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  • I LOVE this bag! Linen for the win! (But I am a bit sad not to see a bag from your beloved no-longer-a-nightgown.)

  • I’ve got miles of cotton on cones around here and I am so tired of all those plastic grocery bags. You’d think I’d be knitting bags, right? I love this idea.

  • Brilliant, Ann!
    I was thinking about using my Linen Mini Cowl as the bag.

  • surely if you felted something it would be strong enough to be a bag?

  • I was cutting up old nightgowns… bag drunk… I am snorting with laughter!
    Once I had knitting and crochet in my repertoire, I figured I had to be a triple threat and learn sewing. We had a cheap sewing machine in the back of a closet for reasons I cannot remember, and I made a couple baby blankets and even moved onto pajama pants for kiddos. I couldn’t seem to really get beyond that – until I discovered sewn bags (really, just squares sewn together). I bought enough ‘bag fabrics’ for at least 200 bags and then the sewing machine seemed to have a mechanical issue (more likely, operator issue) and the fabric sits waiting. Seeing these handles now? I may have to get someone to look at the sewing machine…

  • Don’t waste the cut-up nightgowns…use them to line your knitted bags. I like the idea of making felted yarn fabric pieces into a bag too!

  • I thought that scarf/ towel/ whosit was a cowl at first glance & that you had seamed one end of it shut to use as a bag! Love those colors & undulating chevrons. I may have to make myself a linen-chevron-whosit too.

  • I love your “hard work” description 🙂 Very very very pretty bag!

  • I absolutely love this! Great job!!!

  • Love the bag! Great idea.

  • I’ve been eyeing these handles for at least a week now and I can resist no longer (you ladies are great enablers, lol)! Ordered this morning. It’s okay that they’re backordered. I haven’t knit what I want to attach them to yet. Going to attempt felting, along the lines of the “vintage” French Market bag. Thinking of using varied stash in super bulky, bulky, & maybe some worsted weight

  • another fiber that would work really well for this is the AllHemp6 that Churchmouse uses for their bucket bags and pouches. Great stuff!

  • So excited!! I have just thought of a use for the beautiful cabled pullover I knitted for my husband around 15 years ago which he wore precisely twice * … I felted it slightly for sturdiness and intended to make it into a cushion but it would be MUCH better as a bag!! Thanks for the inspiration
    * allover cables including sleeves I knitted it for the first time … I kept checking size with him – “yes it’s fine I want a snuggly jumper” so I finished and seamed it – it was too big … I frogged the whole thing and reknit it – quite quickly as I knew the pattern well and fury makes one knit faster !!!