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  • The cowl looks great on your mum.

  • Does your lovely mum realise she has received her Chrissie gift early?…
    (And not sure if everyone speaks Australian, so Chrissie = Christmas, we abbreviate a lot).

    • Chrissie, seriously? I really hope that catches on over here! 🙂 🙂

      • Start the trend by advising your family and friends what you would like as your Chrissie pressie!

  • Yes, that cowl looks wonderful on the moisturized mom. And even though my to-knit list is as long as…well, as everyone else’s to-knit list, I mean, free shipping! Even though I just saw the most perfect thing to make with all those mini-skeins of linen you guys made me buy. Even though my stash cupboard is totally full. But, free shipping.

    Aren’t you guys ashamed?

    • What are you going to knit with your mini skeins? Should I order more?

  • Most Moisturized Mum looks great and also pleased as punch with her new cowl.

  • So nice to see a portrait of MMM! And the cowl looks perfect 🙂

  • How could you say no to that lovely smile? I’d turn over my hand knits too.

  • MMM is the Iris Apfel of MDK. So happy to see her!

    • She does know how to accessorize! And looks fabulous.

  • It seems Olive is no McGruff the Crime Dog. MMM must have bribed her with turkey, extra cuddles, and beauty products!

  • I don’t blame her — it looks fabulous on her!! Happy Thanksgiving (and possibly early Christmas!).

  • Your Mom is so young and attractive!……. the cowl is beautiful, too!

  • How nice that your mom was able to spend Thanksgiving with you! She looks great…as does the cowl!

  • Your mom looks great! Cowl or no cowl, moisturized or not.

  • MMM looks great! Absconding with that cowl sure put a twinkle in her eyes. It looks pretty on her, too; she weats it with a certain flair. So glad MMM got a change in scenery and vsited you for the holiday here in New York.

    PS–Kay, now you will have to surprise MMM for her Chrissie gif with a pair of Squad Mitts to go with her Breton. 🙂

  • That cowl is gorgeous! As is the well-moisturized wearer.