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  • Oh Kay… we took the kids to see this movie when it had a short run in the movie house downtown… teenage boys crying and cheering for pensioners singing the best counterculture anthems… It made me want to shout- Kick out the jams!

  • ….Thank you…..

  • A beautiful movie that had me in tears of laughter and sadness.

  • I can’t believe I missed this last night on PBS because I was online…I hope I can tape a replay. Thanks for this review.

  • My 15 year old daughter caught this while channel surfing and couldn’t stop watching. I am enjoying THIS DAY so much more after watching this film.

  • Oh, you’re going to be filled with envy, but I saw the Young at Heart guys (and gals) here in Dublin as part of our Fringe Festival back in 2007 (I think). Amazing. I laughed, I cried, and they did that thing you can do with music (and poetry) where I felt like I was understanding something without being able to articulate it. Impressive.

  • My family and I saw Young at Heart Chorus a couple of months ago. They were FABULOUS.
    Here’s my blog post about it:

  • I love how David Byrne has his reading glasses with him. But wow, he can belt it out, eh? Great! Thanks for showing us this!

  • Thanks. That Fred sounds a bit like the later Johnny Cash. He’s fabulous. I want to see this.

  • Oh, Kay, we happened upon that channel-surfing last night and LOVED it! I want a)to be an elderly rocker someday and b) to start a choir here!

  • Damn you, Kay! I certainly did not need extra assistance with my crying today — or the time suck — but I do thank you, now and probably again later.

  • [email protected] has got it going on! Loved the doc too. On the singing docs front be sure to check out Cool & Crazy.
    Amazon linky. You will LOVE it!

  • It’s (many YouTube links) later. Thank You! That Fred. David Byrne. Those prisoners. Chris Martin (OK so I veered off the Young at Heart path a little). What a wonderful way to waste (? nah not a waste) an hour or so.

  • We watched [email protected] as part of an assignment on geriatrics for nursing school. It was my favorite assignment; kudos to the instructor. She changed our minds on what it means to age.

  • Sorry about keeping you up late again. You didn’t commit to Ann’s crazy 7.5 hours though, so you get to stay up and watch the crazy PBS. I do so love that. Thanks for finding the very best links… Since I previewed it in December at a station-sponsored screening, what touched me most this time was the prison-yard performance, and how young the young men looked.

  • Wonderful. Here are the lyrics by David Byrne and Brian Eno . . .
    Saw the wandrin’ eye- inside my heart
    Shouts and battle cries- from every part
    I can see those tears- every one is true
    When the door appears- I’ll go right through—oooh
    I stand in liquid light- like everyone
    I built my life with rhymes- to carry on
    And it gives me hope- to see you there
    The things I used to know- that one fine
    One fine day
    One fine day
    In a small dark room- where I will wait
    Face to face I find- I contemplate
    Even though a man- is made of clay
    Everything can change- that one fine-
    One fine day
    One fine day
    One fine day
    Then before my eyes- is standing still
    I beheld it there- a city on a hill
    I complete my tasks- one by one
    I remove my masks- when I am done
    Then a peace of mind- fell over me
    In these troubled times- I still can see
    We can use the stars – to guide the way
    It is not that far- the one fine…
    One fine day
    One fine day
    One fine day
    One fine day

  • Kay, I am so glad you posted re the [email protected] Chorus! I watched the film on PBS last night and it truly impacted me in so many ways… particularly their Forever Young concert for the prison inmates and staff… Inspiring and wonderful in the truest sense of the words!

  • Thank you for sharing the clips of the [email protected] I’ve seen the film twice, seen them in person twice, watched countless clips, and every single time I am moved by their grace, and courage, and joy. As wonderful as that film is, seeing them in person is something else again. If you ever have the chance, go to one of their concerts. Like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

  • How’d I miss that last night? Dang it. Maybe they’ll rerun it. Or maybe Netflix has it. That’s it; I’ll go queue it on Netflix. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to sing!

  • I want to be a [email protected] groupie. Shall we start a Fred Knittle fan club? (Fred, sadly, passed away a year ago.) What a great group and their fearless leader too.

  • Loved this movie. I joined a women’s community chorus in 1995 and learned to knit in 2004. Both singing and knitting have enriched my life immeasurably. I am so lucky to have two such soul-feeding activities.
    Soapbox time: Appreciate these wonderful performers, but just as you make time to create art and community with your knitting, please try to find time and a way to MAKE music, not just appreciate it!

  • I can’t wait to see that! I can’t can’t. No I can’t can’t can’t.

  • I can’t wait to see that! I can’t can’t. No I can’t can’t can’t.

  • I can’t wait to see that! I can’t can’t. No I can’t can’t can’t.

  • This was one of the first movies I rented from Netflix–I think I might have to get it again! A favorite, for sure.

  • Oh my gosh…that looks so wonderful! I have got to see it!
    On a related note, have you seen “American Harmony”. It’s an independent film also and is also about singing but barbershop quartets. It got a standing ovation that lasted almot 10 minutes at the independent film festival in Saugutuck MI.

  • I watched this for the second time last night. My first time, I cried like a baby in the theater. This time, I just turned it on and grabbed the box of tissues.
    My favorite scene, besides Fred Kniffen, is the scene in the jail. I could watch that all day.
    I will have to buy this one.

  • Thank you. How touching.

  • I also caught this by accident last night and was riveted. I found the prison scene absolutely haunting (and heartbreaking). So glad you are calling attention to it.

  • My husband commanded me to sit down and watch Young at Heart with him last night. So I did (I hardly ever watch TV.) Seeing and hearing those seniors singing Bruce Springsteen and “Stayin’ Alive” gave those songs a whole new meaning.

  • Dear Kay, I generally don’t think I need assistance with my crying. I was wrong.
    Sign me,
    Thanking you later.

  • Oh, thank you so much for posting those videos. Like many other folks, I do not need help with my crying. My husband and son are watching “Arthur” on PBS before school and laughing, and I have tears rolling down my face at the computer. But in a good way!
    And wow – David Byrne – now even yummier with that shock of white hair!

  • I found this movie by accident last spring–just picked it up at the video store on a whim–and forced people to watch it for months! I actually had to trick my sister and her husband with a bait&switch, but everyone loved it. Now (to my teenager’s chagrin) I know who Cold Play is. Plus, how hot is that Bob guy?

  • I’ve been a fan of Young at Heart for several years after someone brought the documentary over for video night. One of my favorites is their version of the Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated.” I hope to have the opportunity to see them live some day.

  • OHMYGOSH. I love that. I saw David Byrne last fall, and he did a wonderful set with a (the?)FABulously gay marching band from San Francisco. Played this song, too. It was so moving then, and now… perimenopause doesn’t help, but I’m now crying joytears.
    oh, and I named that pop tart flavor in point oh three seconds.

  • This is a documentary is a favorite of mine. My other activity involves a senior ukulele group (now, does my web address “yesterukes.blogspot.com” make more sense?) Knitting, singing, playing an instrument, etc. can all be done at home alone. But the joy increases when you share it with others–whether the sharing is in person or by internet. This blog has certainly increased my interest in all things knitting. And sleeping. And eating…..

  • Thank you, Kay.

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  • I have fallen in love with the cardigan in you article in The Knitter issue #12 Melody Griffiths Clarissa and have looked everywhere to buy The Knitter issue #6 but have been unable to locate it. Do you know where it can be purchase. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank YOu