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  • I have been to the original Dries shop in Antwerp. It is tiny and amazing. Actually you would love Antwerp.

    Dries + Bridget Riley (one of my artist heroines) has to be fabulous. Oh, the grey and yellow mitred square jumper. OH, those orange boots. Have been looking for somewhere to go for a long weekend – Paris it might be, for that exhibition alone. (And perhaps La Droguerie. I am only human.)

    • You lucky duck. Always and forever a Dries fan!

  • At the sight of that sweater, I was compelled to research the MDK archives for the very first instance of mitering – 2004!

  • Thanks, Ann, for introducing me to this wonderful designer and his perfect clothes!

  • Wow, those are amazing clothes. I clicked the link to his site and scanned the fashions. I’ll have the outer jacket (navy wool) in #16 and the black coat with the silver toggle in #25. I have to think about the other things but I love the colors and the big graphics. My shopping list may grow. Thanks, Ann.

  • You guys are endlessly inspiring. I have project-desire-overload! I want to rush out and buy grey and yellow yarn and just whip up a few squares. If I add that to the “list” (thankfully, this list exists only in my head) it would be about number 75….

  • I love the navy sweater with the silver flowers, and how all these coats feel very art-deco/20’s inspired, as well (feels like someone Sybil would have worn on Downton Abbey).

    Also, I find humour that, if he looks through his website traffic stats, he’s likely to find a whole bunch of click-throughs from Mason Dixon Knitting! haha

    Katie =^..^=

  • Woooooooo! Love this!

    • The coats, especially, remind me of Sonia Delaunay. Wearable art but never ungainly or unwomanly.

  • Drieeeeees.

    How wonderful. Let’s knock off that gray pullover with the neon stripe, ok?

    • Well, I was thinking KSH doubled for the mitre-y one. Or Fyberspates’ new Cumulus…

  • ‘Slutty’ fashion is not the antithesis of ‘respects women.’ There are certainly points to be made about the inherent misogyny of a whole lot of high-fashion aesthetics, but eesh. ‘More covered up’ is not automatically ‘more respected as a person.’

    • V, ‘More covered up’ in Dries’ way of covering up is certainly a long way towards more ‘respected’ – we’re talking Western fashion here, not about women compelled (or not) to cover-up for religious or cultural purposes.

      He also, unlike some other designers of similar standing, acknowledges that the women likely to have the funds to buy his clothes are not likely to want to wear pelmet skirts and plunging necklines.

      • All very interesting. Some of Dries’s most influential and breathtaking clothes are almost completely transparent, so your phrase “more covered up” is not what I’m talking about. I’m interested in the refinement of what happens in Dries’s clothes. Maybe I should have used the word “raunchy” rather than “slutty,” given the derogatory implication of that particular word, which has such heavy judgment built into it. That’s not what I intended to suggest.

        Here’s how Dries Van Noten puts it in the book Dries Van Noten: Print, Shape, and Fabric: “For me, fashion is the realization of a state of grace which we can call beauty. it represents a perfect harmony of the body, of personal expression and of clothing; it is something universal and timeless.” That harmony is what is missing from so many designers’ work. Logo T-shirts, handbags with his name plastered on them, supermodel ads–he does none of these things, isn’t interested in chasing every last dollar he can get with his brand name. It really is about beauty–he has been doing this since 1993, with an unwavering focus.

        • Maybe “tacky” is the word you’re looking for?

        • Yes, and also trashy, graceless, wrong, coarse, crude, unrefined, vulgar, cheap, common, inferior, junky, lousy, low-grade, second-rate, shoddy, tawdry, flashy, garish, gaudy, glitzy, grotesque, kitschy, loud, ostentatious, overdone. All that!

        • Thanks for the awesome and thoughtful reply. I just hit the word ‘slutty’ in counterpoint to ‘respectful of women’ and had a really hard moment with it. (But I sort of assume that you’re a fantastic person, so did not unpack my flammenwerfer to wave around.)

          Mind you, my aesthetic leans really hard into certain kinds of tacky on purpose, and it’s always interesting to explore different expressions of style and design.

  • Ann, will be in Paris April and June. Will definitely take in the exhibit – I have been to this museum before and saw an homnage to YSL (my hero). It was extremelly well done. E-mail me if you would like a catalog of the DVN exhibit. I will be happy to mail it to you. Tina

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