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  • have 3 years come and gone?…. images remain crystal clear…..and i still ache…..ground zero is a memorial in my mind…..peace is the only thing that matters….. i love the white doves flying above the towers in your very blue picture…..lets never forget…..

  • I worked in an upper east side hospital for nine years, but moved to Massachusetts in 1994. I think of everyone in Manhattan today, especially of my friends who were involved in simultaneously caring for others, and coping. I have no idea how I would have coped three years ago had I still lived and worked there, but I probably would have figured something out. What did EZ say? “Knit on through all crises,” or something like that? Stolid New Yorkers came through, wonderfully united. Wish I was still there,

  • Everybody who ever lived in New York feels like they still live there. I love New York!
    (And I’m so thrilled to be coming to the city tomorrow. It’s like Christmas and Valentine’s Day to be back in that amazing place.)

  • What a great painting. Although we were living in Boston at the time, my husband was there that day. We are back in NY now and I am so happy to be back.
    Good luck at the sewing bee today. I wanted to attend but completely forgot. Take plenty of pics please.

  • Was the sewing bee a success? I’m dying to know. I thought about you all day yesterday. I hope plenty of people showed up, after all that effort. It’s too bad you didn’t send squares to the Boston Knit-In venue. I bet loads of people would have been willing to help there.

  • That sign is a beautiful memorial to all the people who suffered as a result of the attack on the World Trade Center.

  • the sew up bee was fantastic. thanks so much to everybody who came. a full photo essay to follow.
    and yes I am sending this from ann’s blogfone. I am in the physical presence of ann. it is really weird! xoxoxoxo kay

  • p.s. at this moment, ann is driving my car.

  • dear Ann… i saw your post about slip stitch patterns (see: August 25th) and i was enthralled by the fact that there is no color changing involved!! i love the idea and the fact that there are resources out there! can you tell me where you learned this? (books, mags, websites, etc?) many thanks,

  • Kay, which is more dangerous, Ann driving your car or you on Ann’s cell phone? We can’t wait to hear the story of how in the world you never met till yesterday, you know! Wish we could all have been there! Melissa and I thought of you all as we traipsed around the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival 🙂

  • yep, nothing like driving kay’s car through harlem at rush hour. I made her swear she wouldn’t be mad if and when I sideswiped a city bus and hit a pedestrian. I think you need a special permit to drive in new york city.
    much fun and historic convergence were had at the sew-up–kay has pix to prove that we aren’t the same person . . .
    THANKS so much to the fantastic group who came on sunday. truly amazing fun!! xoxoxo to everyone.

  • I think you need to let everyone know that you two have the exact same model/color/year of car! Weird.

  • Not year, Mary Neal! I had it for at LEAST 6 months before Ann did. Mine is (sniff) an older model that lacks the mod cons, as Ann pointed out to me. ‘Here’s where you could rilly use the back-up cam, Kay’ [crunch]. And both times we got lost in the Bronx, a satellite navigation system, or even a compass, could have helped. Instead, we had a girl from Nashville reading the map. ‘Y’all could take the Cross Bronx and git on the Hutch….’ It was fun….xoxo KAy

  • I’m so sorry that I didn’t get back to the City in time for the sew-up. It sounds like you’re having a great time cruising the city, though. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  • EZ said ‘Knit on with confidence through all crises’ – I’ve got it on a tote bag somewhere. We haven’t forgotten 9/ll this side of the pond either.
    Waiting with bated breath to hear about the Meeting of the Century – and what followed…..

  • … i am waiting for THE post, too! and am completely unable to make any progress on today’s translation (a dense, near incomprehensible text by an artist about his next project) because of it!!
    oh, and trying to get a gazillion other things done at the same time. i need six more hours in the day today. a shortage of potatoes in NY? more potatoes than i know what to do with in our ASC basket this week… ‘n tomatoes. i know this isn’t a food blog – but i’d love to try the fabulous Stovetop Ann – er, I mean Anna…