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  • Kay, No matter what Kaffe thinks (will we ever know?), I think the fabrics are fab! Lucky Robby. Hey, I’m in VA; wanna email me and tell where your friend’s coming to? Maybe she can S&B with us. Great tie-dye, too!

  • Hi Maggi–Pam’s near Tyson’s in suburban VA but –get this, a really shocker–she doesn’t knit! Well, she knows how (she caved to my, erm, persuasion and submitted to being taught) but hasn’t caught the fever. So, she can bitch but not stitch, is what I’m saying (and Pam, I take my hat off to you in the first department!!!). Tried to email you but something is not loading properly at the moment. I just get a big purple page. xox Kay

  • Kaffe would say ‘yes !’.I doubt he’d ever pick anything pedestrian.
    The cushion looks fantastic.Can we have a close up of the colour joins ?Are they as perfect as they look ?
    Mine look a mess,so I’ll go and sulk now.

  • Emma–I did my best to tidy up the colour joins, really I did. Once I got going, they were o.k., but I did have a few gaps at the points where 4 colours intersected. I blocked it very damp and blasted the living heck out of it with Rowenta (my uber steam iron), and that seemed to make the joins tighter (wool is so cooperative that way). I was also not above stitching them together a bit while sewing in the ends.
    Thanks for the compliment–in person I find it a bit garish but it certainly is photogenic! xoxKay

  • Kay–You know you choked when you didn’t go for the cabbage roses. Come on, now. I, of course, would have gone for khaki, pathetic wimp.
    I’m loving your intarsia aptitude. When I finally get my kit, which will be in February, I’ll either get up the nerve to try it or plan b launch it to you.
    And Joseph’s ratty old tie-dyed I Love NY t-shirt? Says it all. Perfect.
    x0x0 Ann

  • Ann–Trust me, you’ll want the ‘neutral colourway.’ Not that it’s so neutral, but the screaming bright one is just not going to go with Squeaker’s chairs. xox Kay Happy weekend all!!!!!

  • Hi Kay, that cushion cover sure is .. bright. Let me get my shades and I’ll come back for a look. (pause) Now, I’m sure I made the right decision with mine.
    that tee-shirt said it all.

  • Wowsa! That is one bright and lovely pillow! What?! Pam is in Tysons? Come on, Kay, I am in Alexandria, send out a Rowanette flare next time you come down this way!
    Kaffe is probably thinking that is just FAB! I have the same colors for mine. And one day, when I am feeling like lying in traffic, I may get it out and try intarsia. Then again, I may just drink wine and come back here and admire yours! 😉

  • Matchy? Sure. Banal? Never. I love the stripeys with the bright blocks. It looks awesome. A perfeck projeck. 🙂

  • Excuse me ! Bright but gorgeous,Goes with my armchairs! We love in a riot of colour.No cream paintwork for me.You’ll have to come & visit to see ;-]