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  • i love the well-meaning fringies, i’m sure someone will snap them up! but if not…just put them in an envelope en route to chicago! rosie’s dress looks just perfect on her – definitely well worth the effort!

  • p.s. the union jack on the dog? PRICELESS!!!

  • i dont which thing to kvell over first…so, i will pick baby rosie and her cute little dress. how absolutely sweet!! and she wore it at her second adoption!! omg!!
    and as for the fringey things….i will buy the middle scarf!! love the colours. or have you banned me from buying more things with orange. and NO MORE CHARITY KNITTING. charity begins at home, so if you are so inclined to be charitable, remember your good ol palzi—ME!!
    its snowin! stay in town!

  • Yes,stay in town & go knit with Lis.Pretend that you’re at Binn’s wool department’s last xmas party – that’ll be me & whoever else turns up !
    Don’t yet feel strong enough to blog about the loss of my lys – a 45minute drive away.Longer in snow.
    Rosie looks so lovely.I’m sure the judge was beguiled.You must be very proud.
    I’m sure your scarves will sell.Let the lovely,curly Ms e pay big ackers for the deliciously orange Lily !
    A pledge that from now on you will no longer knit for charity.Yes ?

  • I hereby pledge, upon my honour, to never again knit for charity auctions or knitting tables.
    Still searching for a satisfying charity outlet though. I may have to go knit for the afternoon with the Big Apple Knitters Guild. Their method is to do it all in an afternoon, knitting hats and mitts as a group, a couple of times a year.
    What is wrong with Binn’s????? How terribly, terribly sad.
    But look at it this way–no guilt about buying on the internet. I know that’s small comfort for losing the place where you can go and touch yarn and have an old-fashioned stuffed-shopping-bag kind of splurge, but it’s something.
    Now, you might as well come to New York for a yarn store crawl. There’s tons of them right now, and with Lis and Kay as your hosts you will not miss out on any good ones. We require a minimum 24 hours notice.
    Translation and derivation of ‘big ackers’ please? I’m guessing rhyming slang? But rhyming with what?
    xox Kay

  • Loads of smackers?

  • No idea where ‘big ackers’ comes from ! Plenty of moolah.Loads of dosh.Plenty of cash,my darlings.
    I have just been moaning about how I want to be in NY,NY ,knitting with the girls.
    Coats – the Rowan,Jaeger and Patons mother ship – have pulled the plug.Rowan isn’t happy [= the dept’s biggest seller].Binn’s manager isn’t happy.Nothing to be done.Enough…before I start crying.

  • Emma–C’mon, hightail it over to New York. I’ll charter a bus and bring a bunch of Gee’s Benders with me up from the South. It would be huge: we could simu-blog. An epic event in the history of knitting blogs.
    x0x0x0x A.

  • Ann,that would be a *party* !
    One day,I’ll visit Kay & Lis,with you,then we can all trot over to Portland and stay on Kristin Ford’s highland cattle & apple farm.
    Deal ?

  • First it was Jo blowing a hooley, now Emma’s spending big ackers!
    I can’t get over Rosie in her dress. Giant hug for her. She’s adorable. I had no idea there was such a thing as a second adoption procedure. As if one weren’t enough.
    And Emma, you’re on. I am excellent on a road trip, as long as we hire a driver or draft Hubbo so everybody can knit.

  • nice that everyone is SPENDING MY MONEY!!! big smackers, loads of moola, WHATEVER…what happened to the palzie discount?
    i love the idea of a road trip. we can rent an rv and do a tour of the yarn stores on the map. we can call it “knitters road show”! when do we leave?

  • Kay,
    Is that middle scarf S. Charles yarn? My mom is getting something very very similar for Xmas from moi. Except mine is a fraction of the length….I should just buy it from you to make both you and I feel better…one less thing to knit!
    Rosie is ADORABLE!

  • Kay: That little girl just shines in her dress. I almost wish we could gift children’s handknits with a note that says “as thank you note, please send picture of child in item!” (Yes, I do know that would not be proper etiquette.) It’s astonishing how rarely you get the pix. But boy howdy, when you do, it’s enough to send you right back to the needles, isn’t it? Brava on an adorable little dress.

  • Kay,
    My heart’s warmed by that picture too and now you’ve made me want to drop everything and knit for the beautiful Rose too! There are no little girls in my family, just lots of boys and try as I might, their folks just don’t want them wearing dresses.

  • Kay, Congratulations to you, and congratulations to Rosie. Both Rosie and the dress are absolutely adorable. I’m sure she wowed the judge!!

  • Just glowing with pride here. I wish everybody could see how darling she is in person. And smart? Doesn’t miss a trick. Diana said that after my last visit Rosie found a piece of yarn under the sofa, held it up and said, ‘Kay??’ She also recognizes the KayMobile when it appears (rarely)in her driveway. She’s barely two. (When mine were two I always said, it’s just that people who don’t have a two year old nearby underestimate how smart the average two year old is. But a few years later, Rosie’s smarts strike me as miraculous.)
    Add to the Mason-Dixon Dictionary of Funny International and Domestic Expressions: Boy howdy!
    And Evelyn, it never occurred to me not to expressly ask for (insist upon, demand, require) a small photo of the child wearing the item. Etiquette, shmetiquette–I spent precious clickety-clackety time knitting the thing and all I want’s a modest pic!
    Kristine–The middle scarf is Noro Lily, silk and cotton, a recommendation from Emma. It’s not all that long, therefore I fringed it lengthily!
    Thanks everybody.
    love, Kay

  • Another admiring “awwwwwwwwww” at Rose and that adorable jumping dress!

  • Jo–Brilliant shopping. Please get started on your log cabin blankie, and send pix asap. I want to start mine too, but figuring out color combinations is turning into one of those endless agonies I usually save for picking new shoes.

  • So, what happened with that purple, fringey scarf .. is it too late to put in a bid? Rosie is adorable and that dress…. gorgeous. Louisa Harding, eat your heart out!

  • Thanks for posting the picture of my little Rhode Island girl — Rose XinYe. I belive wearing the dress knitted by YiYi Kay contributed to her composure in family court — other adoptees were not as well behaved, but what can you expect, they were wearing store-bought.
    Thanks for all the past, present and future Rosie knitting. Love, Di.

  • By all means, knit for Rosie now! My own little Rosie, whose name is Josie (Josephine Jewell Ai’ Xia, or Quiao Ai’ Xia in China) also wore handknit to her second adoption, when she was 3. Alas, she is 8 now, and will humor me by wearing the latest sweater I made her on weekends only if I apply serious mom pressure. No hat no way, because nobody else at school wears “homemade” hats. Sigh. Congratulations to Rosie and her parents; she’s beautiful! Susan

  • I took the photo of Rose and can attest that she is even lovelier in person than in the photo, if this is possible. I mean, honestly, how much cuter can a little girl get?

  • Ron—In response to comments of this nature, we always say: “Yikes!!! A dude!!!”
    Personally I have seen none cuter than Rose. She has attained, and in fact defines, the maximum amount of cuteness, beyond which further cuteness cannot be perceived or measured.
    But then, Ron, we are not totally objective. Many subjective judgments are in fact correct, however.
    Thanks for stopping by! xox Kay