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  • That last picture is fabulous and I’m so glad to see that you have many books and, ummm, materials stacked on your pricey instrument as do I although I swore it wouldn’t happen.

  • LOVE the toes in that last picture! I know nothing of fairy houses. We have fairy doors here in Ann Arbor, MI but not houses that I know of. Are they always made of sticks like that? Maybe we need a Mason-Dixon tutorial…

  • That series of pictures makes me tired. Lots of whirling energy to keep track of there!

  • I like the moss stitch even better with the bit of fuzzy in that yarn (over the cotton yarn the pattern was written in).
    We called them mouse houses when I was a wee tyke. Hours and hours of fun, I’m a little tempted to go make a snow version…

  • Good to hear from you again, Aann. Congratulations on word number 70,000. Also, the final picture is visual maximum cuteness. I can’t help but think that the audio might not have been as pleasing… : )

  • That has got to be the cutest (non-baby animal) picture I’ve seen in forever!

  • Awesome!

  • How they sit like that for so long without being all creaky when they get up, I’ll never know, but it is part of what makes it so cute.

  • Ditto on the congrats on getting to word 70,000! When will you tell us a bit of what it’s about?

  • What a beautiful set of images!

  • Lovely!
    Enjoyed your checking in, Ann.
    (BTW, how many words, on average, are there in the Great American Novel?)
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Big Dotty looks very happy with her charges.
    Congrats on 70,000, I’m so lame I can’t figure out what that means in pages!

  • I have a daughter and a niece who are under 5 and it must be an exponential increase to add a third to the mix. I like how life is about rules, albeit completely arbitrary rules, when you are four. “Mom, you have to say “coming up” when you are ready for me to give you my hair band on my braid.” “My doll can sleep under that blanket but not that one because there is an invisible pony who sleeps there.” and, my favorite of late, “I am Rapunzel and I have long hair and a beard.”

  • The contrast of the blurry flurry of the three getting up on the bench and the clear stillness of the last shot, including toes, is maximum sweetness.

  • What a wonderful holiday photo!

  • Totally jealous of the cute little girl/fairy action!

  • The toes, oh, the toes! That is one of the best ages for little girls, isn’t it??

  • Great word count, Ann! You’ll be at “The End” in no time at all. Then the editing begins. Stock up on chocolate and legal stimulants.

  • Darling little girls. Have fun with the baby sweater!