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  • This is the funniest blogpost ever. Love the photos.

  • Hello!

    You are scaring me a little.

    But just a little.

    Xo Kay

  • Love your ruggy skirt, but am really wanting a good, full-on view of the SWEATER. Please?

  • Hi Ann and Kay –

    I love your posts, however often, and whatever way they emerge. Always makes me feel like a part of things, expands my sense of having an experience even if I wasn’t actually there. Gives me ideas of things I might want, some day, to do. So here I sit, in Cincinnati, taking a break between appointments (I’m a therapist) doing a little something just for me. For that opportunity, I say thank you. It means more to me than you could know.


  • Ann, you’ve gone a bit Little Edie again, are you feeling quite well? X x

  • Not a true FO picture, and you can’t just get rid of us by offering us treats, either. We beg to see the sleeves, the inside, the matched and the mismatched…

  • Is that your lovely yard? Wow–it’s so pretty. In Chicago the lots are really tiny and we’re all on a first name identity with the squirrels.

  • LOL !! That’s all I’ve got to say. Oh, and now that I’ve caught my breath… Wow, what a lot of pretty knitting!

  • The honoured First Subscriber squeals in delight. Plans on contemplating dwindling supply of Peaches & Creme cotton stash for yarn to knit (another) Mitred Hand Towel in celebration of all things Mason Dixon.

    • *like*

  • What a funny post! I’m thinking probably a lot of non-knitters view us in this way (decked out in numerous handknits & looking like … an elf?).

  • So let me get this straight. You’ve wrapped a rug around you to go with the sweater which you have knit in the style of that rug. Hmmm. Too many Claramels, Ann? (The ones with the cherries will positively do you in…)
    Well, in any case,

    Knit On!


  • The hat. Its the hat that did me in.

  • Oh, it’s you! Thought I had stumbled into a Rowan magazine.

  • Very nice. Not everyone can wear a rug quite like that. Very chic.

    • It does add the pounds. Which is so desirable.

  • First of all..I love Bit O Honey but gee whiz.. no one gives them any more.. and I’m trying to keep my hands out of the Butterfingers.
    You look just like what I think my old lady pics will be. . Me wrapped in years of Noro blankets tied on with madelinetosh Honey cowls.
    Today my two kids .. who should not be trick or treating at 18 and 21.. are out and about as Hunter S Thompson and the Doctor (Who that is). I’m left to sit and knit..no longer needed as the Queen of Halloween.

  • You’re hilarious! Love the post. And the picture was a real treat. I think that’s how I look/feel on a lot of days.

  • So-o-o-o, Vicki in Rhymes-With-Rasmania wins the honor of being the first Blog Subscriber.

    I, on the other hand, who live w-a-a-y closer to Nashville (and Manhattan) than Vicki, can’t even get M-D to send me an email to notify me of new blog posts. I shall subscribe one. more. time.

    Mary G. in Rhymes-With-Lexus

    • Aw heck, Mare, we haven’t sent ANYbody any goshdang emails because the email-sender-thingie isn’t hooked up right. Nobody wants this fixed more than us! If we can’t do this better than the Affordable Care website, what good are we? TY for yer patience.

      • PS If you have registered for email notification, you don’t need to do it again. It’s all piled up in the back room, waiting for our intern to sort it all out.