Giftalong: Knitting for Every Mood

By Ann Shayne
December 14, 2017

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  • Torso knitting for the win!

    PS I’m telling the baby.

  • I’m just using AYOT provisional cast on this morning to join another gradient band cowl that is a gift for my daughter for Christmas. This is a new technique for my tool box this year that I’ll use forever!

    • I’ve been doing it wrong for so so long. It really was a game changer to watch Jen patiently lay it all out for me in that video.

  • Ann, what gauge are you getting on that gorgeous yarn? I was considering it for an upcoming project (ahem!), but was made anxious by the possibly itsy bitsy gauge. I need a chewy gauge (read: fairly dense) in garter stitchfor the technique I’m using…

    • If you’re asking about the Birkin gauge, it’s a funny thing: the needle size is Officially Size 3, putting the gauge at around 26 sts = 4″. But for the torso you knit 4″ with size 3, another 4″ with size 4, and the last 5″ with size 5. I’m not with my Birkin at the moment, so I can’t tell you the different gauges. But I will say that a fingering weight sweater is a glorious thing and really not that much harder than a heavier weight yarn. It’s just more of that thing we like to do: knitting! ; )

  • I think the weird join is adorbs! Everyone loving on the Term, but I can’t possibly take on another blanket project – for babies that are too big now anyway. Sigh.
    I do keep rolling around to see the Jamberry and Patio… They really are delish.

  • I was deep, deep into Colorwash Scarves during Season 1 of The Crown. It was a perfect binge knit-‘n-watch combo. I’m looking forward to similar binge with S2. Finish that Easel Sweater? The Really Warm Crete? Start my Sommerfeld Shawl? Too many good choices!

    • Sommerfeld seems to require just a bit more of my attention than I can give it while watching The Crown. I’d go with Easel, honestly, because it’s as straightforward a sweater as it gets.

  • I have a hard time knitting AND watching The Crown. What if I miss one of Phillip’s scowls? They aren’t all the same. I loved Season 1 where the Queen Mum told him he was a whiny baby and not supporting her daughter.

    • Don’t you find it amazing that this series is about people who are still alive? What must they think of this?

      • I suspect they are a little mortified. But QE 2 has to love the way Claire Foy rocks the role. It makes me like Elizabeth even more.

        • I agree!

  • Hey Ann! I love them all! Thanks for yet AGAIN making my day !! I am about 29 years behind on my Christmas knitting and eating all of the candy as it arrives in the mail or playing with the cats
    Merry Christmas
    Your friend
    KATE Manning

    • Excellent strategy to eat as you go. I’m totally stealing this. Wishing you and the felines a cozy weekend.