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  • Ann,Ann,Ann, you must e-mail me 1st !
    Said Sheila lives here :
    and is banned by herself from buying yarn from Virtual Yarns !!!
    A long,convoluted tale.Sheila is jolly nice,by the way.
    Scottish Campion : Jamieson’s still sell exact same yarn in exact same colours,but can’t call it Scottish Campion.They call it Spindrift.They’re the mill that developed the colours with AS,spun the yarn for her etc. then…she had a bust up with them.
    Sheila,it just so happens,sells said Jamieson’s yarn.
    It’s cheaper to buy direct from the Shetlands.Ask & I shall send a shade card.
    Off now to hunt for the comparison charts for the colours.Back in a bit.

  • Here we go :
    I know that you’re going to have fun with this. :0)

  • Here we go :
    I know that you’re going to have fun with this. :0)

  • Mrs. *more has antagonized many knitters so much that she has been bestowed the title ‘Lady Voldemort’ on some blogs.

  • Oooh!
    Good luck! Enjoy the KBTH archives — but tie your hair down first.
    Lord, lord.
    And if She Who Must Not Be Named gives you grief, what you do is, you get a lawyer to send a letter with big scary words.
    You can borrow my brother Jim.

  • Ann – What!? You’re branching out from Rowan? Well done. It’s a joly nice swatch and if I bump into any Campion going on the cheap, I’ll grab for you

  • I’m so excited! The swatch (festive ends hidden, if I recall) looks lovely… one can only wait with baited breath for the hunt and eventual sweater.
    The *more colorway will undoubtedly be stunning. 😉

  • The most complete chronicle of the whole AS thing can be found at http://www.girlfromauntie.com/journal/index.asp under the Alice Chronicles

  • Ann, if you do that one, I’ll do my Donegal with you as a knitalong. I got the most lovely earth tones in J&S shetland. The whole thing was quite reasonable compared to what I’ve spent on fancy novelty yarns for sweaters (like $80, purchased in the USA). Anyway, I take them out and admire them every so often. No swatch yet–I need some motivating!

  • Ann, so glad to see you joining the Starmore knitters! Campion vs. Jamieson – go for the Jamieson’s. Trust me.

  • Lovely, lovely lovely! I’ll send the Valium for when, god forbid, something goes wrong, or worse yet, Lady Voldemort decides no one should ever knit one of her patterns…. 🙂

  • is it four years just to gather the yarn? and then additional time to knit? just wondering… i know it’d probably take me at least four years just for the knittin’!! 🙂

  • Emma! Fantastic Hebridean links. I’m glad to hear Sheila is as nice as she sounded in her wounded correspondence with Mr. Muir.
    At any point in my search for Scottish Campion I can bail out, get my handydandy conversion chart which shows Jamieson’s names for the yarn they used to make for *more (I love that contraction, Thomas!). I will no doubt save a fortune at the same time. Thanks so much for the heads-up.
    Polly–I know, I know. It’s high time I explore the wide world of yarn. Dad just brought me a second skein of soy silk from New Orleans to finish the scarf I started, so I’m feeling totally wack and wild.
    Julie–You’re on. This is going to take a lonnnnng time, you know, so if you want to jump in, feel free. I think you have seniority on Fair Isle though–I’ve only done pint-sized ones.
    And Carolyn–I should have known somebody would get all technical on me. Four years to find the yarn, four to whine about the pattern, and four to finish. And four years for Mrs. *more to sue me about something. A girl can hope, right?

  • A twelve year *more knitalong? (I’m backing out the statute of limitations.) Now that’s my speed. Can I come along too? Let us know when you’re set to launch!!

  • I have known Sheila personally for years and second what Emma says! Also, Sheila has just opened up a new online yarn shop called Two Swans at http://www.twoswansyarns.com/. (I’m not associated with, blahblahblah.)
    BTW, love your (y’alls?) blog and read it faithfully!

  • Before you pay any money for any of those shades, please let me get home and check my extensive stash of Campion. If I have any of these shades, thay are yours!

  • Aara–Yikes! You’re throwing off my twelve-year Keava completion schedule by about four years.
    How generous of you. Email me if you do have any of the shades, and we’ll work out fair market value. Ann[a]masondixonknitting.com.
    What kinds of things have you been knitting with your Campion?
    And Ryan–Thanks so much for the link to Two Swans. Wonderful things to be had there.

  • Kristine, you are brilliant. . . . “[when] Lady Voldemort decides no one should ever knit one of her patterns . . . ”
    This is the logical conclusion, isn’t it?
    Good luck Ann. Let me know how it goes using the JHH method.

  • Mary Neal is my new best friend. She called me brilliant! 🙂
    Ann, check Yarns International in Maryland. They are HUGE fair isle S*a*M*r*E people there, may have what you are looking for. But don’t utter her name over the phone line…you may get sued!