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  • black denim….be still my heart.
    That’s the best yarn – found yarn, magic free discovery yarn.

  • I love the pose with tie-dyed swimsuit. RAD. Good going!

  • you know, all along I have been assuming that Carrie’s top was in denim, not euroflax linen (somehow I glossed over that detail). Funny, that!
    Hooray for rediscovered yarn! And sheesh, black denim? grr! 😉

  • The linen makes for a great top, really nice! How about a tote with that Katia? Gotta go, I think I’ll clean my closet.

  • Oh god. Katia tape. I’m going to have nightmares now. That is the Yarn of The Rainbow Pretty Pony Puke Poncho…
    Just be careful, okay? I’m worried I’ll hear the screaming, mid-pullover, all the way to Montréal. Get yourself a good pitcher of something strong and cold, and snacks would also be a very good idea. Ice packs for the hands, too. That stuff nearly killed me.

  • you can’t fool me no longer — I done figgered it out. You’re photoshopping Carrie’s eyes to make them look ginormous. You copy each on a new layer, resize that layer and then flatten it down. Am I right or am I right?

  • Kay,
    love the top! I really like how it looks after washing. Good thing my LYS is having a sale Saturday just one more thing added to my growing list of yarns to buy.
    When are you and Ann coming to Atlanta? You know you have a place to stay though I will send a written invatation if that what it takes to get you two here….LOL
    Heres to cooler days to finish those O’s

  • Yay for the top down way! Looks great! Envy your closet cleaning.

  • Love the linen top.
    You know, that tape yarn looks a lot like a one-skein wonder waiting to happen….

  • Dude. I have so been thinking of you. Man you must be hot.

  • that ann sure is mean showing you the porch and the beautiful cushion (that i wanted to make until i found out the number of skeins of cotton classic she used).
    and i know i’ve told you this before, but your daughter is so very lovely.

  • Oooh – beautiful top-down sweater, and beautiful blue eyes on that there cute 9 1/2 year old. (And I’m so glad she has a camisole to show off. Tell her she’s stylin’.)
    We’re heat-suffering in St. Louis, too. I’m glad you took addressed the shady porch pictures with Ann. One can only look at and dream about such things for so long without turning downright grumpy about it….

  • That top is fabulous and so is the lovely girl modeling it. She’ll be pouting on the moors before we know it, while always tastefully dressed of course.

  • Linen — denim — more cotton…gad, my hands would punish me for weeks if I was cranking out O’s in those yarns. Or maybe cleaning the closets and scraping paint from porch chairs keeps the tendons limber? Tell me Ann and Kay, is that the reward for old timey virtues?
    Calmer is the only thing I’ve been able to bring myself to knit in this heat, even with A/C, but it’s supposed to break tonight, and all the woolly WIPs are already wriggling in their baskets and chirping “pick me! pick me!”

  • Lordy pie, Carrie’s a teenager–surely I haven’t been gone that long. Lovely sweater, looks so floaty and cool…must resist Euroflax. Back to my aptly named Absorba to mop up the sweat.

  • Kay,
    I’ve been plotting a top-down raglan with a boatneck for me-self–any tips? I was thinking I could get a boatneck just by changing where I put the markers for the raglan increases (wider front and back, narrower shoulders)–will this work?

  • Is finding the Rowan equivalent to finding a $100 in last year’s winter coat?
    Ahh just to think of winter…

  • The sweater looks great! 🙂

  • you cleaned closets TODAY!!!!! Are you freaking nuts? I’m not all that far away and I know how hot is was today Here I was feeling all virtuous for making salad for dinner and cleaning up the kitchen and I read you cleaned closets — Thank God DH doesn’t read blogs — you must have been dehydrated and delirious to do such an thing you need fluids lots and lots of fluids — maybe follow Yarn Harlots lead and check out different beers…there is something seriously wrong with you girl…
    Oh wait a minute — the parental units were there — ahhh that explains it ….. 😀

  • I am now on my FOURTH Euroflax towel, thanks to you guys. I LOVE IT. It is the only thing I can bear to touch in the sweltering heat here in the Northeast.
    Your little girly looks very cute in her top. My daughter is 12 and is all in on the straps showing thing,too.

  • The only thing that got me to clean my closets in the past 8 years was moving! But wow, black rowan denim, that seems worth the sweat. I love the Euroflax on Carrie and think maybe Rosie could use something in Katia, or is it too pale for her? We haven’t seen her in a while…..

  • what a cooperative model! lucky babe to have a mom like you!

  • kay kay kay kay kay … that black denim calls for a hat and a bag (the pattern will be forthcoming soon) … the wittering hat from dear amelia raitte … alias anna over @ my fashionable life … you must spare only 3 skeins for it and put fish tank plastic tubing in the edge … oh and a bleach pen … on the katya spray … kick it up a needle size or two … like a #13 for example and make a teva durham loop-d-loop ballet t-shirt for carrie … lurverly … kisses from gumby too … wilt not …

  • i’m with ina on the Katia tape– methinks it would look fab knit more loosely, a comfy classy tee–

  • Did you say “wee”? Because I know somebody like that. But of course her countrywoman Jamie is closer to you . . . Hang in there. We got the heat, too, and it’s even hotter than we’re used to ~ XXO

  • That little girl is absolutely gorgeous. Those big blues just scream, “Mom, leave me the hell alone.”

  • I would laugh and say, “Don’t you wish you were in Maine right now.” But I can’t. The heat index here reached 104 today, and our little house has no shade. Our single window a/c unit was the only thing saving us. At least we’ll cool off for tomorrow.

  • LOVE the linen sweater! Very hip & pre-teen. Man, you must have hands of steel. I am just making a little lace washcloth in Euroflax, and can only do 3-4 rows at a time. What’s the secret?

  • Just love the sweater, and modelled very sweetly. love finding forgotten yarn….such a treasure.

  • Black denim. You lucky thing.
    Fabbo Euroflax top.
    Not so sure about the chainette ribbon myself. I have this overwhelming flashback to some sort of multi-coloured breakfast cereal (of many years ago) that looked nice but was always disappointing to eat. No, No! It was multi-coloured popcorn. All has flooded back. Tasted like sawdust.
    I digress. All credit to you for cleaning. x x x

  • That kid’s got some beautiful eyes.

  • Ahh, Kay, I love it when you clean. This post reminded me of the time in the old apartment when we were rummaging through your stash and found some yarn that was a bit, uhm, odiferous, stinky, or whatever but not in a bad way and I told you that it smelled like my Uncle Cesar’s cologne?
    What WAS that yarn anyway and do you still have it or did it go by way of the purge?
    Send Most Moisturized Mom to my house…and Dad too, she can sit and drink wine with ice with me and Dad can sit on the comfy brown chair and do whatever it is he does while sitting.
    And, I agree with Maggie….Jamie would love a new knit from you!!

  • Kay, you are an inspiration to us all… I managed a swatch, and now it’s a cold drink and a moment to ponder the swatch. then probably a nap or another cold drink, but I doubt I’ll be cleaning closets…

  • Tell Carrie that the straps may be the big thing right now, but it is her eyes that are going to have the boys running circles around her. She has the most beautiful eyes… perfect for all those lovely eye colors and other cosmetics. I am so envious!!! I have to tape up my eyebrows to lift them so I can brush on a little color for my eyes.
    A storm just moved through today and eased the heat a little. I think it is headed your way.

  • I’m not knocking the Euroflax, but that pink Norwegian Sandnes Mandarin Petit you’ve got in your stash makes a pretty damn good summer project. I’m knitting up a baby (car seat) blanket in the Petit currently and it is not overheating me (much) in this 100 deg weather. So great to have such a stash…

  • All I can say is “how in the #&$& can you forget about a sack of Rowan denim?!!!!! Girl, you might have too much on your mind. And, that top down is down right cute.

  • Rowan Black Denim, now that’s a fine score!
    Cute top, what a very patient 9 year old. Just wait until it’s the bra straps that have to show so people know she’s all grown up and womanly.

  • Texas tea is right! You got some gold with your newly unearthed treasure of black Rowan Denim. What’s the plan?

  • I love found yarn…it’s why I go through my stash by hand sometimes… however, about the Katia tape, I’d have to say, it looks like summer scarf material…find a friend who looks good in a convertible and make her a k2tog/yo trellis with that lovelieness… (or for yourself as well!!!)

  • does your daughter have any idea that she is a star?
    what a stunner! i have to agree with everyone here: it’s the eyes. those eyes will launch a thousand ships someday.
    now. about that top.
    is there a pattern for a grown-folks version to be had?

  • Oh Kay, it’s dangerous to make such offers.
    I live in hot sunny Singapore, wears crop tops and is a petite XS. Does that fit your bill? [grin]