Bobbles and Still More Bobbles

By Ann Shayne
December 20, 2016

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  • I love it that you linked to a calculation of the speed of a whaling ship 🙂

  • Excellent bobble work. That bobble thickness will make a very warm head covering, just what you would need for whaling.
    I knitted Louisa Harding’s Sugar Plum jumper a few years back – lots of the traditional bobbles…. haven’t gone near another bobble pattern since then…

  • Daughter of a Shepherd is my new favorite yarn! I made a traditional Hap and now can wrap myself in cozy sheepiness. Love the color, softness, smell, cushy garter stitch, everything about it. Looking forward to seeing your finished hat.

  • That is going to be a gorgeous WARM hat! (Can you tell I’m woefully behind in adding to my warm hat *that still looks good” selection. I still need to reach for LL Bean’s rabbit fur hat when walking the dog in cold temps. Thanks for the incentive!)

    Wishing you and anyone/everyone who might read this comment a very happy and warm holiday season!