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  • What a fun light hearted project this could be! I think my daughter might Ned this too! Time to pick colors and put away the heavy winter projects! The grandsons can’t wear those oily caps til the fall anyway!

  • Oh dear: do I feel a Sylph coming on?

  • That top looks great on you! Do the cap sleeves really drop to that perfect length? Love it.

  • It must be time for me to cast on. Is the gauge you list on Ravelry after washing?

  • Since you asked which color to choose, well, why choose just one? The stripes are made by sections knitted with one strand of yarn alternating with sections knitted with two strands of yarn. Idea No. 1: Use one shade of yarn throughout, but add another shade in the sections knitted with two strands. Idea No. 2: Use three shades of yarn — one for the one-strand sections, and the others in the two-strand sections. Idea No. 3: To hell with choosing colors. Fassettize it with coins, pinwheels, pitchers, chevrons, etc., in the two-strand sections.

    Olive, you’ll have to take yourself for walks while Kay ponders the possibilities.

  • It looks like it could be fun and maybe light.

  • Lovely yarn, clever pattern. I blended several colors for stripes, which was fun as well. Looking forward to getting it out, but probably not soon [email protected]