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  • My “aha” moments seem to always be gifts for my husband or kids. My first fair-isle project was a Star Wars hat for the husband. My first steeked cardigan was for my 3 month old son. I made a huge, Star Wars themed double-knit scarf for the husband last winter, and the instructions made ZERO sense until I actually did them. Intarsia, when I made my daughter’s Weasley sweater last year.

    It seems I lack the ‘aha’ motivation for myself.

  • ❤️❤️ we all share so many similar a-has ! i imagine us all rinsing out a garment to be blocked, simultaneously.
    My moment this year: coming to my own realization that I can knit *what i want *when and *for whom i want. no explanation or excuse required.

  • My ‘aha’ moment this year came when a first sweater over which I struggled and swore turned into a garment that I wear and love. Magic.

  • I identified with all of the statements in the post, especially the heel turn and blocking lace. Another one is being able to fix a mistake. Such a feeling of satisfaction!

  • I work in a local yarn shop as a knitting teacher. My “Aha” moments are when I am teaching a knitter a new skill (or teaching a beginner to knit), and suddenly I can see that they “get” it! I love to be able to share this passion with others.
    Also, turning the heel of a sock. Never fails to astound me, and I wonder who, way back when, figured out how to make that happen.

  • Changing a pattern slightly to make it better for me.

  • My aha right now…Reading Mary’s comment above and wondering what’s going to happen to my new hat I knit in denim yarn when it gets washed at some point… Sometimes I know a lot about knitting then read things like this I’ve never even thought about 🙂

  • When I mastered the Magic Loop method and realized I would never have to use dpns again 🙂

  • After almost 60 years of knitting, it still blows my mind that I can take some beautiful string and 2 sticks,and make a piece of cloth. Sometimes it is useful, like a dishcloth, and sometimes it is fancy, like a lace shawl…but the basics are string and two sticks! Amazing!

  • The first – and every time thereafter- that I worked a cable. “That’s it? That’s all you have to do?”

  • My aha moment is teaching a technique or a stitch or a tip and watch everyone else have their “aha” moment. Its great fund and part of the magic of knitting.

  • My aha moment came when I realised I was ‘allowed’ to have more than one project on the needles at any one time!

  • My ‘aha’ moment comes when the lace pattern of a shawl reveals itself… “oh, hello beautiful pattern, I knew you were in there somewhere!”.

  • My aha is discovering for whom I am knitting. I love to knit projects that aren’t for me in colors not for me- because It. Calls to me often I start without knowing to whom it will be offered. The recipient often comes to me as I am working it; sometimes not until I have had it in my drawer for a while. I love it when I match my project to its owner

  • .It never fails to amaze me how you can turn a strand of yarn into fabric, with two sticks!