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  • I bought two of those three books based on Franklin’s review — thank you!

  • I purchased Knitting Comfortably after reading Franklin’s review earlier in the spring. It was/is life changing and not just in s knitting way! I am a Franklin fan.

    • Where did you find it?

      • I just bought it at WEBS

      • It is available on the author’s web site, Ergo, I knit (ergoiknit.com).

  • I think I’ve purchased every book Franklin has reviewed. He’s great at identifying a book’s assets and doesn’t inflate his praise

  • *’Microswatching is fast prototyping for slow knitting.’ Page five. The first time in this book my heart skipped a beat. I have pressed a violet there, in remembrance.”

    The man is a comedic genius.

  • I bought Making Marls after reading Franklin’s review. At the time I was knitting a sweater using two strands of hand painted yarn held together for the contrast colors. Now I need to get Marlisle.