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  • I’m thinking my Lucy might need a little chihuahua playmate to keep her entertained while I am at work. 😉

  • Unrelated to this inspiring video, but I just went to a yard sale where a) the woman was selling a bunch of her yarn stash off, and b) the dog’s name was Olive. I suspect she is a fan.

  • You’re going to be raising sheep, then?
    ; )

  • That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

  • Amazink! Also, meant to say yesterday, I love that yarn as a blanket, too (and not so much as a shawl) — good decision!

  • This looks awesome. Also, it was a little disturbing that YouTube thought the next video I should watch after that was a kitten stuck in a hamster ball. So sad!

  • What did Miss Olive think of this career choice?…

  • Yes, this thing is darn cute. I’m wondering what my Border Collies would think of Nancy? Perhaps put up their noses?

  • I remain unconvinced that Nancy is actually HERDING the sheep. I think she is just chasing them, willy nilly, around the paddock.
    Not that there anything wrong with that.

  • Wonderful job Nancy! I really hope this video finds it’s way to Cesar Milan- he would love it!

  • Have you guys seen this!? DEAR MISS MANNERS: Over the years I have noticed people knitting in public and have had no particular problem with it. However, I am a bit put off by those who knit in church or at an event such as a recital or concert.
    Is it acceptable to knit at a church, synagogue or other religious service? And what about a concert or recital? I recently attended a piano and violin recital in a small venue where someone was knitting in the third row. Surely it was evident to the performers. And if such knitting is not appropriate, how should the knitters be approached, or prevented?
    GENTLE READER: Please do not – repeat, not – make a hostile approach to knitters. Have you not noticed that they are armed with long, pointy sticks?
    Of all the multitaskers who could annoy you, Miss Manners would not have guessed that knitters would top the list. There is a centuries-long history of ladies quietly doing needlework while remaining alert to what was going on around them.
    But perhaps your complaint is that they are not quiet. If the clicking of needles is what bothers you, you could appeal to the authorities at church or concert hall that as they ban texting, it is only fair to ban activities that create similar noise. And if they don’t already ban texting, you might start by asking that they do before going after those comparatively unobtrusive knitters.

  • Hilarious video, thanks for sharing, that was cute and I especially like the music in the background.

  • I thought of Olive the other day when I saw a doggy T-Rex costume. Now, of course, I can’t find it. Chasing sheep is way better than dressing up like a dinosaur, too.

  • superb.
    if the chihuahua can herd sheep, i can move mountains.

  • That’s hysterical. Apparently all the “cool” dogs are herding sheep these days.