

  • My advice to a new knitter: don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  • My knitting advice: find a group of knitters to meet regularly with. You’ll learn and be inspired by everyone’s creativity!

  • New Knitter Advice – Knit what interests you. Don’t worry about if you have the experience to do socks or sweaters or whatever else excites you.

  • Start with real wool yarn. It makes such a huge difference in the end product!

  • My advice to a new knitted: Always look at the last couple of rows you have just knitted for mistakes. This will prevent a lot of frogging!

  • Keep a skein of yarn on the needles; doesn’t need to be the good stuff. Knit with this yarn, everyday . Practice new techniques with this yarn. Make mistakes with this yarn and, when you’re ready, fix those mistakes. When you start your first project, warm up with this yarn. Let this yarn take all the abuse.

  • Although I resisted for a long time, swatching is crucial!

  • To the new knitter…always read through the entire pattern before starting any project. Make the swatch if project needs to fit nicely. Use plenty of stitch markers.

  • Watch out for the extra stitch—learn how to start your row without looping the first stitch over your needle. And do some every day until you get a good rhythm going! Find a nice soft, cotton and try a dishcloth first instead of a scarf. Quick to finish and the dishes don’t care. 🙂

  • My advice, everything you make is a dishcloth – start small and square and keep going. Scarf/Shawl/Cowl – long dishcloth, log cabin blanket – lots of dishcloths sewn together, sweater, big dishcloths sewn together. PS log cabin blankets are THE . Portable, easily seen progress, warm and beautiful.

  • Always make more than one test swatches. Gauge will determine whether you are happy or not with your final product

  • Learn to read your knitting……purl stitches vs knit stitches. Get in the habit of looking at your knitting so you catch mistakes earlier rather than later.

  • If you’re a new knitter don’t give up. There are so many different tools out there to help you. Just keep trying. You won’t be disappointed.

  • My advice to a new knitter is join (or form) a knitting group. You learn so much with the casual flow of conversation that comes from a group of people knitting together.

  • New knitters: never, ever think you’re ‘bothering’ or ‘interrupting’ a more experienced knitter with a question. We are thrilled to share info, tips, and tricks. Also to help you fix whatever you did right there. Ask away!

  • Don’t give up. At first, knitting can be challenging. If you need to get up and walk away for a bit, fine, but come back and give it another go.

  • gorgeous yarn! generous giveaway!!!
    advice to new knitter – read thru the instructions & don’t be afraid. Take it a stitch/row at a time. Enjoy!

  • My advice to a new knitter is to be patient. Knitting is just a combination of 2 stitches, but it takes practice. Find a knitting friend to help and inspire you. Don’t give up!

  • Advise to a new knitter: start with a pattern that you looove!

  • My advice is, “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s just knitting!”

  • My advice to a new knitter would be to start with some intro classes and add some experienced knitters to your network. We LOVE the craft and love to help others become addicted as well!

  • My advice for a new knitter is: don’t hold 2 strands of yarn together for your first project and you can always rip back if there’s a mistake.

  • To our new knitters and knitters to be: knitting will become your new meditation, your take everywhere buddy that keeps you company while you wait, your creative daydream when not knitting, and sometimes the first thing you think of when you wake as you look toward your day with anticipation to when you can pick up yarn and needles.

  • Start with a small simple pattern, and have an early success before diving into more complex patterns.

  • Don’t be afraid to try new techniques. You can do anything you want.

  • My advice to new Knitters is start with a small project for instant gratification, one that doesn’t use tiny needles. Like dishcloths.

  • My advice to new knitters is don’t get discouraged. We all make mistakes. Keep on trying, it does get easier.

  • Visit your LYS, get to know the people who work there and the yarns they carry. Everyone loves to help a new knitter. Join a knitting group, even if you’re just, just starting. Read MDK often for inspiration, comfort and incredible tips, and check out their HOW TO section especially. Check out Ravelry, but try not to get overwhelmed. – just surf other people’s projects and the forums for inspiration and reassurance. Enjoy the process.

  • My advice is just to keep going—don’t give up and knitting groups are such fun! Also, stitch markers are really your friend—there are many kinds—-my favorites are small rubber rounds—they make keeping track so much easier.

  • Swatch first! The fabric is different with the different needle choices( bamboo, metal, plastic, etc), and measure for gauge! Then make sure you ask as many questions as you need too! No questions is a “ stupid” one unless it isn’t asked! And , please read they the whole pattern before you start. Taking notes is very beneficial. Like the size you are making, stitch count changes or repeats! As you knit, read your knitting work!
    The most important thing, is to enjoy it! Nothing is a race!

  • My advice to a new knitter is find a mentor, sit alongside and learn, absorb and enjoy.

  • My advice to new knitter is don’t give up! We all started at the same level…knowing very little if anything. Like with everything else, practice makes perfect. Have a sense of humor; learn to laugh, even at yourself. Be patient.

  • Advice to new knitter?
    Remember that every good knitter started out a beginner. Only after experience and practice did they become accomplished Knitters. Be less about the end product and enjoy the process – you are learning with everything you knit whether it turns out or not ;). I also recommend you immerse yourself in the knitting community – your local yarn store (if/when you can safely go), you tube videos, blogs, books, etc. They educate and spark interest, MDK is a perfect exampl. Go back and read their material from the beginning – there’s just so much to learn and be inspired by.

  • Don’t give up with the first snag you hit. Knitting is a beautiful, sometimes complicated art, but once you conquer the first techniques you need to succeed – knit stitch, purl stitch, reading patterns (so important to know and understand what everything means!) – you are on your way to creating a lifetime of joy and pretty things to wear or gift. At least that’s how it is for me. And it’s so therapeutic, too, it helps calm a frazzled mind and don’t we all need that these days?

  • Practice, read everything, practice, ask questions, practice!

  • If you are a newer knitter, choose yarns that bring you joy and feel good in your hands. A smooth yarn with some elasticity, like wool or a wool blend will be easier to achieve a consistent fabric. Once you feel you are confident with your knits and purls, try something with a few more techniques, like increasing and decreasing. The best way to learn new techniques is by knitting a project that has them in it.

  • My advice to a new knitter: Enjoy the process. Enjoy the yarn in your hands. Enjoy learning new techniques. Enjoy experimenting. You can’t break it. It’s just loops of yarn. If it doesn’t come out joy can rip it out and try it again a different way

  • My advice is Youtube is your friend. If you don’t understand a direction, look it up and then find the Youtuber that you find the clearest…there is more than one way to do things.

  • Make knitting a healthy habit by knitting everyday!

  • My advice to new knitters: children’s wear! The sweaters are small, the hats tiny and the mittens are minuscule! You get to practice techniques on a small scale and with not a huge investment of yarn or time. And of course, always remember that knitting is fun!

  • Don’t let yourself get frustrated. Don’t be afraid to go back and fix a mistake. Knitting has a lot of grace and is perfectly imperfect.

  • Welcome to you, new knitter! My advice to you is be patient with yourself at the beginning. You’re beginning a lifelong relationship of love and happiness that you can share with so many others. The joy of creativity is never ending. I would read Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Without Tears and knit swatches. Swatches will save you a lot of grief over things no or fitting. I learned that the hard way!

  • My advice to a new knitter is to start out by pairing your yarn with your pattern. By that I mean follow the pattern recommendations and don’t try to “fudge it” by trying to make something you have on hand work. What I also mean by pairing yarn and pattern is, buy your yarn carefully. It is easy to be taken in by pretty yarn or a sale. You may end up (like I have) with yarn you don’t know what to do with! As you become more experienced, you’ll get to know yarn and can purchase without a pattern in mind.

  • Dear New Knitter: be patient & find space for all the beautiful yarn you will come to collect!

  • My advice for all knitters, including new, is to use the nicest yarn you can afford. It makes knitting so much more enjoyable!

  • Keep knitting. You will get better with every stitch. Challenge yourself. But most of all enjoy!

  • I love the idea of a linen log cabin blanket. Living in Florida I don’t need wool to snuggle up in. I’ve made a log cabin blanket in cotton and I’m working on a mitered square blanket in super wash. It would. Be lovely to win this kit. My advise to a new knitter, start with a throw or laptop. Size. The large blanket takes a lot of knitting. Good luck! Have fun!

  • My advice? Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you know how to knit and purl, you know all you need to make a sweater or a pair of socks. Try a small project in order to teach yourself a new skill. For example: Baby booties to learn principles of sock making.

  • New Knitter Advice: I am new to knitting-stay with it-don’t give up-it’s okay to be okay with imperfections-read through a pattern first-make sure you understand terms (hey, look it up and buy great books)-subscribe to a great website for support (like this one!)-invest in great yarn (feels good, looks great)-take online classes if you don’t have a knit grandma/grandpa/aunty/sister/uncle/brother/mother/father (you get it..)-reward yourself with more yarn, teas, wine (or great coffee)-buy good needles (ask for help and do your research)- Have GREAT FUN!

  • My advice is to enjoy the journey. In my early days of knitting I would find myself tense and gripping needles tightly…just relax and enjoy every stitch. It’s not a race and not a contest, rather it can be a meditative way to spend time.

  • Knit for pleasure and purpose will follow.

  • Knitting is relaxing and once the project is complete you have a lovely handmade gift to share!

  • My advice – dive in! Each project is an opportunity to learn a new skill. Don’t be afraid to try something big – it’s all just a variation on knits and lurks after all. Go for it!

  • My advice is to choose yarn that inspires you! You will (likely) be spending a lot of time with it and using yarn you love helps get you to the finish line and the satisfaction of having made something with your own two hands!

  • Don’t be afraid. Take mistakes in stride. If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t learning! Be bold. Be brave. Read the instructions again. Research. Watch knitting videos. Ask for help before you get too frustrated and throw your knitting across the room! Most of all – ENJOY!

  • My advice to a new knitter: enjoy the journey of your project. Even if you make a mistake, have to frog it (rip it back) and start over the process is the best part of knitting. You’ll see your stitches improve and when you finally bind off you will have something beautiful created with your own two hands.

  • Use the best yarn you can afford, Knit a little each day, and don’t forget you can erase your mistake with a quick FROG!

  • I’ve never tried log cabin knitting but this would be an awesome time to start!

  • I have no advice as I am a new knitter myself. I just keep trying new things to see what works.

  • Choose some nice bamboo needles that the yarn won’t slip off of and some nice quality yarn that feels good in your fingers, something soft.

  • Be brave. That technique that looks complicated- you can do it l!

  • My advice to a new knitter: Don’t be discouraged by not knowing all the little tricks or skills needed for a particular pattern, you can pick these up as you go along. There is a wealth of knowledge via internet, YouTube, or your favorite LYS. Knitting people are always ready to share and help you grow your knowledge and there is nothing like completing a pattern that is just a little bit beyond your skill set or seeing / hearing the excitement in the face/ voice of established knitters who helped. They want you to succeed and enjoy watching you grow as well.

  • Be gentle with yourself just as you (hopefully) would be when learning another skill. Practice often and on a simple pattern you will use. Choose yarn with an inspiring color. Praise yourself often. It’s never too late to start!

  • My advice to a new knitter is to relax and enjoy the learning process. Use yarns that are interesting to you. Find needles that feel good in your hands.

  • There is no “wrong” way to knit if you’re getting the fabric you like. I was taught to knit in a “traditional” method, but was more comfortable holding one needle between my knees (crampy right hand made it necessary and easier) “But that’s completely wrong,” I was told. Been happily knitting (a LOT of knitting) this way since 1980. Find a way, a room, a chair, a friend, to help you with your way to knit. And, have fun!

  • My advice to the new knitter is to start with a small project so that so that you can seek the rewards of your accomplishment and be spurred on to what lies ahead in the world of knitting.

  • My advice to a new knitter: if the pattern’s instructions are too brief write out the pattern in a piece of paper row by row so you can check your repeats easily.

  • Pretty much everything I would say has already been said! I would say, get enough yarn to swatch and keep in mind you might have to knit more than one swatch to get things right. But it will be worth it in the end. And also, learn to read your knitting. It makes identifying and fixing mistakes much easier.

  • Be fearless! Try a new technique or go for a pattern that seems out of your reach. Experiment! It’s only knitting!

  • My advice: if you have to walk away from your knitting in the middle of a row, assuming you’re working from right to left the yarn you’re working with should be on your right hand needle when you pick it up again.

  • Dear new knitter, First of all welcome to the knit community! If you stick with knitting you will find yourself creating wonderful beautiful knitted items for yourself and loved ones. Nothing beats the feeling of joy when someone asks Did you knit that and you reply yes! While the admirer is cooing over your knitted item. Remember it’s a journey not a sprint. I recently chatted with a friend that I had introduced knitting to years ago who said she wished she had stuck with knitting. She felt that knitting would have brought her comfort during this time in her life. So join us on the knitting journey it’s totally worth it and remember we have your back.

  • My advice: Keep on keeping on. My frustration was waiting to be with someone to help me fix a mistake before I could proceed with my project. I live about 45 minutes from my LYS too. So best advice and best thing I ever did for myself was to learn how to fix my mistakes. I took a class initially which set me on the road to recovery from knit-less evenings. I love knitting so much now and can enjoy the relaxation of picking up a work in process (I have many!) And another tip: treat yourself with nice yarn…it is so worth it! Enjoy!!!

  • My advice to new knitters: do what the pattern says; not what you think the pattern says. And don’t give up

  • New knitter-You have a wealth of knowledge available…don’t be overwhelmed…the joy is what goes on right in front of you as you see yarn become fabric that you created.

  • New knitters should never be afraid to try. Knitting is fun and stretches skills and builds knowledge, so dive in! If you’re tempted to try something, do it! You’ll learn in the process and gain confidence to try the next thing.

  • My advise is, don’t be intimidated by a project. If you want to knit a sweater as your first project, go for it. I did. When I started knitting I tried to learn something with each project. Really you just have to do it. If you mess up, you mess up. You can always knit it again. Like the saying says, I have learned more from my mistakes than my successes. Happy knitting!

  • My advice to a new knitter: use nice yarn, even as a beginner. Knitting is about the process as much as it is about the finished project. Lovely yarn is worth the extra money!

  • My advice is to enjoy the process. Try new techniques, try different yarns and needles.

  • For new knitters – don’t be afraid to try new techniques and color combinations. Wear what you knit! If knitting for someone else, get their input. Swatch when fit matters. 🙂

  • What a glorious giveaway! I don’t know if this is open worldwide but I’ll join in with all the wonderful advice to a new knitter. New knitter – believe that a tension square is a very good idea and make friends with other knitters if you are able to ( in person or online) so that you can share any problems and celebrate all your progress and creations.

  • My advice, start with a garter stitch scarf. My first knit was an argyle sweater and I almost gave up! I was 10 and was learning how from a library book. Forty years later it’s my fave hobby and I’m glad I didn’t quit.

  • Dear New Knitter:
    Wooden needles are a little easier to learn with, as they are “stickier” and you’ll be less likely to drop stitches.
    If you have the fortitude to do so, leave the mistakes and move forward, as trying to make your first project perfect will most likely drive you nuts. Your primary objective at first is to develop muscle memory.
    And last but not by any means least, life lines are a game changer!!
    Happy knitting,

  • Start w a cowl – it’s round so it eliminates the complexity changing stitches or sides and allows you to focus on the basic stitch. Also it’s small so you get faster gratification of your first FO!

  • I am a new knitter and love reading advice and ideas from more experienced knitters.

  • There is no mistake that can’t be fixed!

  • My advise to a new knitter is to be careful because you will buy lots and lots of yarn. It’s somewhat addicting and you will develop a great stash like the rest of us. So what to do if this happens to you! It’s called stash busting! You will find help on sites like MDK, Ravelry, U Tube, yarn shops, Retreats and tons of other places out in the world. Meet lots of knitters who can help you cope with all this beautiful, fantastic bit of yummy treasures that will make you sooo happy. Lastly just hold dear to your knitting heart that we are all in this together.

  • My advice is look at your knitting to be assured you are following the pattern correctly. Also, don’t be afraid to TINK(knit backwards). I do not yet feel confident enough to just rip back and pick up stitches myself. Being able to read stitches comes with time, be patient. At least that is what I keep telling myself!

  • My advice: don’t be afraid to pull something out and start over if you think you can make it better. Enjoy the process as much as the product.

  • Follow your heart, trust your judgement and don’t point out your mistakes.

  • My advice to new knitters: There’s no rush; it takes time to develop muscle memory. At first, handling the needles and yarn will feel awkward and cumbersome but in time you will find the knitting method that best suits your hands. Breathe, relax and enjoy the journey!

  • Be patient, keep at it, embrace your mistakes—that’s how you learn.

  • Use decent medium weight yarn, not too fat, not too thin, not too slippery, not too sticky.
    Use decent needles.
    Don’t make a scarf, everyone starts with a scarf. They’re boring.
    Relax. Know that you may laugh about this project in a few years.
    Try to knit a bit every day. It’s not like the movies: Love of knitting isn’t instantaneous. It takes time.

  • My advice is swatch, swatch and swatch again enjoy getting to know your yarn before you start your project. Also a lifelines is your friend‼️

  • My advice to a new knitter…be a bit selfish if you want to be. Once friends and family see your creations, many may ask if you “could make them” something. Don’t be pressured into it. Do it only if you wish to. Many people don’t understand the amount of time, cost and effort that goes into knitting that shawl or creating that sweater.

  • Choose a color that makes you drool and a touch that is like butter.

  • Enjoy the process of making your own fabric.

  • My advice to a new knitter is that even experienced knitters make mistakes in their work. The only way you learn how to fix mistakes is by making them! So just stay calm if it happens. They are a lot easier to fix while you are calm 🙂

  • The advice I got as a new knitter- have a glass of wine. Relax. Be patient.

  • Don’t become discouraged by what you don’t know yet. There are thousands of techniques and stitches. You will always be in the process of learning new skills, so have fun!!!

  • Take your time. Go slowly. And have fun!

  • Welcome new knitter! I print out my more complicated patterns, and put them in a clear sheet protector. I can then use dry erase markers to mark the different sections of the pattern. After cleaning, I put the pattern in a 3 ring binder. Save your pattern and tutorials to a file. Get yourself cute stitch markers, scissors, row counters, etc. Enjoy the process and your finished work of art!

  • Don’t be intimidated by socks !! They are a great small project

  • My Advice is: start with a small project and see it through. Although the sweaters we see are beautiful, start with something that you will finish and take pride in your work.

  • It is so rewarding to see someone you care about wrapped in something you knit for them.

  • Always try to finish the row before you put your knitting down.

  • Ever since I read this article this week I’ve been wanting to share it with every new knitter in the world!!!! Every knitted fabric in creation is so much nicer when made with this little tidbit of information!!!

  • Dear New Knitter! Relax! Enjoy! Don’t compare your skill level to others. You will build your skills slowly, stitch by stitch. As long as you love knitting, you are a good knitter. You will make mistakes, lots of them. We all did and we all still do. But we and we keep on knitting. Read your instructions all the time and ask for help. Best of luck! Oh, and enjoy!

  • My advice to a new knitter: Invest in a stitch dictionary and just play! Once you get knits and purls down, try a cable. They are so easy and you will feel like a rock star. if you knit for someone else, even a dishcloth, make sure they are knitworthy…meaning…they will appreciate all of the love your poured into each stitch.

  • My advice – start with good fibre. Merino wool, alpaca, silk (maybe not silk to start…) But good fibre. Don’t start with something cheap. It won’t feel good, you won’t like it, and it will taint your first impression of a soothing art. Start with something good – a small skein to make something small, to get the feeling of a plush fibre, It will make you want to come back for more.

  • Kenny Rogers: know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em. There are mistakes that are “individualized design features” and others that you can’t live with. Like life, good knitting is cared for, but not always perfect.

  • My advice? Join Ravelry: the most wonderful resource and community.

  • Relax, and listen to your needles. It will bring peace and comfort.

  • Start with something small so that you have the joy of a finished product sooner than later.

  • Advice to a new knitter: It doesn’t need to look perfect. If you wanted something that was perfect, you could just buy a pair of socks or that sweater. Your mistakes just prove that it was handmade and that’s amazing!

  • I think of knitting as process more than product….makes it easier to change projects to match my situation (can I pay attention and count, or does it have to be more automatic?). And I ALWAYS (well, I have learned to always) package new yarn purchases with a note/copy of the intended pattern or use before I put it away, often with the needles and other tools I might need work with. I use bread bags….

  • My advice is to knit everyday. The more you do it the better you become.

  • The right tools make a world of difference. Don’t skimp on getting great needles. It makes the process so much more enjoyable. Try lots of different kinds to find the ones that make you happy to knit. Also don’t skimp on good yarn. You are spending a tremendous amount of time and effort to make your project and you want it to last and feel wonderful so use a lovely yarn. It will feel wonderful each stitch you create on your favorite needles.

  • My advice for a new knitter is to find a group! There is usually one at your local knitting store or through a community class. Often there may be a group that meets at the library! They will encourage, support, (enable!!), and teach you!

  • My advice to a new knitter is love the yarn you choose for a project, you will get frustrated, but don’t let it defeat you and try and knit everyday!

  • Make sure you start with something that matches your skill level. If it is too difficult it will only become frustrating and not enjoyable. Knitting should make you happy!

  • My advice to a new knitter is to relax and enjoy the process of knitting. Pick a couple of yarn colors that make you really happy, and concentrate on your stitches. Sooner than you think, you will like what you see under your needles. Learn how to fix your mistakes. Most importantly ask for help when you need it. Nothing flatters an experienced knitter more than helping a new knitter.

  • Read the pattern several times before diving in research new teqniques I’ve frogged many a project when I realized I misread the pattern!

  • Knit like the wind. Let your heart (and hands) take you where you want to go. Knit like there’s nobody’s watching. Own it and just have fun!

  • Don’t be to ambitious with your first project

  • My advise to a new knitter. Relax and be patient. Take chances, don’t be afraid to try something new.

  • Read through your directions completely before starting to knit. It is like looking over your route for a big road trip before starting the car. That way you have a base for your project and may prevent time and frustration caused by ripping out rows and rows. BUT, the most important tip is to relax and enjoy! When you become comfortable with knitting, teach someone else to knit.

  • Dear Lovely New Knitter! Enjoy! Relax! Breathe! Don’t compare your skill level to others. You are doing just great. Stitch by stitch you will learn. You will make mistakes, we all do. But as long as you enjoy knitting you are a good knitter. Read your instructions lots of times and ask for help! Big love!

  • New knitter advice? BREATHE. Through the whole process. I know it’s not easy, but it is not life or death.

  • My advice is to try things you think you can’t do. You may have to rip it out a time or two, but with help from instructional videos or your LYS, you will be able to do it. And then you’ll know how forever. Rinse and repeat!

  • My advice is that when you are frustrated and tired and can’t seem to get it right, walk away and come back the next day or a few hours later. It will all go better

  • New Knitters just remember patience is a virtue and worth it

  • . Relax and be patient. Take chances, don’t be afraid to try something new.

  • Just keep knitting!!

  • Have fun. Find a knit night or a friend to be with you until you get the hang of it. It takes time to get the hang of it, but it is so worth it!

  • My advice to a brand new knitter is to just keep knitting until your stitches even out and extra yarn overs don’t spontaneously occur. It takes time for muscle memory to occur, so be patient with yourself and the process. You can always pull it out and knit it again if you don’t want to keep what you’ve knitted.

  • I would advise new knitters not to get caught up in speed knitting or trying to knit complicated patterns too soon. Take it slow and enjoy the process. Look at the stitches and how they join together to make a fabric. When you try a new stitch, really look at it so you will recognize it going forward. Also, learn the properties of different types of yarn and how each can make your finished item look very different. It can be very discouraging to see IG posts showing how fast someone knit a sweater or shawl but remember the soothing process of knitting is as thrilling as wearing your finished item.

  • New Knitters remember “patience is a virtue” and it will be worth the effort in the end

  • Yes, you really do need to take the time to knit a gauge swatch, especially when you’re knitting a garment that needs to fit correctly. I know you’re excited to get started, but this swatch will save you heartache later and make your finished product look so much better in the end!

  • Consider errors/mistakes as new learning experiences, finishing techniques as skill builders. Keep a positive view and eventually you will enjoy weaving in ends, learning different ways of correcting mistakes. I now find weaving in ends relaxing, fixing errors exciting since I now treat them as skill builders.

  • Take some time to learn about how fiber content effects the way that yarn behaves.

  • My advice as a fairly new knitter: don’t be afraid to dive into a first or second project that seems too challenging (my first was a sweater). But do the gauge, pause and do a simpler project if you need to, and be patient with yourself (if you can’t be patient with your choices! ).

  • I have made it a habit to start my day with MDK articles and I love each and every article and video. I have learned a lot about knitting and I am working on making my gauge steady and learning new techniques. So many ideas are in the snippets, it is difficult to decide which project to start with. I enjoyed meeting knit designers and reading opinions on current events. I am hooked on MKD.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to not be discouraged when something doesn’t go right. It part of the learning process. I have frogged a project and started over several times and I learned something important when it happened.

  • God gives us the ability to create with our hands and our marvelous brains. Enjoy the process and have patience. In today’s time there are so many resources for learning. Use good quality yarn and materials; it will make a difference. Lastly remember this is suppose to be fun and not a race. Enjoy your knitting.

  • My advise…..don’t be afraid to frog your work! Every person in every project has a stitch, a yarn/over, a_____, that they don’t like. Rip it out, make the fix and you will love your work! I wish I had learned to be comfortable doing this years ago.

  • A life line was game changer when I was a new knitter. By using this I no longer had to start over if I made a mistake.

  • Advice for beginners: read all patterns carefully, don’t be afraid to rip out, gauge is important.

  • Knitters are one of the most welcoming and helpful folks around. Everyone remembers their knitting journey – the time and energy it takes to feel comfortable and confident. We are always willing to encourage and assist- if asked.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to keep practicing until you have established your tension. It takes time to develop a beautiful stitch.

  • Practice makes perfect. Just keep on knitting. Making and fixing your mistakes is just part of the overall process. And sometimes a mistake just makes your piece unique and solely yours. Enjoy.

  • My advice is to enjoy the process. Learn to rip things out and experiment. Don’t take it too seriously.

  • Advice to new knitter – go slow, never knit when you’re tired or drinking.

  • My advice to a new knitter, check your gauge and learn about the yarn so you don’t end up saying ” what was I thinking”. Have fun !

  • Dear Newby, Read the pattern thoroughly before you begin. Experiment with the best tools to find the best partner for your yarn. Learn to use circular needles right away! Read MDK daily!

  • My advice to a new knitter is to just keep on knitting. Make use of your Local Yarn Store for assistance. You Tube videos can also help. Don’t forget about the great resource Snippets provides, giving detailed instruction and encouragement. I would also encourage the purchase of good needles, ones that feel good in your hands and are not too big or too small, probably in the size 5 to 8 range. I prefer circular as they can be used in a variety of applications and are comfy to use while curled up in a chair. I also encourage the use of a good, sturdy, not too fluffy wool. It it not necessary to buy the most expensive wool out there, but starting with something good will produce a finer end product and one may be less likely to abandon a project that they’ve invested a little cash in.

  • One tip for a new knitter is to always mark the spot in your pattern where you’ve placed a lifeline. That way you know where to start if you need to rip out a section. I learned that one from a bad experience!

  • check you gauge, knit a little bit everyday, read the whole pattern before you start! enjoy every minute

  • I encourage new knitters to simply enjoy the process – to enjoy holding the yarn and needles – and then to relax because knitting can be a journey and not meant for worrying over perfection.

  • my advice to a new knitter: relax! hold the needles loosely and don’t make the stitches too tight. you’ll hurt your hands and struggle to work stitches if you start off knitting too tight.

  • My advice – just go for it – you learn so much by going for a new challenging project. And visit your LYS!

  • Don’t fret over mistakes!

  • All the best advice is already here, so just keep reading MDK and enjoy being part of the knitting community.

  • Like anything else the more you knit the more proficient you become. It is a craft, learning each day.

  • Advice to a new knitter…Be patient. Read directions. Take a class if you can. I was taught to knit by my aunt. Thought I knit pretty well after 50 years but learned a lot from a class on making knit animals.

  • I am a novice knitter- hoping to hear suggestions and words of wisdom! I am learning so much from my fellow knitters and the on going education at MDK- Thanks!

  • My advice to you, dear new knitter—-enjoy the process. As my mother used to say “knitting is not a race, don’t rush it, enjoy.”
    So, work with good yarn, natural fibers, and enjoy the tactile experience, put good thoughts into your stitches—-and your sweaters and gifts will all carry meaning.

  • Dear New Knitter, Yes, do start knitting!! It’s one of the best things you will ever do for yourself. Start with an inexpensive yarn but the best needles you can afford. Learn the knit and purl stitch and just *knit* every day a few rows or a few inches or more. Feel you fingers, hands and body relax with the repetition of each stitch. Breathe deep. Take joy in your new skill that is the same that generations before you have used.

  • Dish cloths are great practice items for beginning knitters… even if mistakes they still work great and last for years!

  • Find a community of knitters. Maybe at a shop or community center – knitting groups are there. You will meet people who are open with their knowledge, generous with their compliments, and just plain fun. You will learn that there is no one way to knit, and how to correct mistakes without tears. You will be inspired and supported. And they might have cookies!

  • Dear New Knitter,

    Welcome to a new craft that can bring you enjoyment for the rest of your life. If you join knitting groups, whether in real life or online, it can help you find new friends. In the ebb and flow of life, there may be times when you have more time and sometimes less time for knitting and that’s okay – knitting will always be something you can come back to. Don’t worry if you make mistakes (we all do), that’s part of learning, and you can always rip them out and fix them.


  • `I already subscribe to snippets 🙂
    my advice to a new knitter is to visit a LYS, and let them guide you

  • If you have to rip out a project because of a mistake, look at this as a bonus situation: you get to knit your lovely yarn extra time. Just enjoy making one stitch at a time.

  • My advice is to slow down. Knitting is not a competitive sport. With so many talented knitters cranking out a lot of projects and showing them on social media, it’s hard to not caught up in wanting to knit fast and make all the things. There are a lot of fast knitters out there, and maybe one day you’ll be one. But start slow and enjoy the process.

  • Breathe, relax and stretch and shake out your hands every now and then. Knitting is just making loops inside of loops. Let the needles and the yarn do the work and enjoy the feeling of the yarn and needles in your hands. If the work can’t slide on the needles easily loosen up a bit – your hands will thank you! Have fun!

  • Gorgeous!

  • a new knitter needs patience, and the help of a LYS

  • Welcome new knitters! All of the advice given here is excellent. I would add be patient, and persistent. Enjoy the journey, and relax.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to give yourself grace and be patient as you’re learning. Remember that it can take weeks, months, or even years to get to a place where you really feel confident taking on any challenge. Try to focus on enjoying the process and never stop learning!

  • My advice for a new knitter: bamboo needles! The friction helps your stitches stay on the needles and you will save yourself a lot of frustration if you start with them. Also, have patience with yourself and your knitting.

  • Take your time. There’s no rush. Ask for help from others. Enjoy the adventure.

  • My advice is start simple and you will succeed ……you’ll get to the more complicated stuff later ❤️

  • hi, I still have lots to learn, the knitting community offers so much help and try small projects to avoid getting discouraged, toddler mitts don’t have thumbs! 🙂

  • My advice? Learn how to tink, the valuable skill of unknitting. You will have little boo-boos along the way (we all do!) and unknitting is essential to go back – fix – and take off again!

  • My advice to a new knitter is FIND A GOOD TEACHER!

  • 1. Don’t give up, READ MDK SNIPPETS, 2. subscribe to the series of pamphlets describing the best techniques to use. RELAX-, get your needles and yarn ready……… Cast on!

  • My new knitter advice, find some yarn that doesn’t split easily and then knit with friends or a knitting group (after COVID goes away). You can learn so much from others!

  • New Knitters – Once you learn how to knit and purl there’s no stopping you! Go for that sweater…call a friend or go online for help. Yes, really, other knitters want to help you.

  • Advice to a new knitter – conquer your fears. For 30 years, I didn’t try to knit a sweater because I’d convinced myself that I couldn’t when I tried to knit one for my daughter when she was a baby. This was a fear that I personally conquered only late last year and have since knit 6 beautiful sweaters. If you’re afraid of any technique, try it anyway. The beauty of knitting is that you can tear back or even frog it completely and try again. Also, don’t worry if you have a few little booboos. Trust me…no one will see them and even if they do, those little mistakes can be the earmark that’s says I MADE THIS MYSELF.

  • Knit with good yarn from your local yarn shops.

  • My advice is to focus on and enjoy the process and, eventually, you will end up with products that you love.

  • Dear New Knitter, you are wisely choosing a craft that you will enjoy forever! Knitting offers new challenges and pleasures in every project. Don’t hesitate to ask others for help when you need it. You Tube offers many excellent tutorials.

  • My advice for new knitters: knit with the best yarn you can afford. Life is too short to knit with harsh fibers. You will enjoy your knitting much more and love what you make.

  • My advice to a new knitter would don’t be discouraged and be easy about ripping out your knitting if you make a mistake or don’t like how it looks. Learn how to fix mistakes and realize it’s all part of the process.

  • Take the time to nail down an evenly-tensioned stockinette fabric. This will improve the quality of everything else you knit.

  • To the new knitter, that project might not look like much, but somewhere along the line, something you make will be a treasure. I talked to a girl who kept one of her neighbors COTTON DISHRAGS wrapped in tissue to protect it!

  • As a beginner myself, I encourage new knitters to use good quality materials in colors they like. For me, getting to use a nickel-plated needle was a game changer, as it is easier to slide my yarn. If you don’t want to spurge on a new needle, thrift stores have pleasant surprises. As for the yarn, make sure you like the color(s) and feel of the fiber. Even the discount rack at the big box store has choices. Ooh-and for your first few projects, consider not using a single-ply yarn, which (at least for me) tends to split more easily.

  • Have been hesitant to attempt this blanket. I keep coming back to it. Would so love to win the kit as I love rowen yarns. Having the kit would help me take the plunge into log cabin designs

  • Start with something small to learn and practice. So many beginner kits are scarves. Those go on forever! Learning on small projects (I love dishcloths) can keep it fun.

  • Make mistakes and learn from them.

  • My advice to new knitters – join the knitting community! Go on Ravelry, join a knitting group, take classes (even now there are many available now), ask questions of others. Knitters are among the most generous when it comes to sharing information, helping others…just don’t grab someone else’s yarn!

  • Don’t be afraid to frog!

  • Wash clothes are a great opportunity to try out different stitches and stitch combinations – millions of possibilities!

  • 1. Read MDK every day.
    2. Join Ravelry, check out patterns and communities There.
    3. Tune into your new connections with women (and men) all over the world and across history who are part of the Great Knitting Circle.

  • My advice to a new knitter:

    Cheer for yourself the way you would encourage a six year old with her first bike. Self-talk is powerful stuff!
    Second, make friends with other knitters. Chat up other knitters you cross paths with at parks, on the train, etc.
    Third, do a tiny bit, a few rows, every single day….progress will soon be visible and that is a great morale boost to any knitter!

  • Swatch

  • For new knitters: try to enjoy and appreciate the process of the knitting as much as the final product. Even if I don’t like or even finish the project, I’m always glad for the relaxing time the process provided.

  • Believe in yourself. Very few things in knitting are as difficult as they look.

  • Don’t hurry to get “finished”. Enjoy the process of knitting. If you don’t you’ll get frustrated by the amount of time it takes to get to the end. And swatch, swatch, swatch!

  • Advice to a new knitter… take your time and try to learn something new in each project. Don’t forget to swatch
    Missellen. Rav

  • My advice to a new knitter – Don’t get discouraged when you make mistakes. Even the same mistake repeatedly. Knitting is a new skill for your brain as well as your eyes and hands. Eventually the bits and pieces of knits and purls will make sense.

  • Spit splicing! If you use wool, you can avoid weaving in ends. I hate weaving in ends! Just use some spit and the heat of your hands to fuse the new yarn to old. Give more of yourself with each finished object too!

  • I have met the most wonderful friends by joining a knitting group. We meet weekly and it has been the best therapy. Occasionally we add a glass of wine. Happy knitting!i

  • If you don’t think the fabric looks good, embrace the ability to create it again until you are happy. The possibilities are endless.

  • Relax! This is supposed to be fun!

  • It’s okay to to rip out what your done and start over. There’s nothing wrong with trying again.

  • My advice: learn to read your knitting. Count your stitches, count your rows, use locking stitch markers or loops of scrap yarn to help identify pattern repeats or cable cross rows.

  • Find a beautiful yarn and start knitting. You don’t need complicated patterns to make something you’ll love. If you do want to try something more complicated, maybe use an inexpensive yarn while becoming familiar the pattern, like making a muslin before using expensive fabric in sewing. Find a supportive group or take a couple of private lessons. Don’t be intimidated! Like everything, it’s a matter of practice, but most of all have fun!!

  • Read through the entire pattern before starting.

  • I AM sort of a new knitter and I learned to knit…socks! My first pair was too small and I still have no idea how to fix them, BUT – my advice? Learn to read your knitting, meaning “that’s a knit stitch” and oh, “that’s a purl stitch”, and the right side and wrong side of your knitting. I never get lost anymore and those two pieces of advice have been INVALUABLE!

  • New knitter advice comes from the Amish about quilting. Only God is perfect, so mistakes stay. I leave the small mistakes and sometimes do them again for symmetry, or a design element. Unless the mistake would mess up the whole project, fixing it would be chasing perfection, and frustration.

  • My advice for a new knitter: If you make a mistake but don’t drop a stitch, just embrace your unique feature & move on- my perfectionist self insisted on frogging everything- Knitting is a learning process & your accomplishments will grow- enjoy!

  • My advice to a new knitter: Don’t compare yourself to other knitters. Knit to satisfy yourself. It is a wonderful way to relax and justify watching (often mindless) TV- and you usually will have a finished product- whether it is a washcloth, pair of socks, or a sweater. Be brave, but have fun.

  • I’d love to win this!!

  • My advice to a new knitter:
    1. Never be afraid to unravel what isn’t working (do overs are allowed).
    2. Don’t slouch.
    3. Knit with others. You will learn things you wouldn’t have thought about. And it’s more fun!

  • My advice to a new knitter is the same excellent advice that was given to me by my knitting guru (yep, I have one of those). You will mess up! Everyone messes up. You have to be patient with yourself. It’s ok to rip back. Just put your knitting in a bag, stick in the freezer and walk away. Come back when you’re not tired and ready to tackle it. Best advice I every got!

  • It’s ok to start a new project before you finish the current one. It’s ok to have 6 or more projects on the needles. It’s ok to buy more yarn when you haven’t finished your six projects on the needles! It’s ok to read knitting blogs to start the day AND to listen to knitting podcasts while you walk the dogs.

  • Don’t be afraid to put your needles down and take a break from time to time. Just make sure you take good notes about where you left off!

  • New knitter advice: start with small projects that can morph as you go. A 6th grader was learning to knit and wanted to make a scarf for her dog. Part way through she became frustrated at her pace so we looked at what she had done and turned it into a small pillow for her pet. She had a finished item and was not frustrated so was happy to start a new project.

  • Advice for a new knitter: Just relax. Enjoy the process and enjoy the feel of the yarn. And don’t get upset with yourself if you make mistakes. All knitters make mistakes no matter their experience.

  • My advice would be to knit a little everyday and keep trying new things.

  • My advice to a new knitter: knot what you want, what makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

  • Make your first project a baby item on a medium size needle, size 8 using a worsted weight yarn. It is easier to count stitches and you see your end result sooner.

  • Read the whole pattern through before you start to get a sense of it, but don’t get hung up on the details – it *will* make sense when you come to it 🙂

  • My advice to a new knitter is to get someone to help you cast on and join in the round and from there just knit a cowl. Using just the knit stitch you can practice and in the end you’ll have a more interesting finished object than a scarf and you will be encouraged to try some new knitting project.

  • New Knitter-enjoy your journey. Knitting is not intended to be hard-it’s what you “make” of it. Be patient with yourself and revel in your creations.

  • If you’re having any trouble understanding the technique of using the needles and yarn together, try a children’s knitting instructional book! That’s where it all started for me.

  • New knitters: Don’t give up! Watching your project turn into a shawl, a pair of socks, or a sweater is an amazing feeling. Find someone who can help you navigate through the process will be helpful. Knitting will become your new passion if you let it.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to practice, practice practice, and to seek out help sooner rather than later. Figure out how you learn best (audio, visual, hands on) and use that method, online or in person, and allow yourself to not be perfect at first. And, choose glorious (single color) yarn right from the start!

  • As a new knitter myself I say don’t give up! It looks great!! And you will get better.

  • My advice? Give yourself permission — and time! — to learn. Knitting is a simple process that is endlessly variable. Start with the best yarn you can afford and make something you love. And on and on. Also: never stop learning!

  • My advice: don’t start with mohair! My first project was a mohair scarf and it was almost my last!

  • Join a knitting group! They are very supportive and make it fun to learn.

  • Always try something that seems hard. When you complete you should be proud of the new things you have learned.

  • To the newly initiated knitter…take it slowly, whether following a pattern or freely and fully creating your own expression through fiber, and enjoy the lifelong journey of this so very useful art form.

  • Dear new knitter, always use yarn that grabs your eye, speaks to your heart, brings joy to your senses. You’ll love your project—no matter how big or small–during its making, and for years afterward. I still have the first scarf and socks I knitted! Welcome from all the fiberistas, across the globe and across the centuries! You’re joining a warm, friendly, knowledgeable community. 🙂

  • Don’t give up. YouTube has so much helpful information.

  • Find someone, a friend or someone at your local yarn shop, who can help you if you need to fix a mistake. You may have to pay for this help depending on the problem, but it is worth it. Peace of mind comes with knowing you’ll have help if your knitting goes wrong.

  • My advice to a new knitter (and often still to myself) is “try it if yo like it”. There are very few knitting things you can’t figure out if you read the instructions carefully and pay attention. Also, there is a great community of helpers in real life and the virtual world.

    Thank you MDK.

  • My advice, throw fear to the wind, the wonder of knitting is it can always be pulled out/ripped back without any harm done, a rare thing!

  • My new knitter advice is to never be afraid. That is one of the glories of knitting you can always take it out (ok maybe mohair not so much.) And be patient with your self; Rome wasn’t built in a day!

  • Enjoy the process!

  • My advice to a new knitter: Don’t be too hard on yourself when you have to tear something back. I feel it’s part of the process sometimes. Be gentle on yourself during your learning process.

  • Advice to a new knitter: Invest time in learning good finishing and blocking techniques. Knowing there is a way to “save” a project that starts out looking wonky has encouraged me to persevere many a time, achieving a happy result.

  • Build your stash! You never know when there will be a pandemic!

  • My advice for a new knitter is to knit sling with the pattern and not read ahead unless it specifically tells you to. You will be surprised how successful you are by really following the instructions using the recommended wool and needles. Experiment with other wool and design once your project is completed. Swatching is very important for stitch gauge too!

  • My advice for a new knitter is to start a record keeping system right off the bat so you can keep track of the yarns you love, patterns ( with gauge info ).

  • Dear New Knitter,
    I just started myself (in the last 5 years a short time in a knitter’s life). Knitting is so simple and complex at the same time. From a simple series of beautifully made knots, you can make a beautiful well engineered garment, accessory etc. As you begin realize how you are creating a new fabric from pulling together completely different strands to make something new. If you do need to pull it apart you are only gaining because you are enjoying the same yarn more than once! As you begin reach out to as many knitters as you can. Those are the most interesting and beautiful fabric of all!

  • New knitters: learning to knit is maybe not relaxing but once you learn, knitting will be one of your best companions through good times and bad!

  • Learning to knit is, to me, like learning to read. It’s a friend you always have with you. Good times and bad, exciting or dull. Sometimes you get angry with it and don’t speak for a while, but then it’s waiting for you when you’re over it. Just enjoy the ride!

  • To the new knitter: read the whole pattern first. It helps to have an overview and know how its constructed. There have been times I jump in and then realize I missed an important part. Needle size, cast-on type and so forth.

  • My advice: enjoy the process but take the time to learn to read your knitting, it willl save hours of frustration

  • My advice is to go ahead and use that beautiful skein of yarn—don’t just save it for some future project when you are a more experienced knitter. You can always reclaim that yarn later, but most likely you will enjoy the special piece you made.

  • Find a knitting buddy – source of support to keep you going – a neighbor, a local yarn shop, an online resource – keep going, there is always a way through a knitting challenge! Breathe and enjoy!

  • New Knitters, create a space in several rooms in your house to knit. Different projects can require a quiet room, some are good for knitting in front the TV, some you take outdoors on pretty days. Leave your knitting out; you won’t pick it up if you are too tidy.

  • My advice is be patient. Use stitch markers to break up repeats. Write everything down so you know what you have done. Put in a lifeline-and write it down!

  • My advice to the new knitter is don’t be afraid to try new things. You learn the most interesting techniques that way.

  • My advice to new knitters is to spend the extra money for nice yarn because you spend a lot of time on a project and you get a nicer product in the end as well as it feels so much nicer in your hands. Also don’t get discouraged. When you’re feeling frustrated, put it down and come back to it when you’re in a better frame of mind. Eventually, you’ll have multiple projects and knit every day!!

  • As a relatively new knitter I would say to anyone else just starting out, “it’s all good!”
    Seriously, nothing is easy when you first start. I’ve taken the same project fully apart 3 times, once after being about ¾ of the way done. No shame in being a beginner, no shame is making mistakes, no shame in asking for help, no shame in taking a break.
    Even the worlds fastest marathon runner at one time was just learning to walk.

  • My advice, as a new knitter, to a new knitter: see, feel, dream.

  • Have no fear. Knit things you love, even if they seem like they’d be too hard. There are so many resources out there to help you along, that you’ll be able to solve any problem and meet every challenge.

  • Enjoy the process…from choosing quality yarn in a color that makes you happy and feels wonderful in your hands all the way to the finished project.
    Knitting can be a lifelong journey of learning and community!

  • My advice to a new knitter is to start with a pattern and yarn that you really like (don’t start with a scarf just because it’s “easy” if you don’t want a scarf.) Knitting something you want will help motivate you to keep going and you will enjoy the process and the results!

  • Remember that adage about a bad haircut, “it’s just hair, it will grow?” Same thing with knitting mistakes! There’s always a do-over. So fear not, new knitters! Give it a go!

  • Buy yarn you actually like and not just what’s on sale. When I first took on more complicated projects (something other than a scarf), I was afraid of messing up. I didn’t want to invest a bunch of money in the yarn I was using, so I would try to buy something cheap or on sale. I’m still a bit of a penny pincher, so I’m not saying you have to use expensive yarn. But it is worth it to use yarn that feels nice and is a color you love, etc. Some of my first bigger projects came out pretty decent considering, but I don’t wear them because the yarn choice wasn’t ideal or I didn’t really like it knit up. The idea that I could rip something out and reuse the yarn never crossed my mind.

  • Stick with it because your skills will grow and it is so satisfying to make something you can wear or use. Also, don’t be afraid to try something a little more complicated.

  • New Knitters, dare to make mistakes! Lean in to knitting errors; you can learn a lot from fixing mistakes.

  • Start with a smaller project that won’t take months to finish, and use colors you like!

  • My advice to the new knitter: don’t worry that you make mistakes. We all make mistakes. But learn how to fix them, and more importantly, how to prevent them next time (stitch markers and sticky notes are my best friends!)

  • Embrace the learning curve—it levels out and knitting becomes easier and meditative. Mistakes happen, you will learn how to fix them or frog them.

  • My advice to a new knitter is practice, practice, practice and it will get easier…and even fun and relaxing! Surround yourself with others who love to knit and find a good mentor to guide you.

  • Relax and practice!! That means keep knitting, lots of different things. Keep at it!!

  • Buy the best yarn and tools you can afford, make no apologies on whatever it is. Find a knitting friend and just keep trying. I’ve made my best friends at knitting groups.

  • It’s not a race. Find a comfy spot, settle in with a beverage and start in. Make sure your yarn feels nice in your hands. Just keep going until it feels natural. PS. It’s ok if your tongue sticks outside the side of your mouth in concentration.

  • Take your time and enjoy each stitch.

  • My advice is to use a yarn you love, needles that feel good to you (size up to a larger needle if you feel your knitting is too tight in the beginning) and enjoy the process, not just the end goal. Knitting is fun!

  • Play with yarns and colors: log cabin knitting is an easy and fun technique to start playing and finding out which combinations you like best.

  • Don’t start with a scarf! Too boring. Choose a project with a variety of techniques to learn.

  • Dear New Knitter,
    You are about to begin what could become a lifetime of joy in creating! My advice to you is to NOT do what I did as a teenager in selecting my first project, a scarf in garter stitch with not so great yarn. Ugh! It was such a boring first knitting experience! I ended up putting it away for a decade and finishing it for my husband.

    It wasn’t until another 2 decades had passed that I tried again. This time I chose a simple newborn hat pattern in a yummy color that was a pleasure to feel. Eureka! I finished the hat in a week and have been knitting, joyfully, ever since!

  • Take time to enjoy the yarn becoming fabric. Keep the process peaceful.

  • Find a community of knitters. Someone will always be there to help you!

  • Let go of perfection! Be willing to have some mistakes in your project. Odds are no one else will notice small mistakes. It will lessen discouragement and give you the satisfaction of seeing progress. Plus, it’s how we learn!

  • My advice is to be patient and keep trying! Use quality yarn and good tools (needles) and enjoy the process!

  • My new knitter advice is to enjoy the process. Enjoy the ins and outs and relax in to the meditative joy of knitting.

  • I am already a Snippets subscriber – I have not tried this technique as yet – but with this lovely yarn as inspiration I would be really tempted – even though I know that it would be a major commitment, fun, inspiring and revelational. Thank you for your regular emails, Snippets, the lovely YouTube channel, Knit Stars. You continue to provide such worthy input to all your knit friends. Keep up the good work!

  • My advice: don’t give up! Find a knitting friend to help and encourage you and don’t give up! It’s a wonderful addition to your life and you’ll be forever glad you stuck with it.

  • Start with good stuff! Life is short and you deserve to have every stitch-worth of yarn on your needles make your heart sing!

  • My advice is be patient with yourself and, remember, it’s yarn not yogurt, it won’t go bad.

  • Enjoy the process and keep going

  • Choose yarn and needles in contrasting colors. Start with lighter shades and good light.

  • Advice to a new knitter: for your first project, choose some yarn that makes you happy: color, texture, etc., and get wooden needles. Hopefully you’ll have a caring easy going person available to help you get started or help you out if you get lost. YouTube, other online instructions, and books are good places to go also. If you get frustrated, set your project aside for a day and then come back the next day. Try to knit a little every day so you develop your muscle memory. It will bring you much joy in the long run!

  • My advice: remember that knitting only involves two stitches, a knit or a purl.

    This was my response when I was teaching the grade-schooler next door. She would ask if a project would be too difficult for her. Her second project was a cabled hat.

  • Be sure to have a person or place to ask questions. I had and still have lots of questions with a new project and having a way to get questions answered keeps the frustration level lower! I have used YouTube for many questions and I always get help.

  • My advice to a new knitter be patient with yourself, this is a new skill and like everything it takes practice. It’s great if you can find someone to help you when you get stuck, now there is even YouTube. Never say I can’t just try and you will surprise yourself. Remember knitting is not a competitive sport.

  • My advice for a new knitter :
    1) Don’t be afraid , you just have to try
    2) Pick a yarn that makes you smile .
    3) Do swatch . Swatching can save hours of knitting gone wrong .
    4) Find a LYS( Local Yarn Store ) they offer ,help , classes (usually) and inspiration.
    5 ) ENJOY!

  • My new knitter advice- don’t be afraid to make mistakes – it’s the only way to learn.

  • Don’t give up! Everything you ever learned was difficult at first. Day by day it will become easier and more rewarding.

  • My advice is to find a local knitting group that will motivate and guide you when you need help. A beginners class is also a great idea!

  • My best advice is drop a stitch and learn to fix it as soon as possible. Once you know you can fix mistakes, you’ll be a much more confident knitter. Also don’t believe everyone who tells you a certain technique is hard. I’ve learned a lot of things easily because I didn’t know they were supposed to be hard.

  • My advice to a new knitter is listen to podcasts while you knit. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll fall in love with your new found community. Oh. And read Clara Parkes!

  • I find that using a circular needle really helps keep my stitches very uniform and even. I use them for everything and have different lengths in the same needle size. I love bamboo needles when you don’t want a lot of slip, and metal addi needles when you want to take advantage of the slip they offer. I use the circular needles also in place of stitch holders, especially on sweater sleeves.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to use the best yarn you can, pick a project that is small so you’ll be able to finish. Nothing like a finished project. Be kind to yourself. Get help, MDK has some very good “how to” videos for any help you need.

  • Ooh!! Sounds delish! I’ve been contemplating buying this guide. The log cabins everyone has been creating are so inspriting!

  • Tackle a project the same way you tackle eating an elephant: one bite at a time. Don’t be overwhelmed by the seeming complexity of ANY project. Just follow the instructions one line at a time, take the knitting one row (or even one stitch!) at a time. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

  • When you finally get ready to make a sock and you get to the part of the pattern to make the heel, just follow the instructions. They seem so wrong and you will think there must be a better way. But just follow the directions and soon you will have a heel! A real heel! It is like magic! And you will feel so clever!
    I still do!

  • Hello, new knitter! STOP! Don’t buy single needles, one at a time. If you think you could be into this knitting thing, just go ahead and buy an interchangeable needle set. Just do it. Your future obsessed knitting self will thank you.

  • To a new knitter: be patient with yourself, mistakes are opportunities to learn!

  • My advice to a new knitter is to learn finishing as well as knitting for a quality project

  • Don’t take it too seriously.

  • I’m ready to knit a Forever Thing after years of hats, mittens, socks, wraps, shawls and one sweater that kicked my butt! I love to knit, see the fabric grow in my hands, enjoy simple stitches and design that create a lasting treasure!

  • New knitter advice: go slow, take breaks, use bigger needles and nice, chunky yarn, and remember to BREATHE!!

  • It’s okay to make mistakes-that’s how you learn! Even the most experienced knitters still make mistakes!

  • My advice is to find a knitting community Knitters are the most encouraging people I know. They help you out with lots of support and tips. And it’s fun to be around others even virtually.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to find a group to knit with. And buy a good yarn for each project you undertake. The quality of the yarn will make a big difference in all your projects.

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things!

  • My advice: find out what life lines are and use them. I found that when I was a new knitter, when I made a mistake, it was very nerve wracking to undo rows of knitting. Especially if the first few rows of knitting were done correctly.

  • New knitter advice: use your gauge swatch (yes you should!) to practice any new stitches or techniques you need for the project. Youll feel far more confident/excited to cast on and its less emotional to frog a swatch!

  • My advice: find a local yarn shop, take a class and after youget comfortable with the process be adventurous. There are so many resources in person and on line that before you know it you’ll be knitting your first sweater!

  • Welcome new knitters! Yarn is like chocolate, you can never have to much 🙂

  • to a new knitter.. dont let the yarn or pattern intimidate you! if you can knit you can make anything!

  • YouTube is a great place to see the stitch you are trying to figure out … especially when you’re trying it at 2 am!

  • My advice to a new knitted. Don’t worry about making mistakes as they can be used as a learning tool.

  • My advice to new knitters is to keep trying. Keep ripping it out and starting again until it clicks with your brain. Try holding the yarn with your left hand,try it in the right hand. Try continental if you are a crocheter. Then try making simple washcloth patterns. Try hats and scarves! Keep trying!

  • Advice: start small and don’t be afraid to rip it out!

  • Relax and enjoy. This is a hobby.

  • My advice would be to use knitting tutorial videos online to help you understand a new technique. Something I still do today!

  • New knitter, it’s okay to buy yarn because you like it. It’s okay if you don’t have a pattern. This yarn is called your stash yarn and everyone has a yarn stash. It’s something to raid when you need yarn for a pattern, sometimes it’s there to organize, sometimes just to look at and reminisce when, where, why, and who you bought it with. It’s also a fun thing to talk about with other knitters. It’s really also limitless potential. Have fun building one and for all the future projects that may come out of it!

  • My advice: find inspiration. Knitting can be a difficult and time consuming task. Especially when you first start. It’s easy to get discouraged or frustrated. Find inspiration of knitting something you really want to try regardless of friendly advise, find inspiration in all the great things you could make, find inspiration in all your mstakes, your learning curves, your ability to make up new swear words just for your knitting! Find inspiration in the colors, in the yarn itself, in the people around you! And know that no matter how hard it is to start this journey is worth it!

  • Keep knitting, and wear or use your knitting with pride.

  • My advice to new knitting students: Try to relax; it will get less awkward feeling as you practice and develop muscle memory. At the beginning, count your stitches every row as it’s one of the easiest ways to find mistakes that either add or subtract a stitch. Have fun!

  • Hello, new knitter! Welcome to the family. We’re a helpful group of creative people– so find some lovely yarn and jump in. There’s always someone to help you through the tricky bits.

  • Don’t give up. Keep trying, it is only yarn! With each attempt, you will gain the skill and confidence for the next step, the next project. Soon, knitting supplies will be a line item in your family budget!

  • While you might see every little mistake, no one else does. Plus, you will be amazed at what blocking does to transform your work. Have fun, play with new stitches, and love what you create.

  • New Knitter Advice: Try a small project first and don’t let the time it takes discourage you. When I first started it took me a year or more to knit a sweater. Now I can knit one in a month.

  • New knitter: take the time to knit a swatch. I know you want to jump straight to casting on. Starting a project is a great feeling. The swatch will save disappointment at the end of your work.

  • My advice is to step out of your comfort zone, increase your project difficulty, and read and study your pattern. Ravelry is a great place to view how others did your project and many times they leave great notes to learn from.

  • My advice to a new knitter- start with good quality yarn in a color that you like.

  • New knitters: don’t get discouraged. It takes time to learn something new and it’s ok to make mistakes and ask for help! There are experienced knitters out there who are willing to pass on the art of knitting. Most of all, enjoy the journey!!

  • What a fun moment — imagining all of the colors, fibers, garments, and virtual friends that you have ahead of you! It is a muscle-coordination that will take practice, like anything else. People don’t masterfully play the piano in one day, and you may have awkward, slow form as you start. But the magic that lies within two simple looping methods (a knit stitch and purl stitch) is pretty dang cool. I would recommend dish cloths for initial practice, and then choose something small and useful, like a hat. A scarf tends to take forever and I think it’s wise to get motivation from completing a pattern that seems scary. Knit a hat flat and learn how to seam, and then try one in the round. You’ll be hooked immediately. Also, use the best yarn you can afford, so that you love the project and you cherish the result.

  • Everyone makes mistakes and fixing them has helped me learn a lot. Also watch videos! So many tutorials are available to help increase your skills!

  • My advice to new knitters is to spend some time practicing with yarn you don’t care about and make all the mistakes. Be okay with making the mistakes, learn what they look like, then learn how to fix them. It’ll be a major confidence builder!

  • Read Elizabeth Zimmerman, join Ravelry and MDK to learn as much as possible, and keep knitting. Even if you make a mistake, keep knitting until you learn enough to understand your mistakes.

  • You can never have enough yarn or patterns!

  • If you are a new knitter, just take a deep breath and realize we all make mistakes!

  • Keep at it, we all learn at our own rate!

  • Hi New Knitter! Welcome to an incredible craft. My advice? Just keep knitting. Find some like-minded knitting “knerds” and learn from them, find a great knitting teacher or LYS and take a few classes. There is so much to learn – don’t think that your first project is the only thing you’ll ever make. You are just getting started. Enjoy!

  • My new knitter advice is don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid to tink back to fix a mistake. Don’t be afraid to frog an entire project if you are not happy with it, use that yarn elsewhere! Don’t be afraid to knit a sweater! Enjoy the lovely process of knitting and don’t be afraid.

  • My advice to new knitters is to not be hard on yourself. Sometimes mistakes are worth fixing and sometimes they aren’t. When I have a mistake I have decided not to fix, I tell myself, “This mistake makes this item uniquely handmade.”

  • Be realistic about a first project and plan something simple so you focus on just knitting without having to think about stitch increases, needle changes, etc.

  • Read Elizabeth Zimmermann. She’s so reassuring.

  • Enjoy the process and have fun!

  • So excited for this awesome giveaway! My advice for new knitters is you’re never too new for awesome yarns! Just keep knitting a little everyday!!

  • My advice for new knitters is to start watching some of the video blogs. It will encourage you to try new things but also give you information on different patterns and yarn. I have been inspired to do many new projects and have learned a lot! There are many so find one that clicks with your personality.

  • My advice to new knitters: subscribe to the MDK field guides. They have such a nice variety of patterns for beginners and more advanced knitters too. And they’re beautiful!

  • If you want to knit something for someone, ask them first. Style, color and item are so personal. You want them to wear your hand made gift, not have it sit in a drawer.

  • What I’d say to a new knitter is don’t worry about tension just knit. Uniformity comes with practice. Start something you really like and once done the feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming.

  • It’s ok to rip out something you don’t love. You don’t have to reuse the yarn if you don’t want to – if it’s all tangled or just has bad juju get rid of it. It’s YOUR project and you should enjoy it. There are NO knitting police.

  • I’m closing in on a year as a new knitter. The smartest thing I did was to spend a few weeks knitting practice squares (which became face washing cloths), coasters and dishcloths. By doing this I got lots of practice with casting on and binding off and could try new stitches without a lot of time or money spent.

  • Ok, I blame my allergy-ridden eyes this morning for not ding this right! My advice to new knitters is read the whole thing first (also to my students for assignments and tests). Sometimes the answer is actually there 😉

  • New knitter, Don’t shy away from patterns you think are too hard. You will always surprise yourself if you don’t set limits. Welcome to a wonderful experience of making things for yourself and others!

  • Advice for a new knitter is to never give up. The things you do that seem stupid are still being done by knitters who have been knitting for 50+ years.

  • New Knitter, choose yarn that feels wonderful in your favorite color. This is part of the joy of knitting. Dont’t give up. It will all come together. Welcome to the knitting community.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to trust the pattern.

  • I would say, don’t let someone tell you a technique is “hard”. Just go for it!

  • Advice—they are only loops. Stick with it. You will be well rewarded. And use real yarn!!

  • My advice to a new knitter….do not start with a scarf! They take forever. A hat, a cowl, a dish cloth are all projects to learn basic stitches, and a finished object is so encouraging. Also start with yarn you love.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to use yarn that you love. You will be spending a lot of time with so want something that you will enjoy.

  • To all new knitters: Don’t give up! Start with smaller projects and be courageous!

  • Join a group as soon as possible at tour LYS.

  • Advice to new knitters: Mistakes happen! Don’t let it get you down… most people won’t notice it anyway. I call mine “Love Spots”.

  • My advise would be to select a color you love, when you pick your yarn. Dark colors hide mistakes but makes seeing stitches more difficult. When you knit a busy pattern, don’t start with dark yarns. Seeing your work can be difficult, especially without great light.

  • Knit a lot, but also find a group of knitting buddies to share with.

  • My advice is to just concentrate on the row you are on and don’t worry about the next row. Sometimes a pattern seems difficult when you read it but by taking it one row at a time it works.

  • Enjoy the process of knitting. Enjoy the planning, the discovery of an amazing yarn (the feel the color), the focus on learning new things, problem solving when mistakes appear, the frogging back and getting IT right, take pride in the final outcome, and know that there is love in each stitch as your creation finds its forever home.

  • Welcome to a fun highly addictive world of tactile goodness. Enjoy the slow beauty in the process.
    Finished product is wonderful….yes; but the magic is in the slow unfolding and birth
    Oh and……….try to use yarn you have before you buy more.

  • My advice to a new knitter is to be fearless. It is only yarn and the world will not tilt on its axis if your finished product is wonky or worse. Don’t worry too much about what you produce, enjoy the journey (of course, I am a process knitter, so I would think that way!).
    I also have a comment for new knitters. Welcome to the family. You will find that knitters, unlike much of the world right now, generally embrace each other even if they have absolutely nothing in common other than their love of fiber. You are part of the family as soon as you start working with sticks and yarn and you are going to love everyone, even crazy Aunt Betty and weird Uncle Roger.

  • You’ll never be bored again!

  • My advice to a new knitter is stick with it. It takes time to build a new skill.

  • I’ve been knitting since I was 10……I’m 70 now.
    My advice to a new knitter would be to take a beginner’s class, at you LYS. They will give you the basics and help as you as you fall in love, with the clicking of your needles, the feel of your yarn and the joy of creating something. Practice, practice, practice‼️

  • My advice is it is okay to make mistakes. If you have to take out your work and do it again to fix something remember you still get to knit. Knitting is the fun part and at the end you get something beautiful there is no timetable.

  • Knit with the best yarn you can afford even when you’re learning. Practicing with yarn that doesn’t feel/look good will just frustrate and you won’t be happy with the result.

  • New knitter, Aim high. Knit something you didn’t think you could. Make yourself proud.

  • Don’t wait to be a “better knitter” to try something challenging. Trying patterns that look difficult will make you a better knitter!

  • Advice to a new knitter: if you can, spend a little more on your yarn and needles. These materials can seem expensive, but they provide entertainment for hours and hours with a finished object at the end. A more pleasurable knitting experience (and a better finished object) is worth a little extra cash.

  • New Knitter Advice: mistakes will hap