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  • At least it’s not snowing there!!!

  • I recently read a Wikipedia article about the overuse of “LOL” in online communications, as in, “Are all the people who write ‘lol’ REALLY laughing out loud???!”
    I can attest (and I’m a Notary, heh) that I LOLed at your last paragraph.
    Take THAT, Wikipedia!
    P.S. Clean out the chimney and open the damper just in CASE!

  • I’ave outsmarted The Lagomorph this year — our flock of chickens produce light brown and pale blue eggs, so all we need is a sharpie — works a treat!

  • Maybe we should set out an Easter stocking (new project?) instead of a basket. By the way, it flurried here in Clarksville yesterday afternoon -maybe Nashville today ?! See you Monday!!

  • I miss having little ones around so I can dye Easter eggs. Have a wonderful Easter.

  • I love the wrapping paper, and the billiard ball eggs.
    Happy Easter.

  • Happy Easter! I think we will be dyeing some “wrapping paper” tonight thanks to you! We have great BBQ here so when you come because I know you will come (I am going to keep asking) we will have some great BBQ waiting for you so please please plesae come to Atlanta!

  • The eggs are bubbling away on the stove as I type. The kid is old enough to start forming some expectations and getting excited about Easter, but we won’t be adventurous enough for tie-dyeing just yet. Two year old and wet paper towels sounds like a combo for disaster (or paper mache) to me. Love the abandoned eggs – they’re beautiful.
    Weather in Portland, OR – 85 degrees Friday, rainy and 55 Saturday. Get that pollen flyin’ baby.

  • You can also dip white coffee filters in the coloured water. Especially the basket ones that flatten out and look like suns or flowers or whatever. We tend to keep our snowflakes up on the window for a long time, then switch to Valentines and then Easter dye experiments. Then it can be a long wait till Halloween….

  • Your eggs look great, and so do your paper towels. If you like that “left overnight in the dye” effect, check this out: http://chaosvortex.blogspot.com/2007/04/christos-anesti.html

  • Be warned: it’s verrrry easy to get carried away with the tie-dye-effect paper towels. I made a huge pile of them two years ago and they’re still in the basement somewhere. Also, when the paper dried, it separated into two plies so there are twice as many sheets as I intended to make!

  • Smart kids! Love the “billiard ball” eggs too. Enjoy the holidays (Easter / Passover)!

  • Commenter Hilda W, great minds think alike! In my blog entry today, I have a photo of a fake egg that reminds me of a fair isle design and mention that maybe we should start knitting Easter Stockings.

  • What vivid colors! I really enjoy dying eggs (says the Jewish girl), but I haven’t done it for years. Knitting is the only craftiness left in my life since I started grad school. Oh well. Perhaps someday…

  • Eggs are fine and all, but some roving may have also found its way into our leftover dye batches….

  • Too lazy to get to the store for Paas. Beets and turmeric and coffee grounds for us this year–which will make me feel a lot better about my mother insisting on eating all the eggs next week so they don’t go to waste. Happy Easter, Ann! xo, c.

  • That’s great! We did the same thing with paper towels last year. Happy Easter!

  • Quick question: Has anyone used a sewing machine to put the mitered square blanket together? I’ve used a soft washable yarn to make one for my son and plan to back it with fabric. Just curious. Thanks!

  • Happy Easter! Now you’re fully decorated 🙂

  • Happy Easter to you both!

  • I always love the forgotten eggs.
    I wonder how egg dye would do on yarn or handknits?….umm.
    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  • Thank you for the first genuine laugh of my morning! I’ve been wondering where the Easter Bunny was, now I know I should have taken the cover off my chimney.
    It is awful dreary down here, sleet, rain and cold. We’re afraid for the crops, especially the cotton.

  • Some Whitt’s sounds good. I mean, I really want some barbecue. Hmmm…just gonna have to see what the day brings.

  • Cristina– who needs Paas? Don’t you have regular food coloring in the cupboard? What works on cupcake frosting works fine on eggs. . .

  • Loved the eggs. Loved Tan’s red eggs, too. Almost wish I’d dyed eggs this year. Almost.

  • I told my kids that the Easter Bunny carries around a black hole with him, just his size. He throws it on the ground outside each house, dives into the tunnel which appears, then emerges inside the house. When he’s delivered the eggs and other goodies, he exits through the tunnel again, picks up the black hole, then goes to the next house and does it again.
    The black hole is like the ones they used to have in old Bugs Bunny cartoons and so on.
    Hope you had a good holiday!

  • OH, what I would do for some Whitts! My parents lived in M’boro for several years (I worked in N’ville 2 blocks from a Whitts) and I just loved that place! Can’t get good BBQ in Indiana. I’m sure it was good! Oh yeah, the eggs and towels look good too. Sorry the taste buds are going overboard right now, clouds the brain!

  • I used the leftover egg dye (three tablets worth after eggs) on 2 oz of superwash roving I had around with a little extra vinegar. Simmered on the stove for about 15 minutes and it mostly exhausted the dye with nice bright colors. Now I have to find another dye kit to do some more to get a pair of socks out of it!

  • How fun! I love the eggs and the fun tie dye! I hope you had a great Easter!

  • Mmmmmm Whitt’s barbecue. Mmmm. Viva Nashvegas.