Bluebird Sunday

By Ann Shayne
August 17, 2008

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  • …and imagine the day his mother is having. Its been fun watching her. That’s always one of my favorite parts of the Olympics, seeing the moms and dads in the stands.

  • …and imagine the day his mother is having. Its been fun watching her. That’s always one of my favorite parts of the Olympics, seeing the moms and dads in the stands.

  • I like “Bluebirds of Monteagle.” Sounds like a good title for a nice, lightweight summer-reading historical fiction romance novel. 🙂
    (Did I just invent a genre? Hmmm. Probably not, since I’ll bet most readers will know *exactly* what I mean!)

  • Omygoodness! I was *finally* watching and got to see Michael Phelps…. That guy is amazing!!! [email protected][email protected]? My goodness. I can’t even imagine.

  • …loved seeing your birds.We have a birdhouse full of finches outside the kitchen window. They are SO loud when they are being fed! She’s on the third batch of the year now, that Mama sends those little criters right out into the world. Our kids are lucky we don’t do that! Can you imagine, ok, you can eat, fly, that’s a tree, worms are good, cats are bad…see ya’? They don’t like yarn for their nests, I put nice/very good, pieces out last year near the bird feeder, they never did take it. I was like, Hello-wool,warmth,babies???She doesn’t care, straw and sticks are fine, they aren’t staying that long! Wendy

  • Sounds like a cocktail party going on in the background. No wonder those little birdies are peeking out of their nest. Party down!!

  • You should be happy the babies went “bye-bye”. My husband saw one finch in our yard and decided to put up hanging bags of seed. We now have an aviary and noise so loud that our neighbors think we are crazy. We have one poor finch who only has one leg and flies at the bag, grabs a seed and then settles on a branch. Our kids were swimmers and now our grandkids are swimmers so we are “Phleps Phreaks”. Love your book and can’t wait for the new one!
    Rosemary in San Jose, Ca.

  • happy sunday love blue birds
    i am in florida in manatee county
    central west coast and we are expecting
    fay some where in the cone of uncertainy
    sounds like a title of a book

  • When I count to 20, the You Tube picture moves, then I hear the sound,to a count of 4–20/4,20/4–that’s my(mathmatical) “brain on You Tube”. Dial-up is so frustrating!

  • I was devastated to see that there are no more videos from this user.

  • Hey Quinn,
    As long as it also involves time travel and kilts, Ann and I are IN. (Our running joke involves prefacing each discussion on said hi-kwalidy literature with, “You know I don’t EVER read books like this, but …”)

  • Next Up in MDK vol.3 Covering the World in Handknits: A Garterstitch Journey we bring you felted birdhouses! Warm! Cozy! Washable! For the birds in your life that flee from abject squalor and poo. Knitted in Lamb’s Pride Bulky held double these fetching bird abodes will be the talk of the trees!

  • Michael Phelps is amazing! I’ve been in swimming geek heaven for the past week just watching in amazement.

  • Isn’t nature grand???

  • They look like they’re each taking a turn looking outside… “Do you think it’s okay?” “I don’t know, lemme look.” “Yeah, it’s okay.” “Lemme see that!”
    Yay for Michael Phelps, kid from Bawlamer. (I am a displaced native.) (And I just noticed he doesn’t talk funny. Hm…)

  • Why we love Michael Phelps in the RevLinda household – in the interview with Costas when he was asked “what’s next” he said something like “go home, see my dog, eat some cereal” – my 14 year old swimmer said “coool”