Chuffed: The Particular Joy of Finishing

By Ann Shayne
May 2, 2017

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  • Wow, that looks PERFECT!
    As a mostly-sock-knitter, I miss out on a lot of the Joy of Blocking; I only block socks if they are to be gifts. But vicarious blocking is a lot of fun!

    • The Before and After on this thing was profoundly satisfying, I have to say. Colorwash Shawl has a similar promise of prime blocking satisfaction.

      Agree re blocking socks–my feets is what blocks ’em!

  • I absolutely LOVE the colors you chose for the shawl. I am smitten!

  • Dotty? Could that be a hint? I do love dots.

    • Tune in tomorrow! ; )

  • wonderful! Also, re. 2-piece swimsuits – you can do it! The key is “tankini”. I even got one with shorts. Life changing, I tell you! Sort of like beautiful intarsia that doesn’t look anything like an 80’s sweater.

    • I basically put on a pup tent at this point and hope for the best!

  • So, if I start knitting now, and don’t stop until tomorrow, can I finish the second half before the next project is announced? 😉

    • Eight Ball says yes. Eight Ball also says to ditch work.

  • My Colorwash Scarf pushed Brambling right off my lap… but not far!! Excited to learn what’s new tomorrow.

    • I hope you like it! It’s supercute.

  • landsend has nice two piece cover ups. Kind of a tank top and skort bottom. Not bad.

  • You did such A great job! That yarn looks so lovely!!!!
    You did this in two weeks???
    I am so jealous!!!!

    • Once I got into the “S Town” podcast, I was a goner . . .

  • I also put intarsia in the same category as wearing a 2-piece swimsuit. I am reveling in the challenge of the year of techniques, but I am saving my intarsia outing for a bit. I have a wedding shawl to knit first. (Good heavens! Not for me!)

  • The shawl looks great, even in close-up! (As for the two-piece swimsuit, do you mean the kind with knee-length bloomers and a skirt?)

  • The shawl has turned out beautifully , blocking has left it blemish free – congratulations

  • How did you block it?

    • Soaked it for 20 minutes in cold water with Eucalan, rolled it in towels, then spread it out (it’s like ten feet long!), and decided not to pin it or use blocking wires. Was feeling lazy.