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  • Poor little thumbless creatures… so tragic. Although I do remeber at least one knitting chicken in the movie ‘Chicken Run’.

  • I sent this to my mom. She has about 20 little chicks. I think everyone has a right to be warm.

  • This might be the funniest knitwear photo shoot of all time!

  • Oh Muh Gah, that has to be the funniest knitting+chicken thing I have ever seen!

  • I am going to be completely off topic here, but I had to share what Susan Boyle said about her overnight stardom. “I’m gobsmacked, absolutely gobsmacked,” she told CNN on Friday morning.

  • The chicken must be under 40 years of age–no Jemima Puddle-Duck Syndrome. (Or was that a ‘dumb cluck’ joke?)
    Well, anyway, there are no shawl pins. You at least save money on the bling-bling…
    Knit on??
    LoveDiane 🙂

  • Well now I have seen everything. I think.

  • Here’s an off-topic question: How are the patchwork potholders holding up? I keep looking at them, day by day, for the last two weeks. I’ve made dozens of your dishcloths- marvelous- and now I’d like to match my Miami in Austin by way of cheap cotton look. However, by my count, those would be fifty dollar potholders- book, supplies, hardware……they’d better hold up, in other words. Or, there had better be an excellent other fifty projects in that book. what do you think?
    I love your blog, I’m getting your book this weekend, and your other book next weekend.

  • That Erika, she takes good care of her little chicks.

  • I definitely need more time on my hands, I can barely finish a project for my husband or myself, but a chicken???

  • Stephanie B, that’s the great part! I finished the Chicken Shawl in less than the amount of time it took to watch an episode of Torchwood. About 38 minutes to completion, more or less.

  • Oh gosh I got a heckuva giggle out of that. I just adore chickens, though I’m not sure I’d knit for them!

  • Ok Ann, what’re you going to do to beat that? Youre not gonna let her top you just ‘cuz the chicken is alive, are you? ARE YOU?

  • I crocheted hats for my sister’s cats once, but (as you can imagine) they had none of it. Perhaps chickens are more tolerant of clothing.

  • chicken shawls
    what next booties and hats
    mary janes and lace liners
    for the nests all in the
    feather and fan stich
    susan boyle has come along
    at just the right time in our lives

  • There are actually knitters who knit for chickens, because they gow up without feathers due to the poor/inhumane conditions they live in. See this link:
    Maybe you could knit more for chickens who really need to be kept warm?

  • Or the next “Cluck-potis” perhaps! Very sweet!

  • Or the next “Cluck-potis” perhaps! Very sweet!

  • I finally have a use for all my little leftover balls of yarn.

  • I like the part where the chicken lies down and won’t get up until the shawl comes off..similar to what happens when you try to dress a cat.
    My daughter is fired up and thinks our new chicks need shawls now…

  • Chickens have shawls, anteaters have sweaters…