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  • His summaries are the best! And I can admit on this page that his articles on MDK have inspired me to run out and buy a few…

  • I happened to read the review of the Selvedges book a couple weeks ago–I’m so tempted! So I agree, I’ll bet the phone book (remember those??) would be funny if he wrote it.

  • I had to revisit Bettina the blushing bride!

    • I miss Bettina, I really do. I console myself with my PG Wodehouse books about Jeeves, which for some reason tickle the same funny bone,

      • And yes Franklin I did just compare you to PG Wodehouse, don’t let it go to your head! (Or do. Enjoy!)

  • I’ve bought several books on his recommendation, and I’m glad I did. But (not related to Franklin, at least I don’t think so) in the header of this post/newsletter, there is a lovely, simple green knitted tee shirt – what is the pattern? The yarn? Thank you!

  • I really appreciated his recent review of the new Catherine Lowe book, which is on my list…

  • I’m wondering if he’ll review Åsa Soderman’s book on the Ziggurat technique any time soon.

  • How appropriate that your featured contributor on this day, is Franklin Habit! It also was my birthday! and I’ve bought the Catherine Lowe book recently featured by Mr Habit, for my present to myself. I would never have been aware of it, let alone looked for it, had it not been for his wonderful review.
    I catch-up with snippets on Saturdays, so I am doubly glad for the post today, which reminded me to thank you and him for the review!