Rowan Big Wool: Mix-and-Match Heaven

By Ann Shayne
September 9, 2019

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  • And it’s glorious to knit with. Smooth, soft, and so fast.

  • I’m thinking Blue Velvet with Mallard and Vert. But I want try the Brambleberry cowl first. Agh! Too many choices.

  • I notice Mallard is not an option in your store. Does that mean it is already sold-out? Will it be restocked? Thanks.

    • More on the way for sure! Mallard is one of my faves, too!

  • I love the obscure color nomenclature of Rowan.

    • Makes it so hard to know what color they’re talking about, though. Especially when their ball bands show only the color number, not the name . . .

  • Is Smoky more black or navy??

  • Hello! I would love to know with Big Wool but I am concerned about felting. How do you care for, blocking, etc. your Big Wool handknits?

    • *knit with