Let’s Get Ready to Steek

By Kay Gardiner
February 18, 2021
We're banging out a Kiki Mariko Rug in the shortest month of the year, and there's still plenty of February left to join the fun.

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  • You really don’t need to bother making a circular knitting swatch or even a color work swatch to practice steeking. Any flat swatch will do. It’s the cutting into the fabric that is the practice.

    • True! I chose stranded knitting to resemble the experience of steeking this pattern.

  • I’m curious about Nell Zeroli’s felting method. It sounds easier than others I’ve read about. I’ve never done felting, though I have steeked. What is the reason for extracting so much water before putting the piece in the dryer? It seems to me that the wetter the better as far as the dryer heat felting the piece? Of course that’s okay for a small piece like this exercise but I guess for a big rug it would be impossible to deal with a large drippy piece

  • That second Sabine is neither bumblebee nor taxi, but a University of Michigan color swatch.
    If I were going to do this I’d just use one color and knit flat.

    • Definitely! Go Blue!

      • I protest! Bumblebee/taxicab/UMichigan is in fact in the colors of Hufflepuff house! Whose house crest is a badger, which also, UMichigan (right? Or is it Wisconsin? Or am I nuts? Don’t answer.)
        I don’t care for Rowling’s politics, but my daughter is on her umpteenth read-thru/listen to the books.

        Thanks so much for this – I think I can pull together a tray mat sized object and steek with y’all!

      • :D. And it’s supposed so say ‘sample’ not ‘Sabine’ but my phone is evil.

  • Help -rI’ve already steeked my rug and it finally dried today. I’m concerned with the back. The yarn along the cut edge is separating. Did it not felt enough? Can/should I wet the edges and put it in the dryer? Or will whip-stitching the edge be enough to hold this together?

  • I can’t make the live event. Any chance this will be taped for future play?

  • I am not seeing what temperature the dryer should be set at for Nell’s technique.