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  • Do I need a second Julia Hilbrandt felted bag, this time a charcoal City Bag? No. Do I want one? YES! The Knitter’s Tote is one of the finest items I have ever owned. I admire it daily and will soon be admiring my new charcoal City Bag.

  • The real question is do I need a third bag. I already have both in the original color. We’ll see how long I can resist.

  • I’m so glad I dithered on the decision about this bag because: Yes to charcoal! I purchased as fast as a click-to-order Kindle book. I intend to use the city bag as a purse into which I also tuck knitting.
    (Merry Christmas to me.)

  • Y’all! Your marketplace is full of so many temptations. I’ve already placed one order…

  • Thank you for the post and the promo for the beautiful charcoal bag! It is the stuff of dreams come true. Something nice to focus on, the knitting bag by my side.

  • If I bought this is have no money left to buy wool!

  • Yay for charcoal, but – they need to zip closed on top so that THINGS DON’T FALL OUT. So that they can be used as big purses or as carry-on bags. (Remember carry-on bags?)