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  • Dear Santa,
    I need the corgi and a mended blanket please. I’ve been a very good girl.

    Oh, wrong kind of letter…

  • This is hands-down the best gift guide I have seen this year or possibly any year. I say that because I want to buy myself most of the things on this list.
    Is that So Wrong???


  • I want all of these things.

  • This week, I started listening to my MDK 2015 Christmas playlist. It is the best!

  • Love this gift guide. I think I want everything on it. I usually have to buy my own Christmas gifts and I’ve already ordered from the MDK shop. Maybe I can sneak something else in.

  • I ordered that depilling brush after reading about it here a week or so ago. Also, can vouch for several of the goodies on this list since I own them already. Thanks for adding to my Santa list.

  • This is the best start for this day! I love everything on the list!

  • That corgi needle gauge was just for my benefit, yes? PANDERING ACCEPTING. Now, where’s my credit card ….

  • This list is the very best!! Great work, ladies. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a fantastic 2017 to you and MDK!!

  • I had to order the Emily Dickenson book. I will probably sleep with it under my pillow.

  • We cannot shout out enough to Thistle Farms! They have a gorgeous scented bug spray, too.

  • You may not have stocked enough pom pom makers if people see the work of a Japanese artist, Tsubasa Kuroda. She sculpts animal heads from a pom pom. Use Google Images or go to Instagram – and be amazed.

    • gahhhhh so good!

  • I must have that bracelet.

  • What a great list. You had me at Norah Gaughan. I may leave it lying about, with the additional comment that my birthday is just a few months later….

  • I own a few of these things and love them, so I’m thinking this is my kind of list. The leather bracelet is one — it makes me feel crafty and edgy when I wear it. And the MDK things, which I couldn’t resist when I first saw the new site. Great list!

  • The gift I’ll buy for myself is that genius bracelet. The gadget I’d add to your list is the Sirka Counter by Grellow and Gray. Counts three things at once. Solves the dreaded “at the same time” knitting instruction dilemma. It’s my favorite gift for knitters.

    • Hear! Hear! Mine was in my list one year and Santa skipped over it. Came up with a reason myself that I deserved it by Feb of that year. Love it.

  • What happened with the Christmas ham? I so appreciate your humor.

  • I can’t speak highly enough of my slow cookers. when I found a slow cooker with three (1) different sized crocks for different sized recipes, I consigned my one sized pot (wedding present 1976) to slow cooker dying, and now use different sized pots in the kitchen. Fabulous! And slow cooker dying is a lot of fun, and you can keep cooking it until you have the color you want–just add more dye.

    I just wish my current cooker had a timer. But life should not be perfect.

  • All those people who grumble at me for forgetting to add to my wish list are going to be so happy!

  • Thank you! Emily Dickinson soon to be under best friend’s tree. Would never have come up with that perfect-for-her gift on my own.

  • My favorite appliance is not single use. It’s multiuse! The Instant Pot! An electric pressure cooker that sautés, steams, makes yogurt, slow cooks, pressure cooks, makes divine cheesecakes (You will faint at the pictures on the FB page!!! Snickers Cheesecake!!), makes soups, makes pull apart BBQ pork in 45 minutes… Sigh…

  • I have tried to order your little new book of stripes twice, can’t get the order to go through. Any suggestions?

    • So sorry, Deann! We’ll contact you directly.

  • Wonderful ideas, love the corgi needle sizer! The books are great, when I can I will invest.


  • When I get the Porter Bin home, I will send a picture of the first cat who claims it as their winter bed.

    • “If it fits, I sits!”

  • This is a great book for kiddo and adult knitters alike!

    Leave Me Alone!
    An epic tale about one grandmother, a giant sack of yarn, and her ultimate quest to finish her knitting.

    I came across it when ordering books for my library and just HAD to share.

    Happy gifting!

  • We love Happy Cup coffee. It is quite yummy, but it’s also so nice to pop into their shop. You can see people happily working and know that you are making a difference in many lives.

  • Ohhhhh, Brahms Mount. Their blankets and throws are AMAZING. Apart from a couple of handmade quilts, they are all I use. And for those of you who might know a woman experiencing her own personal summers (exactly), their linen blankets are perfect. Trust me on this.

  • In the new year I will treat myself to books on your list. Then I will have to alternate between knitting and reading on the train as I commute to work and home again.