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  • Coolest ornaments ever. My family is getting saltdough ornaments. 🙂
    Where’s my lifeguard?

  • Too many Mary Neals! See http://www.newesp.org.uk; she’s the founder of the original version of my Morris team, so I’m getting terribly confused and befuddled by the red haired versions.

  • I think we should have regional Perfect Sweater Parties. Actually thought this a while ago and it feels so good to get it off my chest. I personally would host the Northern Va/MD/DC area one. And the loungers are welcome too, of course. We just have to figure out how to include people who live in far flung or isolated places. Oh and there will be libations. With umbrellas. Can’t wait to start (the sweater- ahem)!

  • brilliant, simply brilliant.
    Ann, when you are ready, and if you have a moment, can you send me the measurments for the size small, as well as your gauge? (Oh, and any instructions you might have jotted down) and I will plug them into my super calculator and we can start to generate custom sized instructions.

  • And Cascade 220 is only appropriate, isn’t it? Those are just plain adorable.

  • Are they really yarn and needles, or are they made out of polymer clay or something? I can’t tell from the picture. Very cool, all the same.

  • *sigh* I’ll host the Seattle area one, if someone will help me with my sleeves…

  • The only fragile thing about those ornaments was the super sharp needles-of-death that my Handsome Prince helped me to make. I supposed, as a non-knitter, he didn’t realize that knitting needles aren’t required to be cabable of skewering small woodland creations. Luckily for Ann, those can double as both decorative knitting needles and deadly weapon.

  • capable

  • Yes! Yes! A Chicago-area yarn-winding party! I cannot tell you how much I love winding yarn. It is my only real talent — the ability to make perfectly spherical balls of yarn and appear cheerful while doing so.

  • ….i love small world stories….

  • great story. . . .don’t know if i have room to host an nyc party, but will help fill the lounge or with snacks if we can find room . . .yarnwinding sounds like a good lounge activity.

  • I don’t have room for an NYC party either, but I have keys to a church… I’m just saying.

  • you’re not saying………wind up the yarn???????

  • The Chicago chapter of MDK is ready to roll!

  • I will host the Northern/Central California MDK get together. I’m pretty centrally located.

  • Just let me know when Chicago is getting together and I’ll be there.

  • We’ll have to have an English Perfect party as well, won’t we? Somewhere central, like Cambridge??

  • Fab story. Just to inform you of more Brit Slang, ‘bonking’ is something done between consenting adults in a place which may or may not be private and in a definitely more intimate way than just happening upon a fellow MDK reader, if you get my drift…. (I’m only telling you this so that you’re prepared correctly for when you finally move to Fair Isle. People there might get the wrong idea otherwise!) x x

  • I’ll happily host an English Perfect Sweater party in Camden, London – which *might* be easier to get to for many people than Cambridge (have you ever tried to get to Cambridge from Norwich?) – unless someone could host in Birmingham/Coventry/Leicester – which is similarly easy for most of the country to get to.

  • I’ll happily host a Western New York yarn-winding party. I have one of those nice tabletop (my mind just went blank) thingies that you put the hank of yarn on, and I haven’t used it in a while.
    And I have a recipe for Margueritas and a blender. And yarn. What else do I need?
    I have been enjoying all the photos, musings, and comments from everybody.

  • Perfect Sweater Party Chicago Committee Chairs, please let me know if you’ll meet while I’m in that Toddling Town for the holidays, please? (12/23-1/7). Cristina, official Displaced Person of MDK

  • I’m game for a perfect sweater party as well as I can get there from here.
    (Ann: there is an America’s Next Top Model marathon on right now and I cannot. stop. watching. You were right, way back when.)

  • I love those ornaments! I’m thinking I need to make some for my tree now…