Carbeth: 1 Blocking Tip

By Ann Shayne
February 20, 2018
If you're still thinking of banging out a Carbeth, just do it!

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  • Ann-it’s beautiful! The color and length are perfect for you! You get a Mylar blanket AND a new set of dishes.

    • I added 2″ to the body length as well, and used corrugated ribbing for the cuffs, collar and bottom band.

    • Hello. My Carbeth is coming along. I will knit the Torso 12″ long as I am 5’9″ and I have a long torso. This sweater works for all the different lengths and body types. 🙂

  • Love your dishes. Oh and your jumper. Looks delicious. What’s a Mylar blanket?

  • Your Carbeth is perfection! wear it in good health!

  • That looks wonderful! This also validates my choice to go to 10 inches for the body, although I have yet to get far enough to try on. I had to take a few days off from the bangalong.

  • Thank you for the data point! It looks perfect on you! I’m a late entry to the Carbeth, having just started 2 days ago (I’m 8 inches in already!), but this validates my thought of adding 2-3in in length.

  • Looks great!

    Decisions on adding the same amount of length are, hopefully, being based on people’s back neck to waist measurement. If Ann’s is X inches and yours is X+2, yours will look 2 inches shorter than Ann’s on your body if you add 2 inches.

    • Want to second this excellent point! The distance from your shoulders to your hips (and where your waist falls in that space) is startlingly unrelated to your overall height. We humans come in all sorts of interesting proportions! How cropped (or not) Carbeth looks *on you* depends on where it falls *relative to* the visual landmarks of your shoulders/waist/hips, not its absolute length.

      Ann, would you be comfortable sharing how the back-neck-to-hem measurement of your Carbeth compares to your back-neck-to-waist (or hip) measurement? (measuring from the back neck because the armhole depth in raglans is intrinsically tied to the bust circumference, making it hard to compare armhole-to-hem measurements between sizes without doing a lot more math) I think your Carbeth looks fabulous, questionable selfie or not!

      If you’re really nervous about How Much Crop, I can’t recommend enough trying on an existing garment (sweater, t-shirt, whatever as long as it’s somewhat A-line/boxy in a Carbeth-y way), pinning it up until it’s the length that feels good to you, then taking it off and measuring the length of the garment from the neck (again, don’t measure from the underarms, because armhole depth varies between different styles). That measurement, translated into Carbeth terms, should at least get you in the ballpark!

      • I will definitely get more measurements: TRUTH IN DATA!

        Excellent tips for better fit! Thank you!

      • This is a great idea. So useful.

  • It looks fantastic! You can totally pull off the cropped look and the color looks great on you. Well done.

    • Thanx Janet! Will be doodling around Edinburgh in me Carbeth!

  • Is it wrong to want to knit one just for the plate blocking neck ?
    Yours looks swell! Xox

    • If wanting that is wrong, i don’t want to be right. Just saying. 🙂

  • I was second guessing myself for the LOT (length of torso) so much that I went with a provisional cast on. I knit the LOT to pattern, then tried it on afterwards. I’m now working on adding about two inches and will try it again to make sure before adding the hem. I did the same for the cuffs, since I’m pretty particular about where they hit my wrists.

    It seems that your lovely china was the perfect complement to the Shibui for blocking. Fine china for fine yarn!

  • To me they are the Plates of Ann.

  • My mom has also passed, Ann. It is funny how they can still reach out from the great beyond to help us when we need a hand (or, in this case, a plate).

    The bird on the plate reminds me of a phoenix even though it is not bathed in fire. Perhaps it’s just a phoenix who is relaxing and contemplating her next knitting project.

    The sweater is lovely, Ann, and it looks great on you!

  • Understand your plight! I am short waisted and 5’0″ below sea level. The struggles one faces! I will have to figure out what is best for me! I love your Carbeth so much and want to knit one soon.

  • But you forgot to say how many inches you added to the sleeves….

    • You’re right! I added 3 inches! This allowed me to have cuffs, which I’ve never had on a sweater and now believe to be excellent additions.

  • Snuggly perfection!

  • Looks just wonderful!
    I might have to knit one….

  • Yours looks great! Thanks so much for the picture of plate blocking, I had been curious and a little anxious about that. I’m also a bit of a china enthusiast, so I appreciated the description of the plate. Plates of Mom/Ann, indeed.

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • Great Carbeth. And as U2 said A phoenix rising needs a holy tree

  • Thanks for the photo and the stats! As another 5’10″er I am always eager to know how this might look on the non-petitie!

  • The sweater looks great. So does the plate. But how much catnip did you need to convince Kermit to let you have the sweater so you could wear it?

    • Kermit was particularly interested in this as something to sit on WHILE IT WAS DAMP. HE’S SUCH A WEIRDO.

  • Your sweater looks marvelous on you! Love the color and the fit. (I’m whispering).

  • Your sweater and plate story are beautiful ❤️

  • Nicely nicely nicely done !!!

  • Your sweater looks great! I’m finishing up the neck on mine so soon I will be done. I decided to add 4″ to the body length since I am tall and long-long waisted. I’m hoping it still looks a little kicky. I added 2″ to the sleeves as well.

    • Yes! Kicky! It’s such a fun pattern.

  • It’s perfect on you! I added an inch to the body (I’m 5’8″ but fairly short-waisted) and 2″ to the sleeves (well, to the first sleeve – I’m only about halfway done with the second, but I plan on it matching the first!). I have what my family lovingly calls “monkey arms.” I point out that I’m that person in the grocery store who can reach the stuff on the top shelf for other shoppers!

    • Thank you, Janna—I think you’re going to love this sweater.

  • “A few inches south of the BUSTULAR ZONE”. Laugh-out-loud funny! Also thank you for the plate-blocking demo and the occasion to remember our mom’s China.

  • What is a Carbeth? Is that the name of the sweater pattern?

  • It looks FANTASTIC, Ann!!

  • Good for Mom. New sheets are good too. Now I’m a bit taller than you and very long waisted. I want it at a navel-hip bone level and am almost there. I appreciate your sensitivity to the challenge of being stylish but not looking as if you’ve borrowed your clothes from your short sister. I’m using the Cascade Eco that I had in the stash–maybe you should try one of those for the barn. But I envy your gorgeous sweater and I will continue. Cheers.

  • May I add a eulogy for the late lamented Sew E-Z blocking board, which I see you are using. I have one too. I wanted to buy another one for large projects, and they are no longer being manufactured. The table pad company that made them went out of business or something like that. I cannot even find one used on eBay. 🙁
    I am thinking of ordering a table pad from another company and covering it myself in gridded fabric. I called one company, and the operator knew what I was talking about. He had sold others that way to forlorn knitters.

    • Say it ain’t so, Nina! I can hardly express my devotion to my Sew E-Z blocking board. It has been my stalwart companion through many a misshapen handknit. It is a tank, really. It sounds like you’re on the way to a new one.

      • It’s such a great tool, I think. I don’t want to use those interlocking rubber gym mats. The texture seems all wrong.

    • Cocoknits has a gridded fabric that is excellent!

  • The top half is beautiful, but it still looks like half a sweater to me.

    • LOL I think I’ll put a giant ruffle on it! ; )

  • That looks perfect on you! Nice use of china.

    I’m short, and short-waisted. I’m still not convinced I could pull this off. But if I did try, I’d use a provisional cast on so I could knit down to a length that works on me after the top parts were done. Right now I’m too busy log cabinning! (That’s a verb, yes.)

  • I love my blocking board and was hoping to get another, say it isn’t so.
    There is something special about china, the next generation doesn’t get it with their Crate and Barrel registries. Even though my children ate daily from the good china and silver in the dining room until our routine got interrupted by sports schedules, I don’t know if any of my children will want my mother’s fine china that has my parents’ names and wedding date on the back of each piece. I bring out the dessert plates when someone brings cake to my knit night.

  • It looks fabulous!!! Great color and length!

    I love your Plates of Mom. Veddy Britishy, which is to say elegant but somehow quirky.

  • Your Carbeth is beautiful, but I also feel compelled to tell you about Replacements Ltd. in case it is new to you. Here’s what they’ve got for Wedgwood Old Chelsea:

  • I love your sweater and your china. I just cast on for Carbeth Cardigan. I want to point out that when I saw your china I immediately saw that the foliage creates a beautiful face. I like it even more because of that. Am I the only one who saw that?

    • The negative space looks like a face without my glasses on