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  • Totally unfair, I watch that almost every night, but tonight have plans, will look it up on the web when I get home.
    Go Merle!

  • PBS!! Can the Oprey be far behind?

  • mmmmmmrrrrr-UL, mmmmmmrrrr-UL, mmmmmmmrrrr-ull!

  • Merle HAZARD, not Haggard.
    Jeeze, I really need to stop doing drugs before (or while, I guess) posting comments on your blog.
    Or for that matter, while knitting. OY the mistakes I’ve made recently. I’m giving myself schpilkas!
    (Do you think that somebody could at least invent a Yiddish dictionary for spell check? I mean, really, is that too much to ask? We’re adrift here.)

  • Also, drugs are bad, kids. Very bad. Don’t do them. Or you’ll end up like Miss Virginia.
    Although, you probably will eventually anyway, given the whole degradation-of-the-mind-as-you-get-older thing.
    With my luck, I’ll end up with all my faculties as I get older, and then where will I be? FULLY AWARE OF HOW CRAPPY THE AGING PROCESS IS.
    Also, don’t swear. The moral of the story: Don’t swear, or do drugs. Really. Or I’ll get mad. If I can remember who you are.

  • He was great! I actually heard the radio promo in the car and recognized the voice, though I thought I might be hallucinating. Luckily I made it home in time to watch the segment on TV for the full effect.

  • Thanks for once again posting Merle who gave me a chuckle when I really needed one.

  • Merle is going to be bigger than Charlie Bit My Finger!

  • I just saw him on PBS, very exciting. I think he is the best voice for the rest of us “working poor who are hoping for a break sometime soon” thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

  • I heard your husband singing on NPR today. (Newshour?) I kind of freaked out a bit with excitement, but there was no one to share with.

  • “Dog on a Skateboard” would be too much to hope for, but we hope anyway.

  • I thought I recognized that mantle!

  • We watched! Congratulatons, Merle (and Ms. Hazard).
    My mathematical finance professor husband kept snorting and hmphing about John Taylor’s equation, even though I pointed out that ALL of economic theory is an oversimplification. Otherwise it wouldn’t fit into a C&W song so succinctly.

  • love the hat

  • Gawlnabbit! Here I was on freaking Capitol Hill, waiting for the big speech to begin, and I MISSED MERLE. It had BETTER be on the Newshour website!

  • Merle was GREAT. He’s been fabulous from the beginning, though the gal duo is pretty impressive also.
    Is American Idol in the cards?
    Cheers, Karen