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  • Congratulations winners. I was a selfish knitter this year. PS those purple and orange squad mitts are gorgeous! Will have to find the yarn.

    • Thank you, Stephanie! Those Squad Mitts were knit from my MDK Color Work Kit, John Merino mini skeins. The colors were all amazing!

  • Thank you so much! This was by far my favorite year for Christmas gifting, as there are so many ideas in the Field Guides, especially, for gifts people WANT to receive and will use! I cannot wait to settle by the fire and make a little (well, ok, BIG) something for me. I’m feeling the Boxing Day love ❤️

  • Was great fun and kept me motivated, i will be back next year … Thank You for all you do!

  • Congrats to the winners!

  • Congratulations to all! There are going to be many people wearing your BEAUTIFUL gifts today!

  • Dear Ann

    I have never entered a comment before but felt the need today. Boxing Day in Canada.
    I looked up your New vintage Christmas stocking pattern and there it was… MY “vintage” stocking, in red green and white, over 60 years old. Also topped with the name Ann but with an E. I see yours is hung with the year to the back as well! I have never seen another like except my brothers.

    Merry Christmas. Hope yours is filled with many good things, for many years.

    Ps. Your website is my daily read with my morning coffee. Love it

    • My mother knit the older pattern Christmas stockings for my 6 siblings, their spouses and her grandchildren. I found the pattern, dated 1945 or ’47, but haven’t tried it yet. I love the newer pattern, thank you, Ann!

  • The coin-dotted Christmas stocking: genius. Love it!

    • Thank you! I’ve been waiting for several years for the right inspiration to make a (prettier, new, updated) special stocking for my daughter, and as soon as I saw the Coins, I just knew.

  • I ordered Melanie Falick’s book “Making a Life” to give to my husband to give to me for Christmas (certainly I’m not the only one who sees the wisdom in this) and it’s WONDERFUL! It’s beautiful cover to cover, celebrating how we use our hands. It especially talks about the desire and satisfaction that comes when we MAKE SOMETHING. Thanks for recommending it and making it available to us all.

    • I got that book for Christmas, too. Still on the introduction (because a 5-year old is here and needs my attention), which says that “making” is in our DNA from the hunter/gatherer stage of our evolution, and possibly people are depressed and feeling disconnected because they aren’t making things. Wonderful book!

  • Oh My Goodness!!!! I never expected to win anything!! I am so excited — I squealed with delight!!! And what’s so funny is that I had already made a screen shot of the top photos and sent it to my friend who rec’d the 2/c cowl BEFORE I read my very own name. I ordered more Rowan Seafarer and Clay because the coins scarf I’m making for my husband’s daughter is not quite long enough . . .