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  • THIS – is the definition of “eye-wateringly beautiful”. Hope it garners a worthy amount for the school….

  • Snazzy… Maybe, I could make these as Christmas gifts for my friends??? Since, the knitted ‘gift’ plan isn’t working out too well.

  • Snazzy… Maybe, I could make these as Christmas gifts for my friends??? Since, the knitted ‘gift’ plan isn’t working out too well.

  • SEE.. another double post..
    I’m sure it’s caused by the MAGIC OF THE INTERNET traveling faster than the speed of light.. from Seoul, South Korea to AMERICA..
    Sounds very reasonable and possible to me. 😀

  • House slippers! Slippas with houses on em!
    That blanket gets more lush with every photograph I see. It’s just the limit. So gorgeous.

  • You are so cheery, you would make my eyes itch at 6:30am. A good thing for a mom trying to get kids off to school.
    The blanket is very impressive. I’d love to see a fuller image of it. Even the website only hints at its lovliness.

  • The blanket and slippers are lovely, but I’m stuck on the phrase “Kaffe Fasset pjs”! Swoon.

  • Love, love the slippers. How cute are those…my feet would be so happy in those..Does she make them to sell? Hint, hint !
    The afghan is gorgeous, that is a piece to be admired.

  • All those bblanket stitch patterns are exquisite, but the one in the upper left of your picture, above the section with the embroidered patch, is especially gorgeous and unfamiliar to my eyes. Does anyone know what that is and where I might find instructions for it?

  • Thanks Kay. Thanks Kay’s feet!
    I’m piping in to say all the stitch patterns in the afghan are in Lesley Stanfield’s New Knitting Stitch Library. I’ll try to get pictures of the whole thing on my site soon. There is a How I Did It group of posts in the September archives.

  • Wow. That is some kind’a gorgeous blanket. I’m glad Cristina is your friend, not mine. I don’t think I’m a big enough person to handle all that talent!

  • I’m with Rox on the Kaffe Fassett PJ’s issue – how could you just toss that in with nary a picture or an explanation?
    The slippers are so chipper, I’m afraid my family wouldn’t recognize me in them. And that afghan – WOW!

  • OMG!! Great-looking blanket!

  • Such Cristina gorgeousness!!!! I covet the slippers and the blanket!

  • While I love the blanket – stunning! – and admire your well-slippered feet, I am in serious lust over the jammies…

  • “It is to covet, at a level that could get a person seriously on the wrong side of the Ten Commandments.” Although it also hits up against the Shatnes prohibition, it IS gorgeous.

  • foxy lady!

  • Love the blanket and the slippers KILL me. Wearing those same jammies as I type. Really cute toes Kay!

  • Love the slippers..That book has been on my tenative wish list for a while, I think this may have just pushed it over the top..

  • Slippers…so…cute…can’t stand….affecting me…like…kryptonite…GASP!! Philacraft blanket…amazing. Must find…red kryptonite…to regain…strength

  • Gorgeous blankie, and the toes, did you get a new pedicure to match your slippers????

  • so sorry. and i’m not a negative or violent person….but christina should be shot.
    or at least she should beg my employer so that i have this kind of time on my hands to be so friggin talented.

  • Oh-My-Gosh!!! I must have that blanket – must!

  • What a beautiful blanket. Seriously gorgeous. I may have to take a chance on that raffle!