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  • Come on! Get to the vintagey denim! i’m getting awfully handy with bleaching skeins of denim in freezer bags! No real successes yet, but a very clean sink!

  • You’re scrapin’ a noive already! Vintage…Denim…let’s have it! (please?)

  • Little Rose Poppy is adorable! And Big Kay Poppy is looking good, love the stripes. Of course, Deco doesn’t look bad… 🙂

  • I love the Little Rose Poppy! It’s cute yarn for a little-girl sweater. I love the blues you are using for the Big Kay Poppy as well.
    Aww, take a little time to relax before you have to talk about Deco. We’ll be here. 🙂

  • Little Rose & Big Kay Poppies look super fantastic! I’m seeing white capri pants with yours – or is that my back to the 80s self talking…
    Vintage denim! Can’t wait!

  • Beautiful Poppies !
    Deco ? Stcks and string.Sticks and string. :0)

  • Well, Deco LOOKS good, folded in its artful way. (I do remember a male partner telling me when I was just starting out that you just needed to LOOK happy. Strange that he retired early, isn’t it?)
    Baby Rose Poppy, on the other hand, clearly IS happy. A nice shot of spring on our chilly Chicago morning!

  • you can’t despise yer deco more than I despise mine. we’ll have a deco-off. how do I loathe thee? lemme count the ways.
    recycled denim? get to it! xox

  • Love the Poopie. No flashing or pooling!!! The colors are great in both versions and I think the modifications would work well in the adult version too! I’m jealous, I just look at varigated yarn and it pools/flashes…

  • love the blue linen Poppy! must get some linen to play with, summer is nearly here!