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  • ME! ME! ME! ME! i want to read the book! please please please please.
    why, yes, i *do* have a toddler. and yes, i do spend all day with him. and i no longer know how to talk to adults.

  • Oh would I ever love to get one of the first copies to brag about and then tell all my knitting friends they need to get one also. HOpe I get this off early enough to win.

  • I want in!!!!!

  • Would love to have!

  • Having enjoyed reading all of your other writing, I would love to read your novel!

  • I would love to read your book!

  • I would love to read and review your book!!!!

  • Wow! It would be cool tO read bowling avenue. Your writing is great!

  • I would treasure the experience.

  • Would love the chance!!!

  • I am so willing to take a look. Thank you very much indeed for a favorable random consideration.
    Cheers, Karen in McLean

    • “Karen in McLean”,………*NY???

  • I would be thrilled to get in on the initial buzz surrounding your novel. Both you & Kay can really turn a phrase and I’m so looking forward to reading Bowling Avenue. And Isle of Printing looks vintage-y and modern all at once. So cool.

  • I always read the Mason-Dixon blog with fascination, even more so with the story of your book and all that’s involved along the way.
    Thanks for sharing! And of course I’d love to read your book πŸ™‚

  • Hello Ann,
    I would dearly love a copy of your new book. I have been following along with the rest of your readers, watching the book’s progress and am keenly interested not just in the book’s contents but in the front cover too. This printing fellow is pretty amazing and yes, well worth waiting for.
    Hoping your book is a huge success.

  • Me too. I love tg
    His blog so much I can’t fathom not loving the book. Besides can we get mason-Dixon knitting on ebook?

  • I would be honoured to read your book. I already love the written word in your knitting books, I can’t imagine not loving your fiction writings.

  • I would love to read your book and let my book-ish friends know about it. Even the non-knitters.
    I work for a scientific publisher and we generally did short runs of our books and journals. Now 90% of our products are printed POD. It is truly the way to go.

  • I would love a copy. I have created a goodreads account, and should really post reviews there… so I will post one of this book πŸ™‚

  • How delighted would I be to have a chance to check this out and help spread the word…!!!

  • I’d love to be one of the first to read your book!

  • I would love a PDF copy and promise to promote it to anyone and everyone who will listen. I will tell them that you’re nice, attractive and a Titan of the knitting world!!

  • To have a chance to see your book I would not only call you attractive and friendly, but compliment your baking and heirloom poundcake recipe.

  • I would love to read a copy of your novel. If it has knitting in it, a review sounds like a good only somewhat off-topic post for my blog.

  • I would love to read a copy of the book.

  • I agree, if you think a certain family is Straightforward or Simple… you just haven’t made it beyond The Facade. Please send your book to me!!

  • I’d love to read your book!

  • Can’t wait to see the cover! I’d love to read the book, too. Smiles!

  • I would knit my next log cabin blanket in your honor!

  • I would love a copy of the book please. I am not only a knitter but also a book blogger. I do also post my reviews on Goodreads, LIbraryThing, and PaperbackSwap.

  • I would love a copy of your ebook (epub – B&N edition). I read constantly and have (this year) placed reviews of all the books I read on GoodReads. I have knit a number of things from your previous books and always enjoy the style of writing that accompanies the patterns. Good luck with the book!

  • I would love to read your book! What fun!
    P.S., I also have both Mason-Dixon Knitting books and have made projects from them.
    Best wishes on the book. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  • Ooooh, pick me, please. I’ll make my book group and all my global traveling friends read it. (and will share reviews with my ny and ma cohorts and family as well)!!

  • I would love, love, love to read Bowling Avenue and I will comment all over the place and to everyone I know and don’t know.

  • How I miss you when you don’t post, but that itch would get scratched with my very own copy of your new book! Bring it on!!!!!

  • That Bryce! Isle of cuteness!

  • I would love to read your book! I just finished the series I was reading … so I am primed and ready for something new! Congrats on the cover – I am sure it WILL be lovely!

  • What a terrific way to promote your novel. I’d love to read it.

  • Yes! I will take one!
    So! Excited!

  • Ann – I’d love to read your book and share it with my book club! I’m very excited about this – what a great adventure! And waiting for Bryce sounds like it will be worth the wait.

  • We are self-publishing our cookbook, for many of the same reasons! My head is bowed to you for your fabulous decision to letterpress your cover. Art and craft collide again, with amazing results.

  • Count me in !! And I’ll use my powers of persuasion to have my book club read it, too!!

  • I’m always up for reading a book!

  • I would love to read your book. Just send it my way.

  • I would love to see your book. I’m always looking for new stuff to read.

  • Oh man I hope I made it. I would LOVE to help you in your freeola campaign!

  • I was just looking for your book on Amazon! guess I was too early.

  • I was just looking for your book on Amazon! guess I was too early.

  • You know I’d be happy to take a look, and a read, and to go Tell It On A Mountain after….

  • If I’m not too late, I’d love a copy!

  • Would love to read it and spread the word!

  • Did I get it? Ever since you acknowledged my comment about your “music video” (I thought my San Francisco roots caused a reaction not normally found in Nashville, namely you and Kay looked like country trannies), I’ve thought you might be a good author. I know you’re a friendly and attractive person already. Pattie in San Francisco

  • Would love to read and review! Am I allowed if the only place I review it is on Facebook? πŸ™‚

  • Me too please!

  • Love to read this thang.

  • I’m the 54th comment, but I’m hoping against hope that maybe there are some duplicates in there. Or something. I’d love to take a look. And, I’m the facilitator of an on-air book club for our local radio station, if that is an incentive. We discuss our books on-air, and take calls. So you’d get the word out for Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico!

  • Dear Ann,
    I think you are MORE attractive and friendly than ‘ol #50, who, I think, must have posted twice, or, very frankly, 5 times.

  • Darn, missed it! Oh well! I like to review books and products on my blog, but more recently have been writing reviews for other blogs, LOL! πŸ™‚

  • I’m too late, but that’s okay. I’m buying it when it’s available and will still say nice things about you.

  • Just in case you have a few more copies, I would love to read and review it.

  • I would love a copy and though I missed the first 50 group, I write lavish reviews and am a huge fan of you two at Mason Dixon knitting. I started knitting again because of your book, and I am in the “complicated family” category, so this would be a welcome break! If there are not enough copies, no worries, I will read it when it hits the bookstores. Thank you — Valerie W. “oaklandval” on Ravelry

  • Bummer! I just missed the cut-off by 8 comments. Best of luck and I can’t wait to read your book!

  • Oh my, seems I just missed out! Oh well, I will still be reading it! One way or another!

  • Darn, can’t believe I missed it — I drive down Bowling Avenue all the time, and that alone has me committed to reading it when I’m given the chance — now or later!

  • Dang. I was home with Mr. McPukeypants and his older brother, Sir CantQuiteRunToTheToiletFastEnough, yesterday, and missed this post. I’m so excited about the book.

  • Love that you are publishing on demand, and love the idea of a super arty cover. You go! Looking forward to when it’s available – I know it will be entertaining.

  • Nod, nod. Wink, wink. Really big smile. That and a box of tissues.
    You should have seen the Provost pulling into BA from WE in front of us Sunday as we were getting to church…late. And during Passover! NO PARKING SPACES ANYWHERE!!
    Think the artist daughter has worked with the artist Bryce before. Sound choice. =)
    One last thought. Do you think it is sacrilege to call PSSO the Hebrew stitch?

  • Believe I am out of the running for the first 50…
    However, when I looked up “Attractive and Friendly”
    in my print copy of the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, your picture was there.

  • Even though I believe I am number 68, I’m looking forward to reading a (paid-for) copy of your book, and reviewing it on my blog:http://bronwenreads.wordpress.com. I don’t do letterpress printing myself, but I am a book historian/librarian, with friends who do letterpress for fun and teaching at the University of Toronto. And I do occasionally blog about book history/print culture nerd topics over at my blog too. Yay for letterpress (just checked out the Etsy shop – gotta get me one of those “Good Coffee” posters) and yay for Bowling Avenue!

  • dang dang dang. missed the first 50 cutoff. writing anyway in case you get all random about it.

  • Well, I also missed “the first 50” deadline, and while I would normally smile graciously and clap politely for the winners, today I will say,
    “Ah, c’mon! I WANT to read it, I HAVE TIME to read it, it’s Friday the 13th, which is my lucky day, (as Lady Gaga might say, “I was born this day, hey!”) and well, I’d just like you to send it to me, ‘K?”
    OK, unattractive wheedling episode has now passed. Thank you.

  • Oh, Ann – chalk this one up in the “small world” column – I actually went to college with Bryce way back when (I’m not going to say how way back or how when at this point) and, of course, as happens with most folks from college, we lost touch. It is so nice when two worlds converge and to learn how one very talented artist made good. Pondering the idea of six degrees of separation . . .

  • I know – I am not one of the first 50 commentors – but, BUT – today, Friday the 13th is my birthday – my 12 yo daughter made me a black friendship bracelet in honor of the Friday the 13th part and then a green one to off-set any bad luck today might bring. How great would it be if I could tell her that the green one brought me the opportunity to read your book? Plus, also, I’m a southern girl too – who loves to read southern girl literature and I’m a talker too, so I would talk to everyone about your book. So, several good reasons to gloss over that first 50 part – but no hard feelings if you don’t!

  • While I am commentor Way of 50, I am going out on the very shaky limb that there may be over 20 comments before me that are not somehow interested in previewing your book. Of Course You Are Gorgeous! And Friendly! You Have Amazing Ductwork Too!

  • I was just thinking about how fun it will be to read your novel . . . if you decide to increase your offer to the first 75, then I’m in! Otherwise, I’ll just wait for the Kindle version. πŸ™‚

  • Hooray! Two things I love in one blog post: knitting and Bryce McCloud. Can’t wait to read the book!

  • Now I really wish I had figured out why I never get timely updates for this blog. Oh well, at least a few of us can be paying customers!

  • I think this is a great promotional idea, and am sorry I missed the cut-off. I look forward to reading you book, though, and suggesting it to my book club.

  • Ok – I’m way past 50 here but just in case you decide to go long so to speak – here I am! And with an email address like ‘jennybookworm’ I claim to be no slouch when it comes to books and reading – just sayin’ … !!

  • I will read your book once the ebook links are available. I try not to think about pulping. I’ve only gotten rid of maybe 50 books in the last 6 years, and they have gone to Goodwill. I believe in buying books and giving them a loving home…

  • See what happens!!
    you go to the dentist for an emerge. filling and you miss out on all the fun :~{

  • Oh no! Too late again. Sometimes that’s the way it is for Southerners. Good luck with the book, and I will look forward to reading all of the Freeola (and other) reviews.

  • Dang it πŸ™ I would love to read your book….now I’m going to have to wait. That’s what I get for going out to lunch with friends today instead of staying at home and reading your blog. However, I checked before I left and you hadn’t posted.

  • I’m sure I am long past #50 but I’d love to get an early peak!

  • I would have been in the first 50, but I was *out*. So, like, it’s not my fault, right? (You are so attractive and friendly…) I am, however, not going to whine or plead or anything, because I really want a honest-to-gawd paper book to read, so I can wait. I guess.

  • Well, darn. Can’t wait to buy a copy! πŸ™‚

  • Shoot, I’m too late, aren’t I. And I’m such an obsessive blog-checker…

  • Having enjoyed every word of the Mason-Dixon experience to date, how could I not put my hand up to experience the novel? And, yes, you are attractive, friendly, and a credit to Southern womanhood.
    (And I’d say so whether or not there was a PDF on the line for it!)
    All the best as your horizons expand. (Do tell Jon thanks – I’ve become hooked on his blog as well. Sort of all-Nashville, all the time here in Arlington, TX.)
    Vicki Stammer

  • I would love to preview it but I am way past #50. Too bad for me.

  • I would lover to read your book on my iPad… I know I’m not ther first 50, but I am a former bookstore owner and a pretty good review writer. In any case, best of luck with your first work of fiction!

  • I do believe I was asleep here on the other side of the world in Australia when your message came out but all the best with your printing and your very first novel.

  • I WILL be reading your book- if I’m not lucky enough to receive a free copy…..I’ll just buy one πŸ™‚
    PS I agree with your thoughts on publishing!

  • If you decide to stretch it to 100, count me in!

  • Damn that whole job-doctor-grocery store crap from earlier today that has made me late to this party!! Curses. No chance of a handful of randomly-selected, post-first-fifty-commenters?
    Very eager to read Bowling Ave. πŸ™‚ Equally eager to hold a real-life hard copy book of it.

  • If you ever could find a way to stretch the amount of copies you send out, I would love one! Otherwise I will just buy one. Will you be signing any?
    Thanks for the wonderful blog and knitting books!

  • Oh shoot, I’m #95. Heavy sigh. BUT! Still so excited about Bowling Avenue! And even more excited now that I know about the excellent choice of letterpress art for the cover. I LOVE letterpress. I love type! (For the type-rats out there–I even had a date with F. Goudy’s nephew one time. Or maybe it was great-nephew.) Did our friend MN help you with the formatting?
    I have a string of people waiting for the book who are not even knitters. You are an intrepid trailblazer and an inspiration. Fun too!

  • Although I am far past no. 50, I’d love a copy. I am a prolific and enthusiastic reader, and am regularly asked for my recommendations. I would love to make Bowling Avenue one of them.

  • I’m well past 50 (in other areas as well. ~sigh~) but holding out hope that there may be more copies available. Or that 40-ish of the above are duplicate entries. Or something. Looking forward to reading your book, one way or another.

  • Like Elisa, I too am past 50 (also in other areas) so I’ll have to get Bowling Ave the old fashioned way- I’ll buy it. Maybe in both paper and e versions- tho I have to admit a preference for old fashioned paper books. (I’ll take new book smell over new car smell any day.) I love the Kindle my daughter and sil gave me for Christmas but I use it mostly for playing word games (appropriate, no?) and checking out library books and loading a last minute pre-teen book 5 minutes before leaving for a hockey tournament when my 11yo daughter finishes her book and has nothiiiiing (said in desperate voice with huge, pleading puppy dog eyes) to read at the beginning of a 4 hour drive. Can’t hardly wait to see the finished product. Will there be a related knitting project? Bowling ball cosy? Intarsia book cover to mimic the artwork?

  • Hey everybody, now that other people are getting free copies I’m going to out myself and say I’VE READ IT AND IT ROCKS!
    I devoured this book in 2.5 days, and loved it all the way. Told my local knitting group about it, and they’re all interested πŸ™‚
    Ann, I’ll happily review this book on my blog or anywhere else, once it becomes available. I’m so proud of you!!!!! And I want you to write another one – kthxbai

  • Bummer! I’m would have loved to be one of the first 50. But it looks like I’m number 100. I am (and have been) really looking forward to this book. Congratulations to the first 50!

  • I’m so pleased you’re in with Isle of Printing! I’ve been watching them on the web for years. Yay!
    Looking forward to my copy – thought I would totally go “e” on this one, but now I’m seriously considering the Isle of Printing cover…

  • Now that I have you on my feed, I don’t always get here in record time. That and reading the NYT in bed today.
    Can’t wait to get a copy myself–either on my Kindle or in actual print. Now that Dean and I have entered the century, we have a Kindle. Seems we have to if we want to stay in the book reviewing bidness with so many ARCS only available in PDF. So, if you find you have an extra PDF floating around in the ether, send one my way. If not, I will just get one when it’s actually available to everyone.
    There was a very good piece on Morning Edition the other day about Lightning Source that explains the procedure for we mere mortals.

  • I always miss these giveaways. I will wait for the Kindle. Or, if the art is as nice as it seems like it will be, I will purchase a hard copy. I just bought Saint Maybe in regular print. I decided to give Anne Tyler another try and the paperback was less than the Kindle version.

  • *Long string of swear words because I didn’t make it in time, and now I’ll actually have to BUY the book*
    *More swearing*
    I’m sorry you had to hear that.
    You are unbelievablely attractive and friendly, almost to the point I would hate you if you were not so attractive and friendly.
    I stand on the printed book side of things. I just like the smell and feel, though I get all the reasons for e-books. I buy most books used. And I have a little question, which is probably rather stupid. Why don’t the the publishers donate the books to literacy charities for a tax write off? Just wondering.

  • Apparently I should have come here yesterday and posted a comment instead of trying to get my taxes together. Now I have been unsuccessful on two fronts. 8^P

  • I don’t care that I not in one of the top fifty. This is so exciting! Congratulations! I’ve always had a complicated family in the pull your hair out, bang your head against the wall kind of way. The lesson I have learned in the past year has been that sometimes the family members who have pretended NOT to have complications have the biggest complications of all.

  • I was out of town yesterday on a college visit with Son#3. If you decided to send out free copies to the first 107 commenters, I’m your gal!

  • I promise to read it! πŸ™‚

  • I’m over the 50 mark in remarks, but I will read and comment for you anyway. Good luck!

  • Very interesting post. Enjoyed the links and the letterpress love.

  • Ann
    Be sure to read Tiina Nunnally’s 1990 something translation of “Kristin Lavransdattar”. Much easier going than the 1920 something English translation. Undset was born in Denmark and married a Norwegian. She hated the Danes because they were so similar to the Germans; she escaped Norway during WWII. Her posthumous memoire is kind of interesting as well.
    Enjoy it!

  • Obviously way past the quota, but just want to congratulate you on the book. Since I find your writing style beyond charming, I’m sure it will be a pleasant read. Horrifying to know about book pulping.

  • Ditto. :-> I’ll read it whenever it comes out for the rest of us.
    I am very impressed with all of y’all’s publications, fiction or otherwise. I have written exactly two paragraphs of a novel, ever.

  • Read it…loved it! Thanks, Ann, for the opportunity πŸ˜€

  • Way past 50 because I too have a hectic family life! (son graduating from high school in less than 2 months…enough said.) I read on my Kindle all the time. If you need someone to test that format, let me know. Best of luck!

  • I can’t wait to read a book by someone I “know.”

  • Ohhh, I’m 117. So sad. I COMPLETELY want to read your book & mention it everywhere – I’ll do it once it’s available for everyone. Congratulations on being nearly published!

  • Daggone it, I miss all the good stuff. It’s okay, I’m going to read the ebook anyway.

  • I will buy it when I have the opportunity. I am sure good writing runs in families!

  • I’m sure there are more than 50 “yes’s” already, but should you happen to have an extra one around…
    I often take advantage of the book returns policy by deliberately looking for a damaged book on the shelf (no, cannot damage it yourself, that’s not playing fair) and asking for a “hurt book” discount.

  • OF COURSE I shall be buying this book – I enjoy reading the blog so much, how could I not enjoy a whole book written by a Mason-Dixon Contributor? But what I really want to know is….how do you guys find the time? I have actually known for quite a while that you two are the Problem Ladies on the Twist Collective, but it took this week’s link to the new Spring edition to make me realise: hey, they each keep a family going with all that entails (including sports practice!), groom the second-most-beautiful dog in the universe (sorry Olive, but you haven’t met Axel yet; he’s the Rudolph Valentino of the black labrador world), supply us with schmattas and blankets, are Eco-Warriors of the Geotherm, survive bereavement and still find the strength to keep us entertained, write knitting books and novels AND keep the blog going. Can I come back in my next life as one of you two? Please?

  • If you are collecting emails for a direct posting for when ur book is available for purchase, please put me on your list.

  • If you are collecting emails for a direct posting announcing ur book is available for purchase, please put me on your list.

  • book is fabulous! thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Crappity crap crap crap. I missed the opportunity. Hate it when life interferes with my blog reading. But whatever, I was planning to buy a copy in any case. Looking forward to seeing how the cover turns out.

  • As a knitter, photographer, & lover of letterpress, I’d just like to mention that as excited as I was to read your book, I am now equally excited to see it (on the Nook, of course). I’m well past the free-copy comment range, but I know the book will be clever (my confidence is based on mason dixon books 1 & 2) & will certainly write a post describing just how fabulous it is. Needless to say/write, I will also note that you are both friendly & attractive & I’ll do you one more & remark on how amazing it is that someone of your youth could have written something with such depth. Congratulations on scoring a talented designer/printer (and, of course, on the almost publication of your first novel)! sara

  • “Bowling Avenue” is like a good piece of candy – just sweet enough, making you crave another. I received the ebook on a Friday afternoon, and unfortunately finished it on Saturday evening. I have a personal category for this type of book – its a pink book: a novel that’s easy to read, flows well, with well developed characters. There are complicated family relationships, well-kept secrets and a little romance. I can hardly wait for another.

  • Any update for us about your book release date? In the meantime, do either of you have knitting photos/stories/items to share? We miss you out there in the blogosphere!

  • I have read this blog for several years now and love the Nashville connection as my youngest daughter left California for 4 years of college at Vanderbilt , which turned into a 5th year for a masters in Ed, which lead to meeting the young man of her dreams! Ann is now happily married to Pat and living in the Green Hills area where she started her own business, Smart Sprouts. Every few months I come out for a visit and on my last trip I was in her car running an errand. Stopped at a light on a tree lined street I looked up to see….BOWLING AVENUE! Oh what fun. I can hardly wait to read it.

  • I’m sure he would never remember me, but I had a few classes with Bryce McCloud at Bradley University, our alma mater. Nice to see he has made such a success of himself.

  • Ann, hello! Really hoping to introduce Bowling Avenue to my book club as nΓΊmero uno selection for June. Can you offer a release date? We are discussing um…tonight. Many thanks.

  • Hi, Ann, I’m trying to get to your website and being sent to Russia. . I know I’m very very late to the game, but just now seeing your post about writing this wonderful book. When I tap your link or even type in your web address, I’m sent to a Russian website. You probably already know about the Russian diversion, but just in case you don’t….