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  • That yarn makes a great little “Seaman’s Guernsey hat” ala Churchmouse. The size 1 needles aged me a few years… Your sweater will be beautiful!

  • A headlamp is my answer to what can be difficult about knitting with black yarn

    • So great! Kay is famous for nighttime car rides with headlamp proudly affixed.

  • This sweater is gorgeous! I am a lover of the moss stitch even though I hate trying to count the rows. Such a great looking sweater and it is calling to me but I hate sewing seams. Uggg. And I’m so glad to hear I am not the only one wearing a headlamp!

  • This is definitely navy!

  • Thanks to the link to Turks Knot – I’ve bookmarked that website for future knotty issues.

  • LOL!! Nice talk! I just had an excursion, too with size one needles and 100% baby alpaca yarn…..I had to double the yarn, really and up the needle size…..a pain, yet it just builds my yarnie bones.

    I just got done making a three inch garter stitch border in “black”!! That was the knit lagphan log cabin 10 ridge pattern. Loving the concept, I made it in one piece…..love that, too. Then, I had to make it in a full size; yup!! 100,00 stitches…..probably.

    Yup, I’m making another full size…..bought 10 (ten) 14 oz skeins of yarn; LOL!! Hubby says, “Quit rumbling about the black border yarn!!” I said, “Nahhhhhh!!”

    LOL!! Gotta tell ya, my swing arm 3-way lamp and ‘reader glasses’……and patience…..gets me through the ‘black business’. I find the black border just frames it nicely; elegant…..and I get bored stiff with all the knitting so I put a crochet picot border on them……in black! LOL!!

    Thanks for listening!! DRM