Big Woof

By Kay Gardiner
October 3, 2019

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  • Olive is just too chi-chi for words!

  • I’m making that chicken this weekend. It sounds so good!!!

  • That’s fantastic Kay! Olive is indeed the perfect muse.
    And I know that – stop, drop and knit feeling all too well.

  • I’ve always used that traveling thread method to count cable crosses and sleeve increases/decreses. Sock yarn is ideal for that — I understand you have some now.

  • That post has made me really laugh today, thanks a lot

  • The new stripey sweater looks great on the model, who is just too too (especially with those gorgeous gams!). Oh Olive!

  • Olive looks fabulous!

    I was, of course, completely distracted by a passing comment: can you tell us where you listened to David Tennant talk about Hamlet, please? I’d love to listen to that! (I would listen to David Tennant read the phone book. Or tax law. Anything.)

    • Second that, also what kind of dog is Olive?

      • He (and Hamlet) are one episode in a series on PBS called Shakespeare Uncovered.

        • I’ve watched most of that series, and all the episodes are great. Hamlet is one of my faves so that episode gets a big tick from me.

      • Based on Looking at Dogs on the Internet, we think she is a Cairn Terrier x Chihuahua cross aka a Cairnchi.

        • I had a friend who lived in NYC with a dog like that, and when people on the street asked about it she would say “Oh, he’s a Manhattan Terrier”. She said it was amazing the number of people who acted like they had heard of that breed and knew all about it….

        • We did the Wisdom Panel (bought it on Amazon per our vet’s recommendation) and used it to find out the background of our three rescues. It was one of the most fun Christmas presents I ever received!

    • Mmm. David tennant talking… Anyone who loves him as much as I do and wasn’t in the UK about fifteen years ago should try to track down the bbc series of Casanova he was in. It was so good

  • So posh! O.iveis a doll.

  • Oops typos! To early for typing!

  • Olive looks adorable. She’ll be nice & toasty on her walks this winter when that biting wind blows off the river. Well done.

  • OMG, Olive is such a cutie pie! And that sweater is perfect for her. That look in the last picture, precious.

  • Great pictures of Olive 🙂 I can only imagine how satisfying it must be to conceive of, design, and knit an entire garment *that works* in such a short time!
    My Auntie Pauline introduced me to the apricot chicken thing years ago – thanks for bringing up a nice memory 🙂

  • Oh Kay, if MDK ever creates a line of coffee cups with knitting expressions on it be sure to include your one about the knitting muse not going to voice mail. I can see Lucy’s brilliant flip or flop idea being used in other ways with the contrast yarn becoming a permanent part of the design such as in vertical stripes on a hat brim or random patches of contrasting color on a blanket (lined to avoid that pesky loose-ends problem) or other applications for lazy people like me who don’t want to learn intarsia or fair isle – and don’t mind a little tedium:).

    • I second that! We need a coffee mug with the line, “When the Knitting Muse calls, you cannot let Her go to voicemail.” I already have the MDK “Knitting Is Supposed To Be Fun” mug, but it would be nice to have a second knitting-themed cup to offer my knitting pal when she pops by for coffee and chatting.

      And Olive looks smashing! And she doesn’t look bored or put out in this photo shot like she does in most others. It must be the sweater.

  • Apparently I’m not done yet. Just wanted to congratulate Olive on her choice of owner for knitting her such a dandy little color-customized sweater.

  • The running yarn marker is genius! I will certainly be giving that a try. Also – good to hear that I am not only a ‘knitter’ but a ‘yarn operator’! ❤️

  • Such a sweet sweater for adorable Olive. She is so deserving, and in spite of what you say, she appears to be a most willing model! LOL . Thank you for supplying the Lucy Neatby video tutorial. I’ve saved it and will be using it shortly in my knitting adventures.
    Thanks again for all that you and Ann write. I look forward to reading you every morning with my cup of tea!

    • If you have a couple of days for the psychological warfare, she’s an easy model!

  • Olive is the cutest woofie ever!!
    And the yarn marker tip is just genius! Saved;)

  • Thanks for the video – the running yarn marker is brilliant! And love learning the term “left hand yarn operator” – that’s me!

  • Those dog expressions!!!! What a wonderful happy post!!! Love it!

  • Olive, you look amazing! Those are your colors! And you are an amazing watch-dog, protecting Kay from that dishwasher repairperson!

  • Lucky Olive! It’s too much of a recioe for me, but of course yours is perfect and au courant.

    Tx for the Neatby video (I LOVE her.) Lately, I’ve been thinking of using that method, but in the midst if knititng I never wanted to look up a reminder of how to do it since my laziness knows no bounds.

  • Olive’s sweater is very chic, but did you have to reveal her secret identity? After all, Alfred kept Bruce Wayne’s a secret! (The shawl is looking great. Don’t encourage Ann to forget stitch markers again.)

  • Way cool! I’m a Left Hand Yarn Operator! Now I have to knit 2 small afghans–one for each grandson! I Wil commence operations shortly!

  • These pics make my heart sing! Olive is quite the model. Beautiful sweater and girl!

  • Olive is so on trend! (And adorable.) And that tip about using a running yarn stitch marker? I’ve been doing that for years to mark things and to count rows. It is a godsend. (Sometimes I have so many running yarn markers going, though, that my knitting looks like a marionette . . . but oh well.)

    • Olive looks wonderful in her new sweater! You’re a better knitter than I am. I had to hide my knitting until after both Rosh Hashanah And Yom Kippur! I had 5 of my grandchildren and their parents for Rosh Hashanah and I’m making Break Fast for at least 20! L’shanah Tovah to you and an easy and meaningful fast.

  • Both Olive and the sweater are crazy cute! My Roux would look adorable in that…if the temperature here would ever drop below 90 during this so called fall.

  • I just love Olive! She is so sophisticated ❤️

  • such a sweet little dog! hope the honey cake worked out despite the tight schedule. I make a honey cake that wouldn’t do for this festival due to the butter, but our friend Shelley the director of the Art Gallery of Hamilton Ontario was telling me she did one with orange juice and scotch! she said it passes the dreaded too dry test and has promised the recipe. will pass it on if anyone is interested plus my own which never fails. Lucy Neatby’s video was so well done – I much prefer the scrap yarn marker to those little rings which do find their way into all sorts of places. the car rental people would have been surprised after our recent trip when cleaning the car – wonder if they knew what they were?

  • Love Olive’s sweater, and ow cute are those little floofy hairs on her ears?!

  • I mean this in the kindest possible way–Olive looks like a Dr. Seuss character, one that is not very pleased with the action. Thanks for all the tips. Have watched the marker video all the way through and appreciate all you do.

  • I LOVE the beginning of round marker idea & can’t wait to try it. I think this may be a good way to mark between your steek stitches on a cardigan to make cutting easier.

  • I LOVE the flip-flop yarn marker idea! I’m going to try it for marking my line to steek the cardigan I plan to have on the needles soon, and forget struggling with stitch markers that fall off my double points. Thanks!

  • I made a my Jack Russell a sweater from the slip stitch hat last year. She hates it, but I think it came out great.

  • Your doggie is very cute. What kind is she. Oh, P.S. the sweater is cute too. Be safe. Plead the blood over yourself, your family and all. In Jesus name !