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  • Kay, the poncho looks fabulous! It suits your beautiful model perfectly 🙂

  • How completely adorable is that poncho on her, and those are some of the snazziest dishcloths I’ve seen. It’s pretty hard to be impressed by dishcloths but I confess that I am. 🙂

  • Sarah b–Hey, for $2.56 you get two snazzy dishrags and you have yarn left over to add to your giant ball of finger-knitting. What?!–you mean you don’t have a giant ball of finger-knitting?–c’mon, you’re pulling my leg!!!
    In the nick of time, I found the solution to my ‘economize on yarn’ (right) resolution…..if only Peaches and Cream came in better colors, it would give Rowan Handknit DK Cotton a heart attack. It’s just as nice and washes great. There’s only so much you can do with ‘Fiesta Ombre’ though. The gamut from A to B.
    I accept the kind compliments from Sarah and Amy, on behalf of Rosie’s mom. She does make knitting look good. Those unevenly spaced buttons take on a spritely toddler charm….xox Kay

  • Kay, Kay, Kay, KAAAY–For heaven’s sake, I get up the steam to put up a photo of myself, and you dish back with ROSIE IN A PONCHO? I. Can. Not. Compete. I’m going to go borrow a cute little girl.
    I’m proud of you for Peaches n Cream, for Fiesta Ombre, for Faded Denim (I coulda tole you that you’d go for that one), for making it to the Wichita Wal-mart on your Takin’ It On the Road Tour ’03. (Side question: did you ever purchase, during your stand-on-the-chairs days of arena concertgoing, a black T shirt featuring whoever it was you had paid $12.50 to see? I had one really great Electric Light Orchestra T shirt with a big spaceship pod on it. Wish I still had it.)
    (Oh wait. Just checked eBay. Scary. Here it is.)
    But I digress. I’m all atingle at the prospect of a new gray cardigan. All my other gray cardigans have fatal flaws of one sort or another, and not a one of them has a Peter Pan collar with crochet trim. One thought: please be sure to allow for a forty-four-inch bust, seeing as how I’m going in for my augmentation procedure next week.

  • That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen….oh the poncho is adorable too!! 🙂
    Gotta love a *ponchoette* with sleeves, well done Kay!
    Ann, btw, don’t change a thing!

  • One more thing..why does everyone scoff at knitted washcoths? They are fun to knit when you need a total no-brainer and you can experimnet with colors you wouldn’t normally be caught dead with….someone out there has a chartreuse bathroom, dontcha know?
    I mean, I gotta draw the line at Shoud of Turin washcloths and the like but I love making up those Peaches-n-Cream wash-doilies and yours are just lovely Kay. (I would like that pattern in green and cream for MY bathroom rug. LOL)

  • Hi Debi–I’m going to need your support as I knit dishcloth after dishcloth–they are addictive, instant gratification. I have nothing against knitted dishcloths, but I worry, what’s next? handknit kleenex? dustrags? It was weird for me, wiping the counters with something I had knit. Seemed a bit sacrilegious. I guess I’ll get used to it when I have drawers full of them. Maybe it’s just me! xox Kay

  • Ann–you gotta buy that shirt. Pamela Lee would buy it. Size small and from 1977. It’ll be tight (given the, er, augmentation and all), but what’s your point?
    I think my Grand Funk Railroad concert purchases were limited to Bic lighters. I did have a Springsteen shirt from 1984 that I wish I still had.
    Here’s something: I was listening to WFUV in the car. The usual WFUV weekday fare: Tom Waits droning on in that gutteral monotone that I adore, ‘Downtown Train’. Carrie pipes up from the back seat, ‘Who was that singing Mommy? I liked it! How do you spell his name? What is the name of the song? What is it about? Do we have any of his records?’ My question is, what’s up with THAT? Is this proof that she has lived before (as I have long suspected) and attained enlightenment and wisdom beyond her years? Or is she just a weird little kid (as I have long suspected)?
    Ah, well. Love, Kay

  • Hi Kay
    I love the poncho!!
    Finally, another Rowanette who’s a dishcloth addict! I’ve not bought one for years as I make them to test new pattern stitches, working on the theory that if I can bear to do it for long enough to make a decent size cloth, then I know I’ll finish a garment.

  • Kay those dishcloths are funky. I’m thinking you might just start a craze – and at least they’d be something I can finish!
    Happy new year to you all 🙂

  • Hi Kay-
    You not only have my support, I’m here to enable you as well…try a knitted washcloth in the SHOWER!! They soap up great and they gently exfoliate too yet they are so soft. Everyone of my recipients loves em and begs for more. Here’s my favorite pattern AND it’s lace so you can practice before BIRCHING! 🙂

  • 1. Good luck with the ummm procedure, Ann. You know my mother, Toodie, and I are thrilled with the results of our breast reduction surgery. We are so much more comfortable now that we don’t have those ruts worn into our shoulders from the bra straps holding up those things. [In joke: we are both as flat as fried eggs.]
    2. I’d like that dishcloth pattern, Kay. Any chance of typing it up, since the Walmart hasn’t opened here yet?
    3. We still have the Genesis T-shirt Clif was wearing in our first photograph together. Talk about scary.
    4. At age 4, James was obsessed with Patsy Cline.
    5. Loving this thread. Pretty random, huh?

  • I love those dishcloths! They’re so funky!
    I did try knitting a washcloth once, but in the UK we don’t have Peaches and Cream so I tried it in a Jaeger cotton yarn. Of course, after a while I felt guilty at using Jaeger yarn for a washcloth so it turned into a bag. That was all that was needed to stall the project indefinitely!
    Hmm…anyone interested in trading some Peaches and Cream for Opal sock yarn? I’m serious.

  • Does Rosie suit pink or what?
    Gorgeous poncho – well done on the fringing, Kay – it might have been arduous, but it looks as though Rosie loves it!
    Can’t say I’ve ever knitted dishcloths, but I’ve certainly knitted stuff that should have been used as dishcloth! One sweater-cursed ex-boyfriend insisted on a Lady Voldemort design but also insisted that it was knitted in natural cotton. The closest thing available then was dishcloth cotton. He was happy with the finished article, I was not. Dishcloth cotton might be good for dishcloths, but it’s not the best thing for complex cabled sweaters or a knitter’s hands.
    Peaches & Cream does look as though it’d make good bathmats though…

  • Oh Kay! Just when I thought lil’ Rosie could not possibly get an cuter or your knitting get any better – whammo, here she is in all her manos-clad glory. Hard to say which is more adorable, the child or the poncho.
    As for the dishcloths, hmmmmmm. I never thought I’d even consider buying yarn at Wal-Mart but I bet that before the day is over, I’ll have a bag full of peaches and cream. I rather enjoy instant gratification knitting every now and again. Plus, it’ll be a great diversion from the ever-so-arduous, yet ever-so-lovely Striped Fringe scarf from the Winter ’03 Interweave Knits. 8 1/2″ x 92″ all on a size 2! What WAS I thinking???
    Thanks tons for the pictures today! Here’s to a happy new year for all.

  • Wow!! I love your dish cloths! So colorful. I just knit a bunch up in the peaches and cream yarn too, but now I am wishing I picked more crazy colors like yours!!! Beautiful.

  • Ah,Rosie + lovely fucshia poncho = gorgeous.Just stunning.Hope you got plenty of cuddles and kisses as ‘payment’.
    I never thought I’d say this…sexy dishclothes !!!
    Ann’s cardigan will be lovely.Grey,too,can look gorgeous.Sometines less is more.Ha,ha !
    As one who was told by her midwife that I had more than my fair share I really don’t understand why anyone would have augmentation surgery.My bras are made in Taiwanese ship yards.Can’t run for the bus…would knock myself out.Turning over in bed = the mexican wave.Hips first then each boob follows.Also who wants to talk to the top of men’s heads all the time ?
    Ann,DON’T DO IT !!! ;-]

  • Emma, you are hilarious. But I agree. Ann, if you still want to go through with it, I have enough to make both of us a nice fourty-four-inch bust:))
    Kay, I just love the pictures of Rosie in your knitting. She is sooo cute. The dishcloths looks great too, but do you really use them? Using my knitting as a dishcloth sounds worse than doing the steeks. Eeeeek!!!

  • Sissel! I know!! But they really are nice dishcloths. As you can see from the other scullery accessories in the picture, I am a ‘Fiesta Ombre’ kinda gal in the kitchen; store-bought dishtowels and such often seem way too sober and serious for my taste. As I sopped up chocolate milk with my new dishcloth for the first time, I took deep breaths and repeated, ‘$1.28 a ball, $1.28 a ball’!. xox Kay

  • Emma–LOL! Taiwanese ship yards! And Sissel, thanks for sharing. The way gravity seems to be working on me at the moment, I’m pretty sure I should not be a candidate for augmenting ANYthing. Augh! as Charlie Brown would say.

  • Kay, you brilliant knitting goddess you, dishcloths aside I think you have solved a sizable portion of my wheelchair cape knitting dilemma…little Baby Rose’s poncho, but I’ll shorten the back part so it tucks just under my son’s shoulder blades….surely there’s a way to do that… And then maybe someday I will be able to reclaim my alpaca ruana, which he currently wears under his too-floppy-for-the-frozen-Midwest-tundra “winter” cape.
    So dish (sorry, couldn’t help myself), where can I find the pattern? If I missed that in my faithful blog reading, just slap my wrist and point me in the right direction.

  • Kay,
    Love those dishclothes. I’ll bet they last better than my Target specials. I’ll take some in hues of tan. Jon would right away say–“oh that’s another Aunt Kay” present. He knew right away where the new overnight bag came from!

  • For the truly dishcloth addicted, here’s the site:
    I’m envious about the Elmore-Pisgah cotton! I could use such a mill near here. Then again I’d be living on dishrag soup after my shopping there….

  • Could Rosie BE any cuter????

  • I love your photo “Still Life with Dishcloths.” Great care has been taken with the supporting props.

  • Oh Angela, if only you could see the out-takes on my camera. A whole series of ‘nature mortes’: dishcloths posing with teacups, scrubbers, the flyswatter, ET CETERA. Close-ups, even. I’m totally insane but Ann insists on high production values.
    Thanks for noticing and please don’t think I’ve got as much time on my hands as would appear.
    xox Kay

  • One of the gals at my Sunday knitting group (knitsmiths) knit a few dish clothes in peaches and cream in red, green and white as Christmas gifts. They felt awesome and I wanted to a try a few. This blog and these comments have inspired me to go buy peaches and cream and knit a wash cloth!!!!!!
    PS. Only Angela would comment on the beauty of your props in the photo op of dish cloth madness. She has a degree in photo journalism and a masters in film!!! Bottom line, she knows a good pic when she sees one!! Great JOB Kay!!!

  • Well, my first PnC washcloth is done. I can’t quite bring myself to use it though. Heaven forbid I should stain this cloth with chocolate milk or some such thing. It cost all of $2.56 – oh, the horror of a stain would be unbearable! Hehe.
    Truthfully, I’ll probably use it in the shower rather than the kitchen since the faded denim really matches the blue in my master bath.
    Thanks Kay, I think!

  • Hi!
    I’m new here – just found your blog via Knitty. Love, love, love the poncho! Is that your design or is it a pattern I can get somewhere? I know a few girls who would look just smashing in a fringed poncho with arms and I’m still enough of a novice to need a pattern.
    Many thanks!

  • Hi Sara & welcome! I sent you an email (I think), but if you didn’t get it, email me.
    Thanks for stopping by, Kay

  • Hi,
    Love the dishcloths and the Poncho, lovely girl.
    I would like to knit one for my little 1 year old
    Jaszmyn. Please send info an how to get pattern.
    Thank you

  • Thanks again for displaying the lovely Rosie on the blog. She thinks she’s a knitwear model — when she puts on the poncho she says “picture?” Anyway, she just wore it on a trip to the children’s museum and the fringes could be easily tucked up for easy access to the water table.
    We love it, Di and Rosie.

  • Kay,
    I’m a late arrival, any chance of getting that adorable poncho pattern? Is it a Manos pattern? Thanks,

  • Have to add my congratulations on the pic of Rosie in her poncho, (this is my first experience of blogs, I found the address on an e-mail sent to Colourway (some of you will know us as Rowan and Jaeger stockists.) The colour was stunning, I generally hate the ‘pastels for children’ school of thought and equally the miniature adult styles. This was both seriously funky and definitely one for the child in all of us. It brings back fond memories of putting my own little girl (then 18 months, now 13 going on 40 and a Goth) into a whole bunch of my own machine knit designs to sell through the shop when we were first setting up. Most of our knitters didn’t want the book because it was for machine knitters, but loved the pictures. There’s nothing as great as a stunning child in nice knitwear, it makes them look good enough to eat.!! Best of British,

  • Hi Kay!
    Your e-mail link on the blog won’t go through on my server, so I’m posting here. Didn’t get the e-mail from you, could be that I gave you the wrong e-mail address (I recently moved and changed jobs and I have all kinds of accounts, passwords, addresses and phone numbers running around in my head right now) Sorry!
    Thanks so much!

  • we LOVE colourway!! i LOVE colourway, in fact just placed an order (thank you v. much, it came quickly) welcome to blogville.

  • If it isn’t too much trouble, could you email me a pointer to the poncho patter you made for Rose — our little Abbey-Dabbey would be SO adorable in that too! (blogrolling Mason-Dixon as I write!)